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  • Not available for iOS or Windows phone
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  • Offers a couple registration for those who are in a relationship
  • Contacting alternatives
  • Members are specific in stating what they are looking for in the site.
  • Some profiles seem fictitious
  • No compiled messaging page on the PC version
  • Graphic website, no censor
  • Profile builder makes writing your profile a breeze
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  • Graphic website, no censor
  • Messaging is only for Platinum members
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The conditional formatting of excel for a blank or filled-in cells

popular dating websites reviewEspecially in large excel marked tables, it can be consuming to find the places in which data is entered. we show how you are using in such cases, excel’s conditional formatting to all the completed cells are clearly marked.

<, h2>do not change color when cell is empty

  1. Select the area in which the user enters data.
  2. tab, Click Start on Conditional formatting – New rule
  3. then Select the last rule type, the formula to determine the formatting of cells, use.
  4. As a formula, you use =(isEmpty(<first cell>)=FALSE)
  5. you have to enter instead of the placeholder <first cell> the address of the first cell top left in the marked area.
  6. Format give you now an eye-catching Format, if the formula is true, such as a strong background color.

    An example of conditional formatting to Highlight entries.

The result looks like maybe so:

Here are the conditional formatting ensures that Excel gave the user highlights.

The function isempty() returns false, if the cell is fill. however, she reacts the same way to input text, such as headings or formulas. that’s why it is important to select in the selection, only the cells in which actual data are entered. otherwise, the column headers appear, for example, be highlighted and the overview is back there.

How to use a phase tester to determine the current-carrying contacts

popular dating websites reviewA phase tester is a screwdriver with transparent handle and an additional function: with its help, you can detect voltages in the range of 100-250 volts.

While you hold the tip to a contact, such as a wall outlet and touch the metal button on the rear end with a finger. a voltage is present at the contact, then the current flows through the device, your body and the ground. to display a phase controller built-in neon lamp.

That it is received no electric shock at the high resistance of the auditor of about one megohm, which leads strength to a harmless low current.

phase controller in use (photo: Markus Schraudolph)

What to consider in a residual current protection switch to

popular dating websites reviewMore and more are also incorporated in a private house called the keep “error current protective switch” (the “fi-switch”), which provide increased security to the inhabitants against dangerous electric shocks.

Such a switch is if in your electrical distribution built-in, you should work on the following concerns: the fi-switch triggers when a connection between the zero – and the protective conductor is made even if the line was de-energized (e.g., flipping the toggle switch at the backup machine).

Have to set so if you want to avoid all the clocks, weckradios and the like in your house or apartment (even many alarm systems are extremely annoyed, on power interruption), then you are a good fit, that is never neutral and earth get in contact with each other!


With these tips the windows calculator practical

popular dating websites reviewThe windows machine has far more than just the basics. you can use it for scientific formulas, mortgage and lease charge, and even the date of additions to perform.

Windows calculator to better use

popular dating websites reviewYou know the windows calculator? you can find it under start – programs – accessories – calculator, or call directly to the underlying program calc.exe .

In the small, square version is the computer for just a couple of additions. however, the program can be more than it shows at first glance.

Click view – scientifically and the computer revealed more power. suddenly, there are geometric functions, as well as a conversion between number systems.

And the most important part of the scientific view is: the computer is in control in this mode, the point-to-line-rule. so if you enter 4+5*10 in scientific mode, come out of the correct 54. in the standard-view the calculator delivers an incorrect result, namely, 90.


To receive and send faxes with a fritzbox

popular dating websites reviewYou want to send with the fritzbox fax and receive? then read our guide to do so.

Many of the fritz! box models support fax, the received documents will then be forwarded either by e-mail as a pdf to you or on the fritzbox stored. werbefaxe cause then no paper waste, but you can easily delete it. what devices support this feature, you will find, for example, on this side of the avm wiki.

Fritzbox fax received

popular dating websites reviewThe best way is to dedicate one of the phone numbers of your isdn connection (msn) alone at the reception.

Go to the web interface of your fritzbox to the menu item telephony –  telephony devices , and then click the button new device setting in the right pane.

When selecting the type you select from the bottom of the category “in the box integrates” the option  fax.

Now you will see a screen with the basic settings

Fritzbox Fax

These settings knows the fritzbox for the fax reception

The fax-id is the phone number, the receiving side when sending your box. this should be the correct number, to avoid confusion. best to write the number in the international variant, as in the example with “+49” for germany, followed by the area code without the leading zero.

Including the variants for the further processing of the arrived faxes to come. practically, the e-mail version is safe. because you can view a fax on the go, if you have access  to e-mail. enter in the address field of your address.

Alternatively, or in addition, you have the originals on one of the locations of the fritzbox drop, either on the internal memory of the box (only some devices) or a connected usb media.

Choose continue, then the fritzbox asks for the phone number to which the fax is to respond. please check the appropriate msn.

Account details for e-mail

Enter if you have not yet entered any notifications, directions options (system – push service), then your fritzbox asks now, according to the account data for e-mail.

The requires you to be able to your fritzbox via an e-mail account to send messages. it can be just as the account with which you want the faxes received, as well as a different account.

You need some data, such as your user name for e-mail, password, and the smtp server that is for the shipping charge. some of the well-known mail providers, the fritzbox knows some of the data already, so you need to enter only the most necessary.

Receiving a fax check

You send over a fax machine or the fax services, as in the case of arcor.de or gmx.de a document to the phone number. the shipping, works out to be the worst hurdle is already managed.

Now, depending on your settings, also soon an email arrives with a pdf file as an attachment. you have activated the internal storage, you can access the file sharing of the fritzbox, to come directly to the fax.

You have assigned for the share, still no drive letter, it works the fastest over the following entry in the windows start menu


Alternatively you can use it instead of the name “fritz!nas” the ip address of the box.

Received Fax via Fritzbox

Each fax appears in this directory with the date and number of the sender.


Iphone: the volume of data to measure

popular dating websites reviewYou want to have consumes, know the volume of data with your iphone on the go ? then read here how you can find the fuel consumption display in ios, and even data-intensive apps individually can disable it.

How to determine the volume of transferred data

popular dating websites reviewWith the following working steps, you will find out how much data your iphone or ipad to consume.

  1. Open the settings , and select the heading Mobiles network (4. Entry from the top).
  2. Scroll down a bit until you see the list of installed Apps with data usage.
  3. Also see the data consumed in the mobile network since the last Reset of the counter. Including the data when Roaming abroad.
  4. The list of Apps shows you the data usage per application. In Bedartf you can prohibit individual Apps the mobile use.
iPhone Mobile data consumption


In word, the characters deep-set instructions and shortcuts

popular dating websites reviewFor chemical formulas, or other purposes, you have to put in writing individual characters in depth. they will appear smaller and below the surrounding characters. how to in word.


In word for windows character deep

    popular dating websites review

  1. Select the depth of characters.
  2. Click in the tab Start in Font icon subscript. You will see the inscription X2.
With one click you can make in Word, the characters deep.

You can read here, as you find in word, all the special characters.

Windows: the print job does not remove queue to delete

popular dating websites reviewIt can happen that a print job in the queue to cross, and will not be printed. the attempt to delete it is then displayed by the message “is deleted…”, the print job is to continue to hang and blocked all of the following prints. the solution is, the service “print spooler” stop and restart, which flushes the queue and removes the blockade.

The print queue delete

    popular dating websites review

    1. The control of the services, please refer to the computer management.  With Windows 10 click with the right mouse button on the start button and select in the appearing menu, select computer management –  .
    2. on Windows versions 7 and 8, type “computer management” in the search box to the taskbar or the start menu.
    3. In the left part of the computer management to services and applications
    4. Within this section, you call up the sub-item, services, .
    5. Right now appears a long list of installed services.

      In computer management, you can manage services.

    6. Go to item queue.  you don’t Want to search for a long time, you can click the list and give a “dru” and are the same on the target.
    7. Click the service with the right mouse button and select “Exit”. Alternatively, you can use the same name Link on the description of the service.

      print queue informs snake finish

    8. Now you have a pop-up window about the progress of the operation.
    9. Once the service has been successfully shut down, wait a few seconds and use the same way as just to enable the Option to Start the queue again.

If you can now the see what’s printing, then the “lazy” entry should be gone. possibly behind the queued jobs are probably already printed.

Excel: millimeter, square meter and other measurement units to use

popular dating websites reviewYou are working in excel, currencies, is the automatic insertion of the euro symbol in the respective cells no problem – for this, excel has the practical euro button that does this for you. but you need other units, such as square feet, cubic meters or kilograms, you need to go the other way.

First things first: the direct type of the unity in the cell leads to the goal. for example, if you enter “25 kg”, then excel no longer displays the so, see the content but as a number. the result: you can no longer use the value in a formula. excel displays the error value is #num! instead of the result.

You create some solve this problem so that the right side of the cell with the numeric value of a cell for the unit of measure. but this is quite impractical, because when you move you have to move then this cell and the right optical distance to the numeric field is hard to get a handle to.

Excel: last row and last value of a list to identify

popular dating websites reviewFor some applications it is practical if you can determine the last value-filled column or row in an excel table.

Imagine, for illustrative purposes, a table that holds the use of a loaner feast.

In the mini version of this list to paint is in the first column is the name of the borrower. in the second column save the date the instrument was issued and in the last column of the return date is recorded.

It looks like this:

for example, for the determination of the last value of a list

Because the list can become quite long, you want to get the last process in addition always displayed at the top. this saves the scroll down in the list.

It should stand to the right of the head of the list is a kind of copy of the lowest values of the columns a, b and c.