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  • Most of the other members' profiles are about 50% to 80% complete.
  • Most profiles appear to be genuine
  • Multiple verification options
  • App is prone to crashing
  • Zoosk does not take responsibility for routinely screening members
  • Not many functions for free profiles aside from liking profiles and messaging
  • Photo uploads can be seen by all members
  • Pop-up dashboard of website features
  • You can use the site immediately after creating the account.
  • Most of the members are inactive and unresponsive
  • Completing the profile information can be quite tedious
  • Messaging does not support audio or video files
  • Good gender proportion
  • Good number of features available for standard members
  • Great security features
  • Lots of fake profiles and suspicious members
  • Low member count coming from the US
  • Low number of registered members

What is the best website for online dating looking for a foreign bride ?

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Finally! french public prosecutor’s office determined against monsanto

Senior People Meet dating service full reviewBayer, monsanto, more and more atrocities come to light, but these accusations are not. the agricultural group monsanto has conducted in france the “secret lists” of critics. the declared aim was to monitor this and to educate a particularly stubborn opponent,””. how to french media reported on thursday, have monsanto in france led to “secret lists” of critics. the paris prosecutor’s office launched on friday an investigation against the seed and pesticide manufacturer. against monsanto, a criminal investigation had been initiated because of illegal collection of private data, informed the public prosecutor’s office in paris. a long time opponent of monsanto are on the “hit list”, as well as, we even have get. after it was announced that we network, women are also monsanto’s tribunal, founded a monsanto supporter is a group on facebook with the goal to destroy us. as we have seen, is also led the monsanto tribunal in the “secret lists” of monsanto. monsanto’s people there are, even among journalists who then write a pro-article for the group.  in germany, there are also women farmers, the mass animal farming, the monsanto advocates with their own websites, actively, to let opponents of monsanto as a frivolous look. in the united states belong to the victims of monsanto, among others, the moms across america. during the annual general meeting of monsanto troublemakers were locked up simply. in the lobby company on behalf of monsanto-run list, including opponents, politicians, scientists and journalists with the private address and phone number were listed according to the tv channel france 2 last 200 names. with a “grading” of zero to five should be reviewed, according to the individuals awarded influence. now the french prosecutor’s office  determined; against monsanto!

Finally! french public prosecutor’s office determined against monsanto – monsanto has conducted “secret lists” of critics!


The public broadcaster “france 2” and the daily newspaper “le monde” about the actions of two agencies, fleishman-hillard and publicis, on behalf of monsanto have been reported. at least two hundred persons were collected and classified according to their views, especially glyphosate, in categories.

We had multiple reports on how brutal monsanto in argentina deal with the opponents. the argentine activist sofia gatica from was threatened by monsanto solid, and the activists were beaten up several times brutally, to sofía gatica and her colleagues. your battle against monsanto won.

The agricultural group monsanto has conducted in france the “secret lists” of critics. the declared aim was to monitor this and to educate particularly stubborn opponents, but this is not, and also in germany, there are monsanto trolls, the target opponent.

Prevents the world from coming undone!

Senior People Meet dating service full reviewWhat is happening in this world, is but to endure. ok, for those who are not interested in it, which can be a yes no matter.

True to the motto: “i wanted to save the world, but it was raining.”

You can also simply look the other way, and in his old rut on with your life. meanwhile, you are happy that the discounters still have full shelves. the quality is of secondary importance. and you want to afford what is there, yes, the zero % interest loans. hooray, everything is fine. wrong!!! nothing is in order!

Finally makes the eyes

Senior People Meet dating service full reviewHello, wake up! we are the last generation that is fairly well through the time.

Ok, we have also experienced some bad years. the years around 1974, when the oil was because some countries were arguing again. and yes, there was also a short shaft, even for the car companies. but compared to today it was all rather a no brainer.

Look around! where is everywhere war? in syria? the come clear alone. has helped so far, also no one really. for two years took no other state to the people there. let the killing, which have anyway no oil.


Why did the network of women in advertising?

That there is a terrorist cell was formed, must have known the heads of state, but was yes no matter. now these terrorist are drawn to groups, land conquest, it’s called the also. only this time, not because of oil, no, this time, in the name of religion. “war games” to call the terrorists the. no war games on game consoles, which is not enough. the “brothers, we come”, it can even be some 400 young men from germany and drag to the is-jihadists (is-god warrior) to the spot in on the action.

How is something like that possible? we are, however, monitored around the clock!

Well, the ukraine – which had already closed in 2009, the biggest arms deal with iraq. will now be killed with these weapons, innocent people who do not want to join the “right” religion? who started the war in the ukraine? and, more importantly, who wants to stop this war ? so how is it nobody looks like. the the bombed-out infrastructure must be rebuilt. this brings growth.

The hades factor

And then this ebola virus. i saw the movie “the hades factor”. a thriller of 2006, after the novel by robert ludlum. the film is about the machinations of the pharma giants.


Many people will be infected with an unknown variant of the ebola, “hades” called. the virus appears in various places in the united states . the origin of the virus‘ is a development of the american military,which the virus is tested on its own soldiers in afghanistan. afghan the islamists, who were able to bring the virus in their possession, infected himself with the virus in the united states. there you can bring the pathogens with a timer, provided in the ventilation shafts and air-conditioning systems of large public buildings, to infect a wide variety of people. although the contamination of the population can not be prevented, however, the us american pharma group  brings;”maisser pharmaceutical” in a timely manner an active compound against the pathogen on the market. a senior can ultimately be transferred to the terrorists on behalf of the “maisser pharmaceutical” hired, in order to stimulate the business.


As i wrote already, the us government patent on ebola. the american defense department is investing 105 million eur, in order to speed up the process with non-tested drugs in the face of a state of emergency. ebola – pandora’s box made its way to europe – almost as in the movie.

From the novel to reality, often only a small step!

Robert ludlum that wrote this thriller about the hades factor, is also for his work “the bourne identity”, known to be filmed with matt damon. another of his works is: “prometheus-treachery”. this novel gets a different meaning. it is a nightmarish vision of total surveillance, which tells robert ludlum in this novel. an organization of industry giants and politicians tried to install a new surveillance technology.

No longer is, unfortunately, removed some of what the author of the novel is responsive to the monitoring options, today so far from our reality. microsoft and google spy long our machine. a microchip is unnoticed implanted on the hardware. the same we see also in the case of the registration of our dogs and cars. this with such a chip, equip is now almost the norm. the imagination is set no limits.

As i already on the topic of ebola wrote, benefit of two pharmaceutical companies from a non-human tested against the medium supported by the u.s. department of defense, and monsanto.

Cyber-attack and-monitoring – online-seminar module

Senior People Meet dating service full reviewCyber attack, data theft, data loss – so a few weeks ago when the german bundestag. it was, in fact, that the entire computer network must be built. we’ve got to offer some solutions.

Cyber attacks there are, since there is the internet. in recent times, the incidents that reach the media’s significance and increase. lately, the big companies, target, home depot, sony pictures entertainment, and the insurance giant anthem have been hacked. at the beginning of the year cheated hacker in a coup up to one billion usd by international banks. see hackers can’t cheat in a coup up to one billion usd by international banks – hackers heist up to $1 billion from banks worldwide

Money was for the hacker, the the “high-security centre,” the bundestag were unsure sure of the reason – as finance minister schäuble is sitting on his “black zero”! – zero-means – to get nothing. so, what are the cyber hackers were looking for in the computer system of the bundestag? you know it’s not as accurate. it was a chain mail which was sent from one place to another? it was a music download – maybe from the gansterrap?

Somehow, the trojan horse must have found their way into the ministry. now, secretary tommy  is looking for interior, de maizière after the unknown culprit, what yes cyber hackers are always and even the protection of the constitution that, had the lists, we know some strange anarchists and bandits on their content, see for example, the nsu – process.

Well – the fun is expensive. have also thought of a backup storage? or maybe the data is at the nsa worried?

The karlsruhe-based company bfk aims to investigate the attack on the power of the federal tags.

Four parties are currently trying to, the attack on the bundestag’s power to educate: the in-house it department, the federal office for information security (bsi), the federal office for the protection of the constitution and the bfk edv-consulting gmbh, based in karlsruhe, such as time online learned. the company emerged from the microbit virus center of the computer center of the university of karlsruhe and was established in 1989.

Bfk has cooperations with selected partners, so on their website.


  • CERT-Verbund, Germany
  • the

  • EICAR e. V. – Munich
  • the

  • the

  • KRvW – USA

The deputies of the bundestag have  2014 ordered several hundred of tablet computer on the expense of the state. 239 parliamentarians were charging a total of 326 ipads on your equipment package, one of them even equal to six pieces. the tablet editions were in six figures.  the owner remained anonymous. now, if one of these tablets has introduced a virus?

In the cyber attack on the bundestag, the virus is probably through e-mails in the network of the parliament passes. the “world reports”. therefore, a link by e had been sent-mail to at least two computers in the bundestag. , the link led to a site that had been prepared with malicious software. this program is supposed to have then installed without being noticed. the trojan horse is designed to be used in april, a cyber attack on the french tv channel tv5 monde, the french judiciary, in the meantime, hackers suspected in russia.

Recently told the handelsblatt that the hackers are operating from the far east is much more targeted  than previously thought – and they are getting bolder. the damage is several billion euros in the year, you may be looking for?

And what we learn from this? – don’t open any mail, it could hide something behind it!

Now the software and the hardware must be repaired for the most part, and there is then again sure new tablets.

Where were you all? in your members ‘ offices to back up data from your may of spied-on computers?

The bundestag decided to today, a law on it security – but almost no one was there.
of the 631 members of the german bundestag, a seat that could only be a few in the final debate about it on the look. source

Federal government to attack the minister of the interior tommy de maizière  (minister knows nothing) bot the bundestag in the case of the massive hacker the help of the federal office for the protection of the constitution – maybe they should take in the future, the space in the bundestag – there is enough space here – or the same as the bnd suffers from the “ber-syndrome” – the bnd’s headquarters, according to the “watergate” still not ready.
is like the empty prism reading in the bundestag! there was the debate on the consequences for germany by the international internet monitoring at 26. 06. 2013 also interest in the members.  “ber-syndrome” – bnd-central is a home for asylum seekers

On the topic of surveillance and cyber hacking we offer you now a small seminar for training purposes. you, what is already possible to see and recognize you, what will happen to you and to all of us – or is already there! no one knows exactly – or is it? secret-service secret services – because they work in secret.