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Prostitute why china’s before condoms

single chinese women beijing adIn china fear there are six evils of the society: trafficking of women and children, gambling, superstition, drug use and sex. this may be one of the reasons why prostitution in china is officially prohibited. nevertheless, according to the united nations in china, there are between four and six million women, who earn money for sex, according to the “nzz”.

The chinese government is certainly aware of the sex workers and distributed free condoms, to the contagion of sexually transmitted diseases, contain. apparently, pupils and students with sexually transmitted diseases such as aids, syphilis or gonorrhea (is better known as gonorrhea) plug already. up to ten percent of the prostitutes in china to be diagnosed with aids. estimated to be in china, nearly 600,000 hiv-positive. most of the chinese get a few years ago with contaminated blood and drugs, sex is now the largest risk to.

Sold to this woman in germany?

single chinese women beijing adEvery other day for a company boss from china, calling for her, every second day. “ms. sun,” say many, “ms. sun, we want to have a hidden champion!” a world market leader in the german province. as a successful family business. “family businesses? moment!”, ms. sun then responds. “you have to think of a good one. since there are often tears.”

But then she goes and searches for something beautiful. a “target”, as she says. a takeover target. and she has yet to find one. tears, tears here.

It runs fantastic for yi sun, 41 years old, partner at ernst & young (ey). the consulting company is one of the four highest revenue in the world. and sun is responsible for the currently most controversial of all the shops in the area of transaction advisory services: acquisitions of german companies by chinese companies.

As economy minister, sigmar gabriel, can warn as much in front of a sell-out of german technology and denounce the german company to get in china market access – the shopping tour in europe continues. the communist leadership has expressed a clear arrangement. “fan out”, it was said in 2001 to the entrepreneur. soon after, there came one of the first acquisitions. “made in china 2025” is the new industry strategy. the country wants to be the cheap producer to technology leader. because the companies create so quickly hardly, it must be purchased.

And someone must have the international often inexperienced chinese group heads the way to the target. when scientists, consultants, competitors, ask an entrepreneur, who brings the majority of the chinese into the country, is often: woman sun.”true,” she says. smiles. “i have a bit of healthy self-confidence.” and as it is so noisy, decided stöckelnd, in tight leather pants, the black hair in waves over the shoulder of falling, so you can also just say: it’s true.

11 billion euros invested by the chinese in 2016 in germany. the biggest assumption: the robot manufacturer kuka for 4.4 billion euros.

There she sits, on this sunny winter day, in the 22. and, of course, the top floor of the glass-ey-central düsseldorf, in a conference room. gabriel’s dangerous nightmare on high heels. “dangerous?” she asks. “i? no. i want that all are satisfied. i’m just the dealmakerin.”

It is, yes. these deals were closed in 2016, so large-scale as never before. for a total of eleven billion euros, the chinese bought in germany, ten times as much as in the previous year.

At ten acquisitions, each with at least three-digit million volume sun was involved in the german-speaking countries. in addition to the german employees of ey 45 chinese belong to your team. your fee can go into the millions. in the industry, it is common that every successful deal up to five per cent of the purchase sum shall be paid to the consultant. some of the sales in which they have so far played: the offshore wind farms windmw, two companies of the garbage recyclers alba, the forklift truck manufacturer kion, the waste group, eew.

“is one of my biggest problems currently, is that often the two chinese bidders buy the same german target and us as advisors want,” says sun. she is now four o’clock in the morning. since it is in beijing eleven. if it is clarified, what the chinese need, it goes to the search: talks with financial investors, whether you want to get rid of shares of bankers tell who is on the market; crawl tab. and if you find one, she writes a mail: hello, i have here an asian investor who would like to buy your company.

She writes also, if the company is not for sale. mostly you’ll invited yet for an interview, she says, to great the curiosity. then she goes on her way. and tries to the worlds for each other to…. “that is our art.”

Why in china are run over victim again

single chinese women beijing ad“it is better to run over someone and kill him, to approach and to hurt” – it’s a cruel adage that in china in the last few years seemingly has gained importance. the lawyer and china expert geoffrey sant wrote in the american online magazine “slate” text about a sad phenomenon: many chinese people to bring pedestrian you hit, in the connection intentionally.

Dead people are cheaper than sick

single chinese women beijing adBehind it is a simple calculation, the cost life: 30,000 to 50,000 us is dollars it costs in china, according to sant, if you totfährt a people from accidental funeral costs. injuries and the resulting disabilities and the disability, however, are really expensive. according to the media, after an accident disabled man has been granted to reports, recently 400 000 dollars a year from the accident.

The consequences of this regulation are brutal, and only in recent years have been visible, since there are traffic monitoring cameras, really. a video from 2008 shows a white passat, driving in reverse an old woman to the ground. the driver stops short, then the gas and moves with the front tire about you. two more times he travels back and forth, until he eventually committed hit-and-run.

In other cases, it would not actually come to worse injuries. thus, in the sichuan province, a two-year-old boy was hit by a truck. the boy remained unharmed and came immediately back to the feet. when he wanted to cancel his umbrella, put the driver of the truck in reverse, ran over him and killed him. sant writes, despite the eye-witness reports, the police had detained the chief, the driver was never driven backwards and would have hit the boy once.

Also, the chinese case law supports the behavior of the driver. although there are more and more traffic cameras that capture the incidents, to create there are many, to evade a murder charge. you have to expect, if any, with equally high penalties, as if they had hurt the victim of the accident only. the passat driver had only to pay $ 70,000 in damages and came for three years in prison for negligence. he had said in court, he would have believed it to drive over a garbage bag.

Us army: sorry, ladies – our general seeks no new girlfriend

single chinese women beijing adGeneral stephen j. townsend is fit, looks dazzling, and with four stars on the chest, it has brought the general too far. but above all, the general is an online casanova. countless women all over the world get the post from the general. he is lonely and is looking for a new girlfriend. life in the military without the woman to the man. and of course he is serious: later marriage is not excluded only “” – it is desirable.

Too good to be true? due to the many requests for the beau in uniform, the us army had to make recently clear: our general not to hang around in the social media and he’s not trying to conquer a new girlfriend.

The background: online marriage swindler to use the images of the general, to fake websites to build. you don’t mind, apparently, that everyone can come across with a images-quick search on the real stephen j. townsend.


As china’s thirst for baby milk-german supermarket shelves leerfegt

single chinese women beijing adPer person per day for a maximum of three packs of”, emblazoned on the shield. and: “output only in normal household quantities.” the shelves are completely empty. a saleswoman stands in front of the gray metal shelves and grants the last three packages. “there’s nothing more,” she says. germany in the year 2016, but in the drugstore chains dm, rossmann and budnikowsky, it’s as once in the gdr – in the case of baby milk powder. here the ratio is defined as the applicable planned socialist economy.

All three of the large dealers have limited their range of baby food. sebastian bayer, member of the board at dm, confirmed that the overall demand for milk powder can, as before, will not be covered. “we are not able to ensure the product presence in all markets,” he says. and also of rossmann, one speaks of a “shortage in baby’s milk”.

There are no short-term measures taken by the trader because there is just a shortage of supply. no, the shortage is a permanent problem.

The reason for the empty shelves is to be found in asia. the thirst of the chinese for german first milk is gigantic.

Baby food products in the value of more than eur 200 million will be exported, according to the research of the “food newspaper” every year from germany to china. the internet has become a huge grey market. on the e-commerce platform taobao, the chinese counterpart to ebay, will be offered german original products for the duplicate price. the 800 gram box aptamil pre by milupa costs between 160 and 200 yuan, the equivalent of about 22 to 28 euro, here it is for 14.95 euros. and if you look on german ebay pages, finds more than 200 items with dry milk products, which are also supplied to china. shipping costs per container from about 35 euros.

Excavator beauties fly out

single chinese women beijing adThe chinese weightlifters to the olympic competitions in beijing will determine next. by lu yong 85 kg limit for the men’s and cao lei in the class up to 75 kg for the women, two other olympic victories were. after all, bronze took the german team sprinters at the start of the olympic track cycling competitions.

The german paddler felix michel and sebastian piersig, which had led to the semi-finals in the canoe-two, capsized in the final just before the finish and had to be at the end with a sixth place satisfied. even worse, it caught the two-time world champion jennifer bongardt, who left prematurely. a bleak outlook for the german rowers: only seven of the 13 launched drv-boats are qualified in the endläufen at the weekend.

The olympic games are once again rocked by a doping case. kim jong-su from north korea was found guilty of taking the prohibited beta blockers propranolol and has been subsequently disqualified. the shooter had guns his silver medal from the competition with the free pistol and in the air-bronze return. also under doping suspicion, the gymnast thi ngan thuong do from vietnam. the previous events of the seventh day of competition in the overview.

Are excreted in the german beach volleyball players at the olympic games already in the second round. a day after the preliminary rounds of julius brink and christoph dieckmann had to give stephanie pohl and okka rau ana paula connelly/larissa frança from brazil 0:2 (18:21, 14:21) beaten. the europe usually had inside sara goller and laura ludwig after a 1:2 (21:23, 21:11, 16:18)-defeat against austrian sisters stefanie and doris missed schwaiger enter the quarter-finals.

As the only team from the squad of the german volleyball federation had

“we are totally disappointed. the no one could have expected. us have the nerve in the crucial moments,” said laura ludwig. five weeks after the em-profit in her hometown of hamburg, the duo counted to the group of medal contenders. “we don’t have long played as we can,” said sara goller.


Hockey, men’s

single chinese women beijing adIn a hockey thriller have missed the german men’s team against south korea, an important victory and must now shaking the feeder into the olympic semi-finals. the team of coach markus not came out on friday evening in beijing against south korea with a 3:3 (1:1) and dropped from second to third rank. the hit by philip witte (17.), matthias witthaus (40.) and christopher zeller (48.) not enough for the victory. “of course the team is frustrated, because she runs a lot of effort, but the results are not votes,” said way. player oliver korn added: “shortly after the game, the is a perceived defeat. the worm is a bit of it.”

Weight lifting


single chinese women beijing adThe chinese weightlifters to the olympic competitions in beijing will determine next. by lu yong 85 kg limit for the men’s and cao lei in the class up to 75 kg for the women, two other olympic victories were. both athletes celebrated their achievements and records. lu yong set with 394 kilograms in two fight of the immediately previously by world champion andrei rybakov from belarus, established a world record, and was due to the lighter body weight olympic champion. rybakov, had set up in the snatch with 185 kilograms, an olympic record. rank three of the armenians tigran martirosjan from armenia and won with 380 kilograms of

Cao lei had previously marked their success of three olympic records. the 24-year-old arrived on a two-fight performance of 282 kilograms. in the encounter cao lei had brought 154 kg for the high range, but the setting of the world record, her compatriot liu chung hong from the year 2005, failed (159 kg). the record hunt rounded off the world champion with 128 kg in the snatch. olympic silver kasachin alla laundry nina repeated with 266 kg in the two fight (119/147). third, the world cup-third nadezhda jewstjuschina from russia (264/117/147) was. german athletes were in two classes at the start.


Football, women’s quarter-finals

single chinese women beijing adManaged by the german football world champions at the olympic tournament to the semi-finals. the team of silvia neid won in shenyang against sweden with 2:0 after extra time and now fights in a re-match against brazil, the final participation. the south americans defeated in the quarter-finals of norway with 2:1. before 17.209 viewers kerstin garefrekes (104 reach.) and simone laudehr (115.) the number of hits. germany and brazil had separated in the preliminary round with a goalless draw. the second semifinal game of the best riding in japan and the united states , which had defeated four years ago in athens on the way to the olympic victory, the german team.


Track, team sprint, men’s

single chinese women beijing adFour years after the olympic victory in athens, have won the german team sprinters at the start of the olympic track cycling competitions in beijing for the bronze medal. rene enders of erfurt, cottbus, maximilian levy and stefan nimke, from schwerin won on friday in the small final against australia and took as a third, the first precious metal for the federation of german cyclists in the chinese capital.

To enter in the “grand finale” lacked the german drivers only 43/100 seconds behind the triple champion of france (43,656), had to give in the fight for gold, vice-champion of the united kingdom beaten. the british in the occupation of sir chris hoy, kenny, jason and jamie staff not to let the frenchman in the not fully occupied velodrome in 43,128 seconds stand a chance.

Track, individual pursuit, men’s

single chinese women beijing adIn the qualification of the 4000-meter-single pursuit of the gold medal winners from athens, the british bradley wiggins from the t-mobile successor to columbia, in 4:15,031 minutes olympic record. german drivers were not qualified for the first time since 1952.


Slalom, canoe-the two, men’s

single chinese women beijing adHave missed the slalom canoeists felix michel and sebastian piersig a medal in the canoe-two. the team-the champion of europe of 2007 from spremberg, who had led after the semifinals, capsized in the final and came in the final standings on the sixth rank also. for the third consecutive olympic gold for the slovakian brothers pavol and peter got high-schorner before the czechs jaroslav volf/ondrej stepanek and mikhail kuznetsov/dmitry larionov of russia.

Slalom kayaking-a, ladies ‘

single chinese women beijing adSlalom-kanutin elena kaliska is the olympic champion in kayak-a. the slovakian prevailed on friday in the shunyi park of beijing in front of jacqueline lawrence of australia. the bronze medal went to the austrian violetta oblinger peters. the favourites for the scoring jennifer bongardt of augsburg had missed in the semi-finals two goals and was eliminated.


Rowing, semi-finals and b-finals

single chinese women beijing adThe german rowers go with dim prospects in the battle for the precious metal. only seven of the total 13 in beijing launched drv-boats are on the weekend in the 14 endläufen of the olympic regatta. with third places in the semi-final of the lightweight women double scull and the men’s quadruple sculls at the regatta course in shunyi kept park harmless. in contrast, the lightweight men’s double two remained on the track. at the olympic games in athens nine german boats took part in the finals and a total of two gold and two silver medals won.

It appears unlikely that the imposing german olympic balance sheet is improved with a total of 98 medals on the weekend is noticeably up. the views of the first games for 52 years without gold agreed drv-sports director michael müller, thoughtfully: “under the circumstances, our original forecast is no longer to hold. but three of the medals are still in there.”


Archery, single, men

single chinese women beijing adThe ukrainian viktor ruban won the olympic gold in archery. the surprise winner prevailed in the final with 113:112 rings against park kyung-mo from south korea. bronze the russian bair badenow secured 115:112 against the surprisingly strong mexicans juan rene serrano. the only german starter, jens pieper, from brunswick, was eliminated in the first knockout round and finished the tournament on the 47. place.


Fencing, epee team men’s

single chinese women beijing adThe french epee men have their olympic team defending victory. in the final, the brothers fabrice and jerome jeannet and ulrich robeiri against poland with 45:29 goals won. bronze went to italy against china 45:35 by sat. individual olympic champion matteo tagliariol was in the battle for third place is a violation of the right foot and was replaced by stefano carozzo. german epee fencers were not able to first qualify for 56 years, for the olympic games. poland had reached the semi-finals by a scant 45:44 against hosts china. world champion france won the semi-final against italy with 45:39.


<, h2>, gymnastics, and more final battle-women

Oksana chusovitina has won with a ranking of nine of the best more battle-placement of a german gymnast at the olympic games for 20 years. the 33-year-old choice-she was playing error-free and came up with the final score of 60,125 points. the victory went to 18-year-old balance beam world champion nastia liukin (63,325), which broke the winning streak of the chinese gymnasts after three gold medals in beijing. it is the third olympic gold for the us girls after mary lou retton in 1984 and carly patterson in 2004. silver champion shawn johnson (usa/62,725), bronze went to world received the chinese yang yilin (62,650).


Athletics, 10,000 metres, women’s

single chinese women beijing adWorld champion tirunesh dibaba of ethiopia has won the first gold medal in the skiing competitions. the 23-year-old won the 10,000 meters in an olympic record time of 29:54,66 minutes. second, it was elvan abeylegesse from turkey, bronze secured the american shalane flanagan. sabrina mockenhaupt from köln finished in a personal best time of 31:14,21 minutes space 13.

Track and field athletics, hammer throw men

single chinese women beijing adHammer thrower markus esser has reached the final. the world cup-watch from leverkusen impressed in qualifying in sixth with 77,60 meters. for the largest expanse of the hungarian krisztian pars (80,07) provided. the 28-year-old sports soldier esser was four years ago in athens, olympia-eleventh

Track and field athletics, 100 meters, men’s

single chinese women beijing ad100-meter sprinter tobias unger has failed in the olympic games in beijing in between the running. as the seventh of his race, the 29-year-old german champion was able to increase from the laz salamander kornwestheim/ludwigsburg, in comparison to the lead-although, from arbitration in 10,36 seconds, but as expected. “next year i will be more than 100 meters more – this time, i’m still learning,” said the 200-meter specialist from swabia. the german sprint relay believes unger more: “we can make a difference.”

Athletics, shot put men

single chinese women beijing adThe shot putter tomasz majewski of poland has won the first athletics gold. the 26-year-old was in front of 91.000 spectators in the sold-out national stadium, surprisingly 21,51 meters. silver the american christian cantwell won with 21,09 meters in front of the white russians andrei me newitsch (21,05). the big favorite adam nelson of the united states is not managed in the third attempt, to be olympic champion. the world’s best of the year came with three invalid attempts to the final of the best eight. the leipzig peter sack had failed, the only german starter in the qualification.

Athletics, heptathlon women

single chinese women beijing adThe medal hope of lilli schwarzkopf has received after the first two disciplines in the olympic heptathlon in beijing and a strong shock. with 1995 points, the em-third from paderborn is located in the intermediate standings only on the 15. place. best german jennifer oeser from leverkusen is with the 2018 at rank 13. the neubrand citizen sonja boiler racket covered with 1991 points, the 16. position. the dominant athlete, the american champion hyleas fountain, who is with 2251 points ahead of anna bodanowa (russia/2165) and ljudmilla blonska (ukraine/2132) at the top.

A very weak start, lilli schwarzkopf caught in the 100-meter hurdles with moderate of 13.73 seconds. “i tripped on the seventh, eighth hurdle and stumbled,” said the 24-year-old. in the high jump, you could not make this blunder with crossed 1.80 meters (best 1.83 meters) of betting.

After 13,57 seconds in the hurdles, the em-fourth jennifer oeser made a 1,80 meters. in contrast, the olympic sixth-sonja boiler thugs could not continue their good performance in the 100-meter hurdles (13,50 seconds) in the high jump continued. it was only enough to 1.77 meters.


Small kali boar lying down, men

single chinese women beijing adArtur aywasija from the ukraine has won the olympic prone match with the kk rifle. in the armenian yerevan-born ukrainians maintained its lead after the preliminaries in the finals. place two finished with a ring of residue in the bundesliga for post sv plattling shooting athens olympic champion matthew emmons (usa). the bronze medal went to australian warren potent.

Maik eckhardt (dortmund) 24. with 592 rings and michael winter (kirchseeon) on place 31 with 590 meters, the finale had missed.


Badminton, double women

single chinese women beijing adHosts china won the first five decisions of the olympic badminton tournament. in the ladies double the number two seeded duo of du jing/yu yang won with a 2:0 victory against lee hyo jung/lee kyung won from south korea the gold medal. 8000 enthusiastic fans celebrated on friday, the clear favorite to win. to the delight of badminton fans chinese bronze for wei yili/zhang yawen remained in the middle kingdom.


Swim, 100 metre free style, women’s

single chinese women beijing ad“there is a madness feel to it. i never thought, that me here is the breakthrough,” said steffen after their victory in a thrilling final.

After 50 meters, she was still last – then went off the post: the australian favourite lisbeth trickett remained after an irresistible spurt of britta steffen in 53,16 seconds only silver. the bronze medal went to american natalie coughlin (53,39). “my coach told me to pull on the second 50 meters, and i did. this is so cool,” said the berliner, the listened to, a little later, at the awards ceremony, with tears in the eyes of the german anthem. “i had hoped for a medal. it was made of gold, is a late satisfaction for the german swimming,” said dosb general director and chef de mission michael vesper.

200 meter medley-men

single chinese women beijing adU.s. star michael phelps swam about 200 m individual medley in 1:54,23 minutes in the sixth-finals with the sixth world record for the sixth gold. with eight gold phelps will break the record set by his compatriot mark spitz’s seven olympic golds in 1972 in munich. with now a total of twelve times gold, phelps is the most successful athlete in the olympic history. silver over 200 metres were won with a european record of 1:56,52 minutes, the hungarian laszlo cseh in front of ryan lochte (usa, 1:56,53).


, 200 meter backstroke, men’s

single chinese women beijing adWithout the best brands delivery as good as anything in the olympic pool of beijing. lochte won the american double victory over 200m backstroke gold with a world record in 1:53,94 minutes before aaron peirsol (1:54,33) and the european record in swimming, the russians arkadi wjatschanin (1:54,93) ends.

200 meters breaststroke, women’s

single chinese women beijing adRebecca soni (usa) referred in 2:20,22 minutes over 200 m breaststroke, the australian silently … … with jones (2:22.05 khz), with best time on course two. the norwegian sara nordenstam won in 2:23,02 with continental best bronze. it’s the first swimming medal for norway’s women in the olympic history.

50-meter free style, men semi-final

single chinese women beijing adThe german record holder rafed el-masri (berlin) sponge about 50 m free style at the final over. 22,09 seconds was sufficient for the german – syrians in the semi-finals only to rank 14. french superstar laure manaudou experienced more than 200 m back from the semi-finals as a 15. a debacle.


Judo, heavyweight, women’s

single chinese women beijing adWon the chinese tong wen, the olympic judo final in the heavyweight division. the 25-year-old world champion defeated in the category over 78 kilograms of the japanese maki tsukada, olympic champion of athens, 16 seconds before the end with a shoulder throw. bronze medals won the vice-world champion lucija polavder from slovenia and the cuban idalys ortiz. the world cup third sandra köppen-zuckschwerdt (brandenburg) was eliminated after a disappointing performance in the first fight against the 50 kilograms lighter australian janelle shepherd.

Judo, heavy weight, men’s

single chinese women beijing adThe last gold medal in the olympic judo tournament, has secured the japanese satoshi ishii. the 21-year-old defeated on friday in the final of the heavy weight over 100 kg asian champion abdullo tangrijew from uzbekistan with a yuko (medium rating). the bronze medals went to the cuban oscar brayson and world champion teddy riner from france. the mönchengladbach andreas tölzer had failed in the struggle for the hope round-final to riner.


Tennis, men’s doubles

single chinese women beijing adFernando gonzalez in the final of the olympic tennis tournament. the chilean was in the semi-finals 4:6, 7:5, 11:9 against american james blake, who had thrown the night before, surprisingly, the swiss roger federer out of the competition. gonzalez , who had won four years ago in athens bronze medal, hits in the gold medal game on sunday, the spaniard rafael nadal, or the number three-seeded serb novak djokovic. blake


Handball, women, preliminary round

single chinese women beijing adThird parties no longer reach the german handball-women only helps a miracle: after the third tournament match of the world cup from the quarter-finals at the olympic games in beijing. after the 26:27 (13:13) against sweden, the olympic is to avert-from the selection of the german handball federation hardly. after the final whistle, the german game had shocked the inside was just staring, some crying. “that is without words. we have here, once again, to beat up,” said defensive boss, stefanie melbeck.

For the target to enter into the k. o. round in the return to the olympic games in twelve years to win the european championships-fourth at the last round on sunday, of all things, against the champion of russia and a points split between sweden and brazil hope.

“we believe in a miracle. because this is sport,” said national coach armin emrich. but he also knows that “everything hangs on a silken thread”. at the moment, they were the unfortunate. “this second defeat with a goal is a shame,” he complained. the hungarian had to be the team with 24:25 just hit enter. previously

Sub-culture in china’s mega cities through the lens of a young photographer

single chinese women beijing ad“girls,” has collected the chinese photography artist luo yang portrait shots of young chinese women. the 85 photos switch between carefully thought-out compositions and a spontaneous snap-shot aesthetic. the 33-year-old from the liaoning province in northeast china was knighted by artist ai weiwei as one of the emerging photography talents in china. her photographs were in 2013 part of the ai weiwei curated the exhibition “fuck off 2” in the dutch groninger museum. numerous exhibition participations in asia as well as solo-exhibitions in berlin and hong kong, made them internationally known.