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Mexican Dating

You don’t want to waste time swiping through girls that don’t pique your interest, right? That’s why Mexican dating sites are the way to go!

Are Mexican Women Worth The Hype?

They are certainly some of the most appealing women you’ll ever lay eyes upon. Their accents, the way they move, talk, and love are all plenty enough reasons for any man to be smitten by Mexican women.

What’s dating a Mexican lady like?

Mexican women are not like the run of the mill ladies you’ve grown to know. They expect different things from the men these girls date, and act differently from the women you’re used to! Here’s a helpful list to show you what to expect, so that your dates with these ladies are never wonky:

The timing of kisses can be weird (to you!)

Most American men take it as a bad sign when you don’t get a kiss at the end of your first night out together, but that’s not the case! The culture in Mexico surrounding physical affection might seem strange to foreigners, but the intentions behind it are sweet. If a Mexican girl truly likes you, she won’t kiss you on the first date! If you have a good night out with your date and she doesn’t kiss you, this is always a good sign! Just keep moving forward at her pace, and you’ll be luckier in your future dates with her. These ladies want to know that you’re serious about dating them before they get invested in you.

Mexican girls love their innuendos

Sexual innuendos are popular in the Mexican language, so you can expect to hear plenty of it on a good date. Don’t be offended or confused about it! As long as you’re a good sport, and even try to add on to their innuendos and dirty jokes, she’ll take a liking to you. A lot of them won’t even make sense in English!

Women can be quite superstitious

Find out if your date is the superstitious type or not, and if she is, learn about the superstitions! A few of the common ones for single folk are sweeping a broom over your foot, a bag on the floor, or sitting in the corner is bad luck if you’re single. Most of these superstitions mean that you won’t get married, so it’s understandable why women can be touchy about them!

Mexican parties are not for the faint of heart

If you go to a party with a Mexican lady, you might find yourself struggling to keep up with them! Mexicans are used to having parties that last much longer than American ones, so as far as stamina’s concerned, she’ll be better off than you. That being said, she’ll still drag you along because she wants to have fun with you!

Being punctual isn’t the norm in Mexico

If you get to a restaurant and your date hasn’t shown up, don’t worry! You aren’t being stood up, that’s just how Mexican ladies tend to be. It’s a rarity to see a Mexican woman arrive on time, especially with the amount of time they dedicate to looking good for their man.

If you date a Mexican girl long-term, you'll gain weight

One of the main reasons for this is Mexican moms! They love feeding their family, and since you’re dating her daughter, you’re family by extension. Even when you’re full, they’ll keep bringing you desserts and try to stuff you. It’s also hard to say no to this, because Mexican food is delicious.

How can a guy make Mexican women fall for him?

It’s no easy feat to get a Mexican girl to fall for you, but with the right tips and tricks, you’ll easily take a lead over any other man competing for her heart. Here’s a cheat sheet to get you ahead:

Be chivalrous

Things as simple as opening the door for your date go a long way. Pay for the date, and most importantly, do not let your date walk on the side of the pathway next to the road! Doing that is considered unchivalrous in Mexican culture.

You might have to learn Spanish

Especially if you’re in it for the long term! Even if your date speaks English, her parents might not. In Mexico, a girl’s boyfriend’s relationship with her parents is extremely important. If you’re able to communicate with her parents fluently, that’s major brownie points for you in her eyes!

You will have to meet a lot of people

Mexican families are large, and any person that is planning to date a Mexican woman should expect to meet the entirety of her family soon after. News travels quickly in Mexican communities, so you’ll soon find even her friends and people you’ve never met before will know about you and her! You’ll have to spend time with them for major holidays like Christmas and New Year, and events like weddings and quinceañeras.

Mexican ladies are very touchy

The expression of body language is different in different countries. In Mexico, it is appropriate to make physical contact so often that foreigners might mistake it for flirting! Try to read her right, and don’t mistake her intentions. If she’s on a date with you and she’s touching you, it’s because she likes you. If you’re friends and she’s touching you, it’s because of how she was brought up. Reciprocate her body language, and she’ll appreciate you all the more for it.

Mexican women can get jealous often

Mexican women are competitive by nature. This means competing for boys, rivalries over breakups and the lot. Try not to get dragged into it, and remember to let your date know that you’re hers and hers alone, so that feelings of competitiveness or insecurity don’t overwhelm her.

To sum up

You might think dating Mexican girls is intimidating at first. Once you learn the ropes however, it’s as easy as pie! Sure they’re different from the women you’re used to, but maybe a fun new dating experience is exactly what you need to spice up your life.