Who Are We

Who Are 100datingsite.com And What Do We Do?

We are a digital marketing company who reviews sites to give customers a better perspective on the online dating services.

On our website, you can find out the dating culture all over the globe: 25+ countries are at your disposal. It means that you’ll discover how to date girls from far away countries. And not only girls! We’ll provide you with more than enough info on gay dating. If you are a fan of MILFs, you’ll get to know where to meet hot mature ladies. Once you’re fascinated by lovely young sugar babes or cougars, you’ll also find decent options for you here. Local or senior dating? No problem! Everyone will get satisfaction at 100datingsite.com.

How do we define our work?

Dating Forge platform is majorly concerned with customers who want suitable partners through international dating portals. It's difficult to provide information for each and every dating website present on the internet. But we give our best to keep our information valid and updated on the most popular sites.

Our reviews are thorough and updated with the most recent information. So, when a customer goes through the reviews, they get a broader perspective about the particular website. This enables them to understand the popularity of the site, user interface, security provided, reputation, registration process, features, and the pricing policy. All the reviews are provided for free.

How do we write reviews?

Research is the key

The reviews provided on our website are written after a thorough research done by our team of experts. These experts follow a set of guidelines to provide top-quality and accurate content. To write reviews, we enable our reviewers to think freely without any biased opinions on the matter. All the reviews presented have been written and edited by our team of reviewers and editors based on their professional expertise and personal opinions.

Reviewers share first-hand experience

Each website is reviewed after our reviewer spends some time on the website. This helps them know the website on a personal level. Thus, they are able to provide feedback on the different services provided by the website and the efficiency as well as convenience linked to it. From user-friendliness, the user interface to pricing policies, and to website functions, our reviewers cover it all. Once done, our editorial team goes through the content to review and proofread. Additionally, our editorial team keeps a periodic check on the content posted to keep it credible.

Dating Forge believe in accurate and honest reviews

We put genuine efforts in providing you accurate and honest reviews. There might be at times when new information becomes available after our publication. In such cases, we make sure to correct the published reviews as soon as possible. We also encourage promoted brands to reach us and confirm the content provided. Our readers are also welcome to contact us via email and provide us their valuable feedback on the content we post.

How do we score and rank services and products?

Our scores and rankings are decided through a collective evaluation based on the valid information posted on third-party investigative platforms and review websites. It also includes the views of our reviewers to understand in depth about the sites. Here are the points based on which we provide scores and rankings:

  • Popularity and customer approval. Popularity is one of the best measurement tools to understand how well a website works. We calculate it based on the data provided by the number of unique and valid users and well as the number of monthly visits. We use platforms like SimilarWeb to draw the data. Higher popularity is an indication of more users and monthly visits.
  • Current engagement. Current engagement refers to the number of active users who participate in dating sites. Active users indicate the number of users who love to use dating sites on a regular basis. It includes the frequency of users visiting sites, time spent on an average visit, the site content consumed by the users, and the number of users who quit after going through only one page. Higher frequency rates, more time spent, more content consumed and lower rates of quitting are positive signs of high engagement.
  • Reputation. We take into consideration the feedback given by the real users of these dating sites. This helps us evaluate a reputation score based on which a customer can trust the dating website.
  • Presentation. Finally, our reviewers and UI/UX designers go through each of these websites based on which we provide a presentation score. The presentation score includes how well the site works. Ease of use, user interface, user-friendly, overall design, features, functioning and pricing policy are certain criteria we look into.

This is how we provide you a thorough and accurate review of each website. All of these combined give our customers a bigger picture on the dating site they want and will enjoy being a part of.