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  • You can still go to its website via a mobile browser
  • Like photos
  • Send and receive flirts
  • Members' photos are not accessible for all
  • It is hard to find a compatible date based on profile information alone
  • Mobile version is a bit outdated and works a little slow.
  • Members fill out their profiles completely
  • The site and app are simple, modern and easy to use
  • Can upload photos and videos
  • Limited usability on Standard Members
  • Website has a lot of ads, even if you're on premium
  • Swiping feature on the app is limited to 10 profiles per 30 seconds
  • Only basic information required to get started viewing profiles
  • VIP users can have their profiles featured, meaning it appears on top of the search results page
  • Apps are easy to use
  • Some accounts have profile photos of celebrities
  • Cupid's app is only available on iOS
  • No verification measures

My erotic sex story for you! (collection)

brazillian date appYou’re in the mood for a short, but sex story hot? i’ve written some erotic stories for you. a lot of fun to read!

Sex story: summer party with threesome

brazillian date appMax was invited to a birthday party of his friend fabian, the party was held in the weekend house of fabian’s parents directly at a lake. max was excited since a month single, and was, whether the party pretty women were invited. he made the all-too-great hopes, because it was clear that gutauss are awarded to women most of the time. max pulled on his jeans, polo shirt and sneakers – his favorite look.

On the way, he stopped in his bmw convertible cool tracks to ever in the party to get the mood. the party venue was even more beautiful than expected, on the terrace with views of the lake and sat and there were already some guests and enjoyed beer, champagne or cocktails.

He realized, fabian who was just a good-looking woman. max went to say hello and fabian introduced him to the woman – it was sarah, his sister, max had never met. under the light t-shirt plump breasts were, the long legs were in tight jeans shorts. for a brief moment he imagined how he opened the zipper and her shorts off a ledge to see if she wore underneath a pair of panties, or he could see her naked pussy.

Sarah looked at him with her big brown eyes and smiled, “hey, this is a cool party today, i just want to have fun only”.

Max smiled back: “i’m on it – at all, what do you want”.

Sarah was impressed by his appearance and thought: i could make it with today’s smooth, let’s see what the evening brings.

In the meantime, were yet arrived, more and more people and the dance floor was filled with moving men and women, the sticks – the rhythm of the songs – is unrestrained. max had danced with sarah and a few other friends just to get stood at the bar for more supplies when he noticed a woman with long blond hair it looked at. he looked back and what he saw made him so that his cock was immediately hard. she had a face like a model and her figure, which was abzeichnetet under the almost transparent dress incredibly arousing. long legs, slim waist and a hammer-breast – he realized how it drove him hot through. slowly, he strolled with his glass in their direction, as he stood in front of her, he introduced himself and asked her how she knew fabian.

“we met last year in a club,” said julia – that was her name. he asked if she wanted to dance and she followed him to the dance floor.

Her movements were so looked hot as she, and he could not touch other than you in between the hips or shoulders.

Julia had max been in and out all night in the eye and wanted to saw max from the first moment you have him at the party. she was now very close, she enjoyed this moment, and rubbed her hips and buttocks to his body. he pulled you and kissed you on the dance floor while their bodies moved more. he felt her soft, delicious lips, and pushed slowly with his tongue and felt her tongue touched his, slowly at first, then more demanding.

She whispered in his ear, you would be a little hot, whether he would like to go out to the lake. finally alone with julia – that was exactly wanted what max. as he left with julia to the dance floor, he saw how sarah him longingly gazed at – but that was him in the moment no matter. to sarah he would take care of another time. he was so horny and wanted to kiss, julia continued, stroking and passionate fuck. you grabbed a blanket and pillow from the porch and went to the lake a piece out of sight of the other guests.

Max put the pillow and blanket on the lawn, and julia sat down while max still. suddenly, he realized how you nestelte to his jeans to open the zipper. him, the breath caught in his throat, he had not expected that she would take the initiative.

He realized, as his cock aufpumpte as you runterzog him the boxer shorts, was erect, his cock fully. he quickly pulled jeans and boxers, and julia presented his hard prick. he moaned slightly, as she stroked kneeling in front of him, their hands lightly over the shaft and the glans, gently, and yet firmly enough to make him more fuel. he pulled julia the dress, she was naked and completely shaved. he took her round, firm breasts in his hands and caressed the with lust stiff nipple while she massaged his hard shaft with smooth movements.

From the distance, echoed the party music over, when suddenly a female voice said: “you let me play?”

Sarah stood there, she had taken off her shirt and presented her full female breasts with large, erect nipples.

Max looked at julia, julia smiled and said “come here, sweet, together, we can the better”.

Sarah knelt down next to julia on the ceiling. to lick sarah began, max’s penis with the tongue and caress with the lips, then took gently the whole glans in her mouth and sucked on it. then julia took over and pushed his cock incredibly deep into her mouth and moved it up and down. sarah pushed under julia and began to lick her pussy.

Julia moaned softly and sucked harder on his cock. max thought – that’s it, now i need to cum, but julia stopped and said as if she had felt it: i want to feel your cock in my cunt. “and i,” moaned sarah.

Max couldn’t believe it, how often he had dreamed of being with two women to fuck. and now the moment was there. julia and sarah turned and showed him her tight butts and wet shiny pussies.

He went to his knees and licked sarah’s wet pussy while he explored with his free hand, julia’s slit closer. he moved his finger over julia’s pussy, she was aroused, wet and super – her clit was stiff with lust. he pushed himself behind julia, and began to push his cock into her wet pussy. first he pushed gently the tip in and out, then more and more until he was deep inside, and you with pleasure, groaned loudly. he thrust faster and deeper.

But sarah, he wanted to fuck, so max pulled out his rock hard cock again, even if it was hard for him, and made his way into sarah’s tight, wet pussy. he sank his rod deep in her cunt and she moved rhythmically to his thrusts. he was so unbelievably horny, he had not yet experienced.

Soon he would have to jerk off, so out again and again in julia’s delicious cunt.

He penetrated deep into you and he realized as she pushed a cry of pleasure, with lust husky voice she said, “fuck, more, stop, i’ll be right there”.

Sarah had placed on the back and offered him her cunt more than the sight while they themselves are stimulated with the hand your clit. she was moaning louder and louder, it’s so cool to see how max julia fucked. sarah was shortly before the climax, and julia’s moans also getting louder and louder. max just wanted to cum, he pulled out his cock and shot the white lava to the two pussies in front of him, his cum dripping on their pussies.

He felt a pleasant fatigue and let himself fall to the ceiling. the two women had still not had enough and licked each other the cum from her pussy and brought again to orgasm. max enjoyed watching and would have sunk to a loved one again his cock in both of them, if he had not fired a whole charge. then all three cuddled up and enjoyed the pleasant matte feel. max looked to the sky and thought: if fabian knew.

Maybe he makes it next time, yes – the fourth-also cool would be. – a waste of time or a recommendation?

brazillian date app

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