Life Coaching for Celebrities

It’s a delicate balance of trust and belief when it comes to choosing a Life Coach and you’re a celebrity, because it’s important your need for privacy be acknowledged, upheld and respected at all times. It’s also important that whether the Coach has had experience with celebrity status themselves or not, they understand the fact that you live in a unique world of excess and access. Because this can create a lot of pressure in and of itself in many ways. Your needs may not be simple and may be multi-faceted.

It’s helpful for you to have an idea of what draws you to working with a Life Coach. If you can be in a quiet place free from external stimuli when you speak with him or her, you will feel a clear decision about the desire to work with that Coach, or whether it’s time to keep looking. You should feel heard, acknowledged, uplifted and at peace.

There are many Coaches out there, and we all work in slightly different ways. According to many factors. The education of becoming a Coach; our individual belief and value systems; the way our passion for helping people is expressed in our own lives, etc. Some Coaches offer steps to guide you to solutions. Some offer specific programs for specific problems. Others use a cerebral approach. Yet others use a purely spiritual approach. Some Coaches have a timeline for completion of goals; while others utilize their own tried and true methods for accomplishing your desires; solving issues and moving forward in life.

I use the art of present moment mindfulness to intuit what you really need and may not be saying, or even know. It’s sometimes surprising; sometimes a delightful recognition that pops into your mind and heart based on what I communicate with you; or other times your deepest Self speaks to me of confusion, and we clarify the essence of your needs in that time. Sometimes you are really asking that I simplify, re organize or re prioritize what you’d like to be working on. Always present is the balance between my deep wells of wisdom and innocence that is the childlike curiosity of fresh ways to perceive something. In the mix is the gift I’ve had since a child, of deep and honest listening.

This offers my clients the chance to express freely, fully, until they are emptied.

Usually a big sigh accompanies this moment! They feel heard. In a compassionate way. A completed way. Now we’ve created such a wonderful release, there is space for change. Space to hear what your deepest longing really is. Space to be surprised in many ways. Space to feel lighthearted because of a simple recognizable perception shift. Now issues can be solved. Space for creative ways to view your present circumstances that a few minutes ago, felt overwhelming. Space to shift your paradigm. Talking as much or as little as you like until some feeling is exhausted can open the door to change.

Each individual experiences their lives differently, metabolizes their emotions differently, and require a unique connection with their Life Coach. So that you are supported, guided, and held accountable for your life’s choices. We’re always growing, expanding, evolving, stretching, wondering, wandering, seeking, attaining…. And the cycle goes round. Enjoy the process of discovery and all the best for happiness and harmony to you!

Check out these tips and links to help you in your choice.

• It’s always a good sign you’re a nice fit if the Life Coach reflects the state of mind you’d like to have. Do you resonate with what you hear them say, or do you feel little nuances of disbelief or conjecture?

• Ask questions during your initial consultation to determine your level of trust and belief that your Coach lives as he/she delivers. Pay attention to how comfortable he or she makes you feel.

• Have an idea of what you want from the Coach and how committed you are to the process of discovery.

You need to feel beyond the shadow of a doubt that you can be comfortable expressing yourself. That you are free to be honest with your Coach. Your Coach knows that you have the same issues we all face, only on a scale that is perhaps even more stress filled, or more encumbered simply because of the nature of your life.

Most Coaches offer an initial complimentary consultation to determine synergies. Again, it’s important to note that a quiet space is optimal when speaking with your prospective Coach, because you’ll be able to sense what your intuition is telling you about him or her. To be aware of your feelings while on the call with no external distractions will allow you access to what your deepest Self knows, and this clarity will assist your decision. Obviously, you will stop working with them if you realize at any time you’ve made the wrong choice (although I believe there are no wrong choices, just choices that are in retrospect viewed as the contrast that leads you to your perfect Coach!)

However, if you are looking for a Coach, your needs are in the present moment, and it’d save time if you could begin this important life altering joywork in confidence and sooner see results knowing your seeking the perfect Coach is over and you’re happy with the choice!

As a celebrity you know how unique your lifestyle is; how alarming and disconcerting your life can be; how easy it is to get caught up in the ever present pressures of the external world; or how unfulfilling it can be to seemingly ‘have it all’ on the outside. Maybe some internal bell is softly ringing asking you to enter a more satisfying expression of who you are. Inviting you to discover more peace, harmony and balance in your life.
To find the perfect Coach for you is to feel a sense of relief once off the call that you are on the right track; you feel a little lighter; less burdened by some aspect of your life;