Meetic Review

From over 100 countries from the world, is a great dating site for seniors to look forward to. No more idling about wasting the retirement years!

A Meetic Platform Integrated With Dating And Meeting For Seniors!


Pros and cons

  • Available all over Europe!
  • Live customer support accessible by phone and email.
  • Over 6 million members in Europe alone!
  • Members can choose to meet and talk when they are ready to commit.
  • Even though the developers of Meetic take utmost care in removing suspicious accounts, users should always be vigilant for potential risks.
  • Membership costs are constant, even if usage from the user varies over periods of time.
  • No user verification. Profile pictures may be not accurate to how users look in real life.

An encouraging element of is that (whenever a member logs on), there are thousands of members online, while other online dating websites seem abandoned. Striking up a conversation at any time of the day in is also easy. With the increasing speed of modern society and lifestyles, it’s getting tougher to meet and connect with people, especially if people are in their 30s and 40s. Meetic attempts to rectify this by providing a top of the line platform to meet and connect with other like-minded people.

Main features of Meetic senior dating site


Meetic has a ton of opportunities for senior dating within their services. For free, members can make a profile and upload their photos. Members can create a 5-20 question list that can be included in their profile. Meetic sends members six matches per day based on members’ preferences. A member can see who is logged online and instantly get connected to that person. Users also get the ability to send a wink or smile to people to flirt and let them know you are interested in them.

Advanced Features of Meetic


Some other features that are seldom mentioned about Meetic include: Meetic sends recommended matches and cut out the hours spent searching for that match. Members can access the site to read stories of success. This is also a great place to learn great dating tips! Paid users get access to chat rooms and the ability to send private messages to other members in the chat rooms.

Meetic subscription will also provide the following features: removing ads while browsing the website, hiding from profiles that the user is not interested in, ability to instant message other Meetic members, emailing other members using the given email in Meetic, availability of priority customer service at any time, and many other features!

Registration process


Senior dating has never been easier than with Meetic! After loading the webpage, the signup process is quick and easy. It’s easy for one to register at the site. Completing a profile will also indicate to other users on the platform that you’re serious and committed about getting into a relationship. Some individuals keep minimal information; however, the more information is given, the more one is likely to get matched. Completing the profile is recommended as it can help boost the profile and increase your visibility, leading to more matches!

Users can initiate an actual conversation with fellow members. While members registering for free won’t gain full access to the site, they can still be able to browse the site and its members’ database, but these free members cannot get in touch with other members. To initiate a conversation, users have to purchase the one, three or six month subscriptions.

Meetic profiles are constructed with personality in mind, and as such it displays a variety of information that’s important to potential dates. Interests, nationality and marital preferences are displayed on a Meetic profile.



If a user wants to make real connections to others in Meetic, it is highly recommended to subscribe. Subscription has the benefit of enabling one on one message with other users without limits (other than auto-message, which is free for all users). Users can also move beyond Meetic and initiate conversation in their private emails, if the talk is starting to become more private!



As mentioned before, users can purchase membership for Meetic dating website to utilise messaging and other features on the platform. Once a subscription is bought for Meetic, it cannot be cancelled or deactivated until the subscription period is over, which can be from one month to six months long. Users can disable automatic renewal from settings however. Also, users who are subscribed cannot hide their accounts from the activity feed as the algorithm prioritizes showing the accounts of subscribed users to other potential matches. The cost of subscription is as follows. (It's one month price):

1 months
3 months
6 month



Senior dating is on the rise thanks to Meetic. With the myriad of options available at the hands of the user, there is no more excuse to wait around and mope in loneliness. Go on, start an account at Meetic dating site and change your life for the better!


What is ‘Meetic’ dating site for? is a dating site founded in November 2001 that aims to make large strides in the senior dating scene! Meetic has over 30 million members registered within their platform, and supports looking for men and women of all sexual orientations! Meetic also supports powerful communication features to let users know each other before becoming potential dates!

Is Meetic dating platform safe for members?

Meetic keeps its esteemed members safe using AES encryption on all data stored and sent from and to Meetic servers. However, the weakest link in computer security is the human element, and therefore it is recommended that users keep their guard and instinct up while browsing online. Meetic does not have the manpower to constantly monitor every user on its platform, so users are encouraged to report profiles that seem suspicious or malicious.

What is the customer support of Meetic website?

Meetic provides a Help Centre active 24/7 to assist any users encountering troubles and issues with the website. The customer care is available through both phone and email. Customer support is available to both paid and free users, however paid users get priority access to human support! Phone Number: (888) 939-6675. Email: Other than this, there’s a contact button at the bottom of the webpage which can be used to access customer support.

Are there quality photos on Meetic site?

Getting quality photos in Meetic is easy if you can match with the right users. Most reputable profiles on Meetic have photos that are accurate and shot well, and users who are subscribed can peruse the photos at their leisure and appreciate them. Users can also report photos that seem inauthentic or malicious in nature so that the Meetic team can delve into the history of such accounts.

How can you earn credits to use on Meetic website?

Credits are not available on Meetic! Subscription provides almost every feature that one needs in Meetic dating platform, no extra costs! However, users can purchase additional bonuses directly like Select, Connect and Boost features. These bonuses provide additional benefits for users and gives them more control of their account within the matchmaking algorithm. For example, Boost packs, when activated elevate the profile of the user, increasing their visibility and thus resulting in more matches. Select upgrade gives the user more control over their messages and allows them to see when users read the message you have sent. Select upgrade also allows selective filters to sort the profiles that your account goes through.

What are the different communication modes on Meetic?

The main method of communication used in Meetic is text messaging. Emails are another form of communication between two premium members if they want to take their communication to the next level. Connect upgraded users can text message with users who don’t have any upgrade and will be shown to new singles who just joined the platform. The unlimited text provided by the platform to users who are subscribed is a great way to show your love and affection! Unfortunately, voice and video chat features are not a feature implemented as of present, however one can always use apps like Skype and Telegram to continue their chat and deepen their connection!