Venezuelan dating traditions

Venezuelan Dating

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Why Would You Want To Date A Venezuelan Girl?

Venezuelan girls are comparable to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and pleasure. Any man who has dated a Venezuelan girl will tell you that he experienced beauty and pleasure in an unfathomable amount. What better reason to begin dating a girl? You’ll further learn that there’s so much more to these fine girls.

What’s dating a Venezuelan lady like?

Venezuelan women are nothing like the ladies of the US and Britain. If you try to put the same moves on them, you’ll fail spectacularly! They have different expectations of men, and of dating in general. If you learn what dating a Venezuelan girl is like first, you’ll be less inclined to make mistakes on your date with one. Here’s a nifty list that will help you to learn what dating a Venezuelan is like:

The man plans out the date

Since you’ve invited her out, it’s on you to plan the date. Whether it’s dinner and a movie, bowling and an aquarium, whatever the case, it’s always on the man to plan the date because he initiated it. Bear in mind, Venezuelan women will offer to pay, but don’t let them! It’s a courteous offer, but you have to prove that chivalry still exists and take the lead.

Get used to her being late

It seems to be tradition in Venezuela, where the girl almost always ends up being late! They often get carried away putting effort into looking good. This means that even though you’ll spend a while tapping your feet and being annoyed, when she finally shows up, she’ll take your breath away!

Venezuelan girls expect lots of romance

The occasional bouquet of flowers, dates, and chocolates they like are easy ways to get on their good side. It’s always good to take note of the things they do for you, and do the exact same for them! This way, you can acknowledge their appreciation of you and make them even happier at the same time. Usually, what Venezuelan ladies do for their men, they want their men to do!

Venezuelan ladies take pride in how they look

Not just the ladies themselves, but the entire community makes sure that outward appearances are always spick and span! It’s a societal expectation for women to have make up and great clothing, and the men to be well groomed and fashionably dressed. If you’re taking a Venezuelan girl on a date, expect her to be dressed to the nines. Make sure you do the same, lest you invoke her wrath.

Venezuelan women can be dramatic

Whether it’s watching a sad movie, being on a phone call with loved ones or going through a tough day, these ladies are open about their feelings. Having grown up on shows like Llovizna and Cara Sucia, it’s no wonder why these ladies can be passionate, emotional and temperamental! The same way America has its sappy rom coms, Venezuela had dramatic TV shows, and it reflects on the ladies! If a Venezuelan girl gets angry, she’ll make sure you know. Still, you can rest easy knowing they’ll be over it quickly.

Venezuelan girls are not good with secrets

Everyone has that friend who’s not good at keeping secrets. If you’re dating a Venezuelan woman, she’ll be that person. These ladies are so excited about life and community in general, that they love to talk about everything that’s happening! So, if you have some deep dark secrets you don’t want her friends to know, you’d be better off keeping it to yourself. At the very least, wait till your relationship is much more serious.

How can a guy make Venezuelan women fall for him?

Now that you know what dating a Venezuelan woman is like, you need to figure out how to sweep her off her feet. The best way is learning about the Venezuelan dating culture, and about the mistakes that foreign men often make. These tips will help you out:

The man is meant to be assertive

In Venezuela, the man is expected to be assertive, and Venezuelan ladies have grown used to this. They’re used to being approached first, and having guys make moves on them instead of the other way around. They’ll expect the same from you! They adore the confidence, but make sure you don’t come off as cocky. Mixing playfulness and flirtiness with your confidence is a great way to get her to swoon for you.

Venezuelans love to dance/

You don’t need to be an expert at dancing! As long as you don’t take yourself too seriously, and you have fun with them, Venezuelan ladies will have a blast with you. Just keep an ear to the rhythm, and as long as she’s laughing and having a good time, you’re winning her heart.

Know when to practice your Spanish

Unless you’re fluent, try not to practice your Spanish on dates with her! At best, you come off as semi-fluent, and at worst you come off as annoying. It’s low reward and high risk, so it just isn’t worth it.

Meeting the family is a huge deal

Family is important in Venezuelan culture, so it shouldn’t come as a shock to you that you’ll have to meet her family sooner or later. You’ll be grilled by her family as they try to determine whether you’re good enough for her or not, but be patient. Remember, if you don’t get along with her family, that may as well be the end of your relationship . Try to make it work!

To sum up

Dating Venezuelan girls is no easy feat, but they are certainly worth the trouble! They’re fiery, passionate and beautiful. If she’s with you, she chose you for your personality and nothing else. That’s as pure as dating can ever be, so if you land a Venezuelan lady, count yourself as a lucky one.

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