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Dominican Republic Dating

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Are Dominican Women Really That Fun To Date?

Dominican girls are full of life and love. They are passionate about the men they date, and go out of their way to show it. As far as dating goes, it’s a tremendously fun experience! What other reason could you need to date a woman? Now, it’s time for you to learn about what dating a Dominican girl is like, as well as how to make them fall for you.

What’s dating a Dominican lady like?

If you’re going to date a Dominican woman, you should know what to expect first. They aren’t like the women from your hometown, so their expectations of you will be different. You need to learn what they respond to, what the dos and don’ts are. By going through this article, you’ll have all the information you’ll need and plenty more to sweep all the Dominican ladies you come across off their feet.

She’ll always come out overdressed

In the Dominican Republic, big curves are celebrated! Whenever you take her out, she’ll do her best to turn heads. Just do your part and accompany her, and pay her plenty of compliments. It’s an easy way to get on her good side, after all.

Hospitality and affection

Dominican women are incredibly hospitable, but you’ll notice that they step up their game if they’re into you. She’ll have drinks with you, invite you to dance with her, put her arms around you, and there’ll be lots of physical and eye contact. She’ll give you all the signals that she likes you and wants to take the relationship a step further.

Expect spontaneous parties

Sometimes you’ll find yourself hanging out with a few of her friends, and you’ll end up having a party for absolutely no reason. That’s just how Dominican people are. If they have music, games and drinks in reserve, you can expect to wake up the next day with a hangover and stories to tell.

How can a guy make Dominican women fall for him?

Dominican ladies won’t settle for any random guy. If you want to be the apple of her eye, you need to play your cards right, and watch for the signals. If you don’t pick up on her cues, you’ll end up missing out on that amazing experience. Keep your eyes and ears sharp, and go through this helpful list which is sure to give you an edge:

Remember the eye contact rule

In the Dominican Republic, men are supposed to make the first move on women. This means initiating the conversation and asking her out on a date. Now, how do you know if a Dominican girl is into you? Remember the eye contact rule. People in the Dominican republic always make eye contact with each other. Thus women let men know they’re into them by leaving a lingering gaze. If you’re on the receiving end of one of these staredowns, make sure to approach her and take advantage of it!

Learn how to dance

Just knowing how to relax and cut loose will take you a long way! However, learning to dance proper will get you bonus points, especially considering most Dominican women learn how to dance at some point of their lives. Knowing the Merengue, Bachata, Salsa and even Reggaeton will put you far ahead of anyone else in her eyes.

Exploit their love for baseball

Stereotypically, Dominican people, and Dominican women in general are obsessed with baseball. This makes baseball tickets the perfect gift on more than one occasion! Just remember Dominicans are extremely passionate about the game, so expect to hear plenty of cursing in Spanish!

Forget about personal space

When you’re with a Dominican girl, she’ll always be up in your personal space. Large boundaries aren’t a popular concept in the Dominican Republic among friends or loved ones, so you can be sure she likes you when she goes out of her way to be near you. It’s completely normal for your date to hold your hand and be touchy even on the first date! Do the same to show you like her as well!

Go out of your way to be romantic online

Send her texts giving the reasons why you like her so much while she’s asleep, so she has something beautiful to wake up to in the morning. Text often, send letters, and send gifts to her doorstep! Things like bouquets of roses and chocolates shaped like hearts can mean the world to her, and turn a normal day into a beautiful one. When you’re dating a Dominican woman, you’ll learn that they adore all expressions of love, especially those you make when you’re not physically accessible. Things with a personal touch like love letters and poems will take her breath away, and she’ll be falling even deeper in love with you!

To sum up

Dating Dominican women isn’t something every man can do. You have to be in tune with her emotions, and always be perceptive of the way she’s acting around you. The way she looks at you changes depending on how she feels about you, so you can easily tell when you’re doing something wrong or right. Once you’ve come to understand her, you’ll start showering in all the love she has to offer. After all, she’s beauty defined, and if you can get her to fall in love with you, it’ll be worth all the trouble and plenty more. You know everything that’s important now, so all that’s left is for you to get out there and find your dream Dominican wife!