Costa Rican girl dating tips

Costa Rican Dating

Follow few rules: create an attractive profile, upload nice photo, message to different girls, and you’ll meet perfect Costa Rican lady soon.

Online Dating Sites In Costa Rica And Why You Should Use Them

You’re probably one of those who don’t fancy dating local girls and thirst for exotic and bright women like the ones from Costa Rica. Then you should know — it isn’t a big deal anymore to find and date a girl from overseas. Just register on a website full of profiles of single hotties looking for a partner. To make your online dating experience even more exciting and effective, read the article below and learn a few useful tips.

4 advantages of using Costa Rican dating sites

They save time

Remember all the firsts dates you had in your life. How many girls did you think it might work out with and then never saw them again? And now try to sum up the time you spent on them. It was wasted, in fact. And all because you didn’t know them well and had to have those dates to figure out who they really are. It’s much more simple using dating sites. You look at photos, read bios, see if you have something in common and if you like a girl. And only after you’re sure she might be a good match, you meet.

They save money

Can you please again think of all the dates you had and how much money you spent to pay for drinks, restaurants, movies, club entry, etc. That must be a big sum. But how many dates were successful and led to a serious relationship? Noy many, right? Was it worth the trouble, in the end? It all didn’t justify the means, right? But online dating sites totally will! It might even cost you nothing if you choose chargeless services. Or it won’t cost you a fortune if you decide for fee-based resources. What’s more, it’s doubtful your efforts won’t be rewarded. Chances to meet the right girl are high.

They save your nerves

Offline dating is stressful, agree? Online communication takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders. You don’t have to worry about so many things! A user usually feels much safer because they are at home, wearing comfortable clothes, not thinking of how they look. They have time to think about what to say, how to greet, what compliment to give, etc. Moreover, users don’t have to go mad considering if they’re going to be stood up or refused. Online dating is a lottery where you can’t but win. Sooner or later you find the right partner.

They give a big choice

Let’s compare two situations. The first one. You are at a bar. No matter where or which. You want to find a girlfriend-material woman to hang out and start a relationship with. Another situation. You’re on a dating service with the same purpose. It has hundreds or thousands of hot single girls who look for a boyfriend. Where is it more possible to meet the most compatible lady? The answer is obvious, right? You won’t find a bigger place with so many Costa Rican women for dating.

Dating a Costa Rican girl online: 4 BEST tips

Widen your net

You probably have an image of a perfect Costa Rican woman in your head. So you register on a dating site and scroll through dozens of profiles to find a woman who corresponds to your deepest dreams and desires. But don’t you think you limit yourself? Forget about your type for a moment and try to think wider. Don’t you believe that being more active and talking to different girls is more beneficial for you?

Upgrade your chat

Ok, so you have a few lines and jokes you’ve prepared beforehand to make sure your conversation goes smoothly. It’s wonderful! They can help you out. But what do you talk about the rest of the time? Probably something boring like work or household? That isn’t sexy, buddy. Engage your Costa Rican girl into a conversation by asking her more interesting quotations. For instance, which character would you play in the Game of Thrones series? Or what five things would you do if tomorrow was the end of the world? If you could write one novel what would it be about? Be creative!

Stay positive

Women are naturally attracted to men who are fun, full of energy and love life. Are you one of those? Do you convey it through your online communication? If yes, then many Costa Rican girls will want to share this positive attitude to life with you too. They’re themselves very cheerful, happy, and playful. If you are a constant complainer and go online to share how bad your day was and how terrible your life is, don’t expect them to fall in love with you. Try to make the woman curious about you. Be a bit mysterious and interesting for her. Make her think you’re a man she can have a good time with.

Prove you're protective and loyal

These two qualities are extremely significant for every Costa Rican woman when dating a man. The thing is their local guys lack these characteristics. They’re often rude and even abusive. They cheat on their wives a lot and destroy families. So once your online communication is strong and personal enough, let her know you have serious intentions and want to start a long-lasting relationship. It’ll make her feel more certain about you as a potential partner.

4 tips to make your profile on a Costa Rican dating site attractive for girls

  1. First impression is crucial. What creates it? Your profile photo, of course. A Costa Rican woman won’t click on your account if she isn’t attracted to the picture she sees. So mind what you post. The position of your body, smiling, and the outfit you have on – all of these are important. Your pictures have to convey why you’re such a great catch.
  2. Less is more. It’s about the bio. Men make a big mistake thinking if they share more details about their life, more girls will message them. In fact, it isn’t like that. Your bio should be pretty short, but meaningful and well-structured. Include only important stuff, be informal and funny. Make it look effortless and even spontaneous.
  3. No cliches. Leave out everything that other members write in their profiles. Things like “I love watching good films”, “I look for a loyal and beautiful woman”, or “I prefer spending evenings in” won’t make you any good.
  4. Grammar is your friend . You know, many Costa Rican women find poor grammar and spelling a turn-off. And everyone can make mistakes sometimes, it’s okay. But if you’re not a naturally good speller, let the automatic correction do the hard work for you.

The bottom line

Now you know why Costa Rican dating sites are perfect for meeting hotties. So what are you waiting for? It’s high time to choose and register on a platform and message two or three women for a start. Unquestionably, you’ll get a reply soon. But don’t forget to follow the tips given above!