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Cuban Dating

Online dating in Cuba is incredibly popular. Local girls are charming and hot, they attract foreigners because of their exotic nature.

Sites For Dating Cuban Women: What To Do To Attract A Girl Online

Why are Cuban dating sites so much-in-demand today? The reason is obvious — the local girls. As the island is a melting pot of different cultures, the women have absorbed the best from their ancestors and now look incredibly attractive and charming. Who wouldn’t like to date one of these hotties? Read the article to learn how to attract a Cuban beauty and start dating her online.

Cuban dating sites: TOP 4 tips from Cuban women users for men

Mind what pictures you post

Many think that girls must care about profile pictures in the first place and it isn’t that significant for men. But it’s a complete misconception. A photo is the first thing a user sees. And no matter which gender they are, it’ll form the first impression. So a quickly taken selfie in a poorly illumined room isn’t the best idea. Make some time to search for a nice shot you have. If it was a hundred years ago you had a photo taken, forget about it. It should be current. All in all, never underestimate the importance of a good profile picture. It means a lot in online dating!

Don’t show off in your bio

A bad example: “I’m an awesome guy to know — very different from most you’ll meet. I’m amusing, witty, one of a kind. I’m often sarcastic but in a fun way. I have a strong personality. I love who I am and know what I want”. Too many “I”, right? Too much pride, like the world is centering around this guy. Find the way to show your best qualities and accomplishments but not to seem like a jerk. Be friendly and a bit humorous or even self-ironic. Don’t be afraid to show your weaknesses. They win people’s favor more than any strengths.

“How are you?” is not a conversation starter

Cuban girls get tons of messages every day. How do you think they feel answering typical questions? If you want to stand out and make a girl reply, you’ll have to use a different way to approach her. Try picking something you found intriguing from her profile and asking her specifically about that. Find out what she’s interested in, what hobby has, or where she works. You might even google it and come up with something unusual. For example, if she’s fond of yoga, why don’t you share your experience or ask about the breathing technique you want to try.

Keep up!

So you have a polished profile, a nice photo lineup, and even a few ice-breakers to have a conversation started. It’s really half the battle, as you have everything to attract girls and stand out among other accounts on Cuban dating sites. But do you want to win the whole war for a beauty heart? Then more efforts are required. You need to be an active user. It isn’t okay to meet a girl, chat with her for an evening or two, and then just vanish away. Dating, offline or online, demands time and commitment.

How to safely use Cuban dating sites: 4 TOP tips

  • Take precautions. Firstly, think about the password you’re going to use. It should be strong. Secondly, try not to use shared or public computers to access a dating site. Thirdly, ensure that you keep your internet security software up to date. And finally, keep contact details private. Don't include your email or home address, phone number, or other personal info in your profile.
  • Review the safety features. You’d better find and read safety guidelines a website has on a start page. It should highlight its security and privacy policy and the company's values in general. Make sure that the service you want to use has some built-in safety features. If you don’t find such info, double-check or think twice before registering. It might be full of scammers.
  • Mind who you connect with. When you sign up and start communicating with pretty Cuban ladies, it’s hard not to get overexcited. You aren’t able to control emotions and can be confused by strong feelings. That’s what frauds use to deceive you. So try to keep your head cold and not to share the info that can be used to harm you. Moreover, whatever sad or sob story they give you, don’t buy it and double-check a user’s identity.
  • Report unacceptable or suspicious behaviour. Trust your instincts and instantly stop interacting with users who make you feel nervous, stressed, or worried. Never feel like you’re doing something wrong by reporting someone to a client team. You’re making good not only for yourself but for other users and even the website as its reputation won’t be spoiled. No one should put up with offensive or insulting behavior.

4 Do’s on Cuban dating sites: what turns Cuban girls on

Repeat how sexy she’s

She’s turned on when she knows you’re turned on. Cuban girls aren’t shy or too modest to hear how hot they are. In fact, they love it when men constantly give them compliments and repeat how gorgeous they are. They feel adored and cherished. So once you message a lady, don’t hesitate to say a few nice words to her profile picture. And make it personal. Not just “You’re beautiful”. Say something about the color of her eyes or hair, etc.

Be fun!

The women know how to whoop it up. They’re sociable and love having fun. So even if you’re dating a Cuban woman online, it doesn’t mean you have to spend evenings talking on boring topics. Why don’t you arrange an online date and spend an evening together cooking a similar food or watching some funny youtube video and then discussing and making fun of it? You can come up with anything. Make your dating experience special.

Don’t do all the talking

Even though the Cuban ladies love communicative men, it doesn’t mean they want to sit and wait when you finish your long speech. It should be a dialogue. So ask questions, follow what she says, and comment on it. Your conversation should flow smoothly, like neither you nor her even notice how much time has passed since you started talking.

Don’t be afraid to seem awkward

You know what else turns a woman on? When a man is able to admit that he might not be right every time. Or that he should seem perfect, with an ideal well-paid job or high social status. Girls relax when they don’t have to think how to live up to their partner's expectations all the time. When she understands he isn’t ideal, it’s easier for her to show her weaknesses. Because nobody is perfect. So don’t try too hard.

The bottom line

Сuban women are a treasure of this world. But many of them still struggle to get a reliable and helpful man. That’s why they register on Cuban dating sites and look for such a partner. Don’t lose your chance to become one of those lucky guys who manage to start a relationship with a real goddess.