Luxy in the Test of 2019 How exclusive the App is really

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Luxy in the Test of 2019.

The App describes itself in the App Store than, “We are an Online millionaires club, and our members include CEOs, hot super models, entrepreneurs, investors, beauty Queens, Hollywood Stars, Doctors, lawyers, millionaires and so on.”. It is, in Essence, to find the perfect millionaire partner, what was offline is very difficult. The App for the Rich and the Beautiful so? Already in the presentation and the images on the Homepage, you realize quickly that you are not in search of love, but rather on the search for the largest purse. It is all about the look and what you “apparently” .

The idea behind Luxy.

According to the PR heads of the App Luxy is like Tinder, only without the Dating-contacts with low-income. The average income of male Luxy users would be here at about 150,000 euros a year. All the are not able to stand up here financially, be immediately excluded from the service. Brave new world? The statements seem provocative, seem to work, however, especially in the United States. In our country the App has, until now, less members, and it remains questionable whether this concept will really catch on .

Design and operability.

The App has a nice Design and is sprayed alone, the presentation is a touch of luxury. The operation is due to the many additional features and gadgets a little tricky – you need to start a bit of Practice and time to through look.

Profile position.

Basically, the Login and the profile is kept quite simple. You can log in either via Facebook Account or a valid E-Mail address. What then follows is new. The profile picture is of the already existing members (of the opposite sex) gevoted – that is to say a rating. Achieved 80% positive reviews you can join the game””. You should not be in the Voting or want to save, you can buy the Account (see prices below). In the case of the profile position of the sail to the Hobbies (golfing, etc.) are asked and, above all, to the personal favorite luxury brands (e.g. Gucci, Rolex & Cadillac), and the annual income.

How does Luxy?

It’s basically like Tinder, according to the “Hot or Not” principle. Under the menu Play button it can start then and the supposed millionaires in the next area will be displayed with name, age, Jobangabe and preferred brands. You only get 10 proposals, and must then take a one-minute break. After three times “” is however, the first circuit, and it needs to be paused for a day. Here you can also buy more game time, according to the Motto with money is all about. Should result in a Match, you can contact and chat with. However, this is the only free contact of App. Under Play also, the new “contenders can be evaluated” .

The LookBook and Luxy ++

Luxy LookBook allows users to even more Profiles to “swipe” after you have reached to your daily. In the normal case, Luxy, users will have three rounds of a ten Swipes per day. With the Luxy LookBook members can rate even more millionaires in the “Hot ot Not”principle. Only paying members can use the LookBook is reasonable! Luxy ++ allows users to show their lavish lifestyle via photos of special moments .

The User can also increase their own visibility and thus increase your chances of finding a potential millionaire. Furthermore, the possibility to send virtual roses to other members of particular interest. In General, a Rose per Person is free of charge. If the chemistry is right, you get a personal message back. The messages, however, are not free and must be purchased””. Should you receive a message, you can write 5 messages back and forth and will then be encouraged to pay to .

Additional Features.

Roses: Here you can see who has sent you a Rose, and who has collected the most roses. The users are then pinned awards in addition to the profile picture – Lucky Luxyers, Charmer, and high flyers.

Torque: to compare the App to Instagram, here are the “millionaires and Models” show what you have, and what exclusive Clubs they are .

Topics: A kind of Forum in which members simply write what comes to you straight. You can comment here without any extra charge or write a post.

Personal Recommendation.

Which Dating site is right for you?

We create You a free, personal recommendation.

Costs and prices.

The Luxy Black is the premium service costs:

6 months 58,99 EUR/month 3 months 79,99 EUR/month 1 month 99,99 EUR/month.

Luxy Black is a Premium Account, with which user access to additional features. With the so-called “Get Lucky BLACK Abo” ‘ll get these benefits:

Read/Write and reply to private messages, A VIP Emblem next to your Profilpic Three extra rounds in the Match game are looking for better Matches (e.g. by location, income, size) Unlocking the “Black”-messages View of one’s own “Like”list get More possible Matches by his recommendations filtering to be Invisible to all others, except for those, like .

The App is very responsive and technically top, but the Background is very disturbing. Alone, the statement from the PR head of the Luxy App “We have an App like Tinder without the poor people” are to the extraordinary superficiality of the App to close. What we wondered during the Test, the fact that no paycheck is required. How do you prove you have so much money you really? In order to find the Partner for life – more is not suitable.

Thank you for your question. We will answer you as soon as possible .

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