POF Test September 2019 – fish or bike

POF Test September 2019 - fish or bikePOF Test September 2019 - fish or bikePOF Test September 2019 - fish or bike

POF in the Test of September 2019.

Plenty of Fish or POF was founded in 2003 in Canada. The company headquarters is today in Vancouver and the Portal is one of the world’s leading providers. In Germany, however, so many of the POF users are not yet in place, so that there are in this country, unfortunately, have fewer search results than, for example, in the United States. In the case of POF the principle: Rather mass instead of class, what is the deal with the other users quickly noticeable is one. There are some very obscene speeches, the membership numbers are very high and confusing. The fact that POF is completely free to use, are Fakes also. However, the Support responds quickly and eliminates disturbances of the peace.

The popularity of the site comes partly from strong promotional campaigns in the United States, but also by Promotion on the part of prominent persons. So Britney Spears and Lady Gaga have shown, the Portal already in their music videos. In the US, there are some awards, but also in the world belongs to POF to the big portals. In Brazil, for example, the Website is the market leader.

In the case of POF, not everything revolves around the big love, a lot of members also want to flirt just. For this purpose, the registration process is too cumbersome, just fix a couple of new contacts is not done in five minutes. In General, the global market leader is quite interesting, but there are in addition to numerous princesses and princes even some frogs – or in this case more fish.

Registration and profile creation.

right lengthy registration extensive personality test pictures upload during registration Matching process takes place after the complete application, all steps complete free of charge.

The registration for POF takes a bit of time. In the Test, we have used 45 minutes, all of the steps required to carry out. This is especially surprising when a quick application with as soon as possible Flirts was planned. The most time-consuming personality test that consists of four theme areas .

But first, the normal login is done. This requires nothing more than an E-Mail address and desired nick name. It is confirmed with a password, then the next step is. The personality questionnaire to one’s own Person must be filled, otherwise no access to the Portal is possible. It will be relevant and less relevant issues. Most disturbingly, we found the question of marriage of their own parents. We could not see the relevance with regard to the life partner here .

Unfortunately, some questions cannot be skipped or left out because everyone in the four-test rubrics questions need to be answered. Only then, an analysis is carried out and partner suggestions. The result of the personality tests will be communicated to each user via E-Mail and can be published to the profile .

Among the questions in the personality test, among other things:

– Are you ambitious? – Do You Accept White Lies? – Do you practise a Religion?

The profile settings are not quite as extensive, most of the information in the personality test. A free text is mandatory, it must be at least 100 characters. In addition, various information can be selected via a mouse click. In addition, the base Member can upload up to eight photos, a minimum of a profile picture is imperative. Premium members can upload up to 16 photos .

The profile is public for all users, but can be in the private mode. However, this has the consequence that the own profile is no longer displayed in the search results and the Chance to have contacts drops.

Profile information.

little bit of interesting information profile may be boosted greatly outdated Profiles, profile pictures are without pay can be viewed matching selection always ideal.

Many of the Profiles on POF are outdated, there is hardly any information and also the number of images is low. Unfortunately, it is not sure that actually real people to be used as an image. So, too, Cindy Crawford, Lady Gaga and other celebrities ladies are in the Test met – which, of course, were Fakes. Even though a profile picture is mandatory, are often displayed Profiles without relevant image. Since Donald Duck, the pet, or an Internet meme as a profile picture, what complicates the search for real contacts appear .

A free-text length of 100 characters is also compulsory, but even here, interesting information is often missing. Many of the texts are boring or in the case of quotes and sayings from the Internet. The least number of users we have encountered have made the effort to actually relevant information.

The most interesting Part is the test evaluation of personality testing, but it is not displayed in all the profiles. There is the possibility of this function is to hide, so profile visitors can learn nothing about the test results. However, we have noticed that most of the users are willing to let the other have a look at the results. It gives quite an interesting insight to the personality and it gives a first impression of whether a contact could be worth .

The own profile can be boosted in the search ads to the top of this is the purchase of Tokens is necessary. With Tokens, it is also possible to apply the profile and ensure that more interested parties are aware of it. A point of criticism, the matching selection, which, unfortunately, is far from optimal, however. Although a search radius has been entered from the 25 km, we were partly members of the United States as a possible Partner proposed. Here, the lack of German members is visible.

Fake profiles are, as already mentioned, is present, but still in limits. There is the possibility of every profile to report it, the Support takes care of quite reliable on that. However, suspicions or a professional image are not sufficient for this purpose. Thus, an Account is actually disabled, must be actively made as advertising for a different page .


free shipping from message text message delivery possible gifts can be sent with a token, many of the messages are not search answers for contacts is very extensive.

POF is completely free to use, also sending the message costs nothing. There is the possibility to send a short message or a standard message. What is the difference should be, we could not find unfortunately, both of these message types are very similar. A different Form of attention to the recovery of the shipping of gifts. These can be purchased with Tokens, and then to other members submitted. A gift is then issued as an icon image in the respective profile of the recipient .

The contact itself is simple and is self-explanatory, however, the answers sometimes have to wait. We estimate that the response rate of women is about 30 percent. It depends strongly on the Form in which a message is written. One-liners without the Background have almost no Chance, while in a friendly, open first message has a better chance on an answer .

Potential contacts can be found via the search function. There are four different search types, all of which are available free of charge. These include:

POF Test September 2019 - fish or bike

POF Test September 2019 - fish or bike

– simple search – advanced search – search by user name – marriage search.

The simple search includes criteria such as gender, distance and age. However, the point distance will not work properly. Even if the mileage limit is set to 25 miles, you get part of the Singles from other countries displayed. Here, POF needs to fix urgently .

The advanced search is very complex, and can be searched according to all the information which is part of the mandatory information in the profile. Whether the desire to have children, or age if religion, or regardless of marital status of the parents – this search function is so complex that we almost superfluous felt.

The search for a user name to run smoothly, but is generally pointless. According to the user name search brings up only a little, if you suspected a particular Person on the Portal searching for her. Also if you can contact another member had been lost, is it possible to this via the name search to find.

The marriage is the most unnecessary function is not search, in our opinion, because it differs from advanced search. Here can be selected whether the desired partner is looking for a marriage, however, is that the advanced search is also possible.


Search ideas very mixed friendship possible as well as relationship fake profiles not moderated Profiles can be seen in frequent search of erotic adventures.

In the case of POF, the members are very different, although the site is actually designed for the life partner. The extensive start-up testing suggests that it is more about long-term compatibility between two partners, than just an erotic adventure. In practice, many users are looking for but mainly it. Since it is a fling, a flirt online or have an affair.

Occasionally, the users even search for friends or contacts from the Region, with which you can change. Of course, POF is also used for the classical Dating, the Portal is meant to be also. On the basis of the partnership tests are usually generated good matching suggestions, so that you learn exactly the members with whom one has similarities .

Unfortunately, a number of fake profiles on POF and such, the User may want to redirect to other paid sites. This is quickly evident from the fact that in the first message, a Link to a different page will be sent to you to sign up. Here is best to immediately Finger the way and the Support, because it is not a real Person.

Despite the free usability of the page of the fake share, but very limited. They are there, but you don’t take over, as we know it from other, free sites. Many users are also investing in spite of free messages ready to send in a subscription, since you can increase your chances of success. Is the summary of the fake share in proportion to the size of the POF is negligible, and absolutely manageable.

Design, functionality and usability.

The Design of POF is already very old and no longer worth mentioning. Visually, the Portal will get no award. Also technical errors are piling up, especially in the area of search is clear. The search for distance to work is miserable, it will be randomly displayed Profiles from other countries .

Also more of a semi-Pro, the Translation of the Website is designed. There are numerous translation errors and the characters are displayed as binary code. Also, it sometimes happens that the received messages suddenly disappear from the Inbox. What it is and whether or not POF has knowledge of the error, we can define finally, since our request for support remained, in this respect, unanswered .

Android App available iOS App available in the Windows App to use not available easy purchase of premium features via the App.

The POF App is available for iOS and Android users as a free Download. The Login is easy with the existing account. It is also possible to carry out registration via the App, due to the personality tests the can but are not recommended .

The usability of the App is good, the error rate in comparison to the site is actually in limits. There are no additional features compared to the desktop variant, it must also be dispensed with no function .

Basic members will be able to use the POF App, just with ads, but the ads are small and tolerable. Premium members can use the App without ads. It is possible for the profile through the App to premium status to upgrade.

Special Features.

Safe Answers.

Premium members of the so-called “safe answer” available. This is a function which displays the Profiles whose owner will certainly respond. It is only to female Profiles. It may be speculated, resulting in POF attracts the assumption that a certain user will certainly reply. Whether it is in the corresponding profiles are moderated Accounts, we could not conclude .

Practice test.

PlentyofFish, the largest free Dating exchange in the world has appealed to us particularly. A little disappointment awaited us already at the side view, because really inviting, the Portal doesn’t work. He is to be the market leader? Now, sometimes hidden behind a nondescript surface is known, a diamond in the rough dimensions. The we thought, as we began the registration process. What we not expected was that this us 45 minutes would cost time. The personality test and there will be lots of asked more interesting questions .

Finally arrived at POF, we looked around and of course immediately after appropriate contacts, and were surprised. Not quite so simple seems to work and the search function should also be optimized. We got more people from abroad appear, what should not happen in the case of an input of a maximum of 25 kilometers distance .

Overall, POF appears in the first Moment a bit confusing, seduced but, nevertheless, to Stay. When in Germany, not even 200,000 people are logged on, is going on here, but always something. Nice discussions from all also with people from further away, if they answer to messages. Unfortunately this happens not always and depends on how well the first message was written. With one-liners, and without creativity you have with POF is absolutely no Chance of sympathetic contacts.

The free usability is a big plus point for POF, even if we hold, in principle, a Premium membership is wrong. It provides, in the case of PlentyofFish good extra features and is worth actually. The price-performance ratio is extremely pleasant, here are offered for little money a lot of .