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Dating Polish Women: A Simple How-To

Polish women are somewhat mysterious and beautiful. They’re often associated with good looks and otherworldly confidence. It’s not surprising that looks and confidence are two of the most striking qualities that a woman can have, at least in a man’s eyes. If you’re one of those men, this is your chance.

The tips listed below will help in dating Polish women on Polish dating websites. Without further ado, here are the tips:

Why do you smell so good?

If you ever hear a woman say that to you, you’re on the right track. Smelling good is just one part of hygiene, however. You have to take care of your body too. Take daily lengthy showers. You could also buy a perfume that smells great. When you’re dating someone and meet someone in real life, one of the first things that they notice about you is how you smell. You want to make a good first impression there, so buying a good perfume and being hygienic is recommended.

Be mindful

Remember that both of you may not necessarily be from the same country. Don’t treat her like your country is better than hers, or vice versa. Being mindful of someone’s culture is a good sign of social intelligence, and being socially intelligent is a great thing to be. Don’t be rude either, by treating her as a “lesser being” for any reason whatsoever, whether it’s race, gender, class or whatever. This is fairly self-explanatory, but it’s always good to keep in mind.

That’s mostly about being mindful of her as a potential dating candidate, but you have to respect her as a person as well. Don’t treat her like you would treat an acquaintance, treat her like a friend instead.

Don’t be a “nice guy”

There’s this stigma around being a “nice guy” that exists in today’s dating society. That’s because the people who proclaim that they’re nice guys… aren’t actually nice guys. They’re people who act nice expecting her to like him in return. Obviously that’s not a good thing. So don’t do that. Don’t be nice expecting a favor in return. You should be nice because people are generally nice to each other.

To keep with this theme, don’t be a pushover. You’re also a person with a personality. There are some people who don’t really form opinions of their own, and just agree with everything their girl says, supposedly to prove that they both have similar tastes? That doesn’t actually do anything. It’s okay to have different opinions from her, it’s okay to see and do things differently, and that doesn’t mean that she will be less attracted to you.

Be impressed by her qualities

You have your own personality (as shown above), but the girl you’re dating is also her own person, and that means she has her own qualities and strengths that make her different from every other girl you could be dating. Make sure she knows these strengths by constantly pointing them out to her. Let her know that she’s amazing and that you’re constantly impressed by how talented she is. That sort of encouragement goes a long way towards making a relationship.

Respect her family and friends

Part of treating her like her own person and different from the other girls is to pay attention to their families and friends. Those are the most important people in her life (most of the time, at least), and if you’re the kind of person that ignores them for “just the two of us”, you’re not going to get very far in your dating life. If you’re respecting her, show respect to her parents, siblings, friends, etc. even if you’re not getting along with them.


These are some great tips to date Polish women. But don’t just take our word for it, try these tips out in Polish dating websites and you’ll be amazed by how successful you’ve become because of them. Following each tip specifically should net a small increase in the amount of attention that you receive. But when you combine all of them, it starts showing in your dating life, and every relationship that you’ll ever be in will be all the more successful because of it.