Spontacts in the Test of 2019, The recreational Community in the Test

Spontacts in the Test of 2019, The recreational Community in the TestSpontacts in the Test of 2019, The recreational Community in the TestSpontacts in the Test of 2019, The recreational Community in the Test

Spontacts – The recreational Community in the Test.

Spontacts is a Portal where you search for people can go who want to spend their leisure time. Whether skiing, for a bike ride or a movie night, nowhere you can find so many like-minded people, such as in the case of Spontacts. Create an event or existing events and attend, go to the activities .

Known Spontacts was in the context of a start-up in the series, “the cave of The lion” in Vox. A media hype of the Portal learned, however, through the Acquisition of event giant Jochen Schweizer, has scored with his experience portal in Switzerland and Germany, great awareness .


About the membership structure of Spontacts nothing is known, at existing events, no trend is recognizable. However, there are some events that are attended by women (movie nights with movies, beauty farm visits, etc.) and again, where predominantly men sign up.

Registration process and profile creation.

Spontacts you can use, if you’re logged in on the Website. The registration will take a maximum of five minutes. You will get to your requested name and surname, and your location you’re in and you’d like to look. Your full Name is only for your friends, not for all users of the portal to be visible.

In the area of profiling a lot of variety, unfortunately, is not possible, except for an area of “About me” don’t you have any opportunities yourself to the Community introduce. A photo is high-loaded, but may have no erotic or salacious content, because that is not what the Community explicitly. You have the possibility to receive awards for your profile, if you have to participate actively in the Community. Have you participated in, for example, in the case of someone at the event, you will receive a “contributor award” and pose as a trusted.

Contact options.

The contact at Spontacts are quite low, it is primary to find the right people for activities and experiences. When you visit another member’s profile, you can leave him a message or a friendship request. Messages should only relate to the content of events or queries in this regard, the spontaneous Dating requests or flirt messages be read here, almost never. If you show at an event of interest and you’ve filed as an observer or contributor, and you can communicate in a Chat below the event with the participants. Note that also here the focus is exclusively at the event. Communication among the members takes place at the Meeting and, in the case of the joint activity, the Portal is not intended for this purpose .

Design, functionality and usability.

Spontacts is well constructed, easy to use and fulfills the Use it well. Varied, the Design is a bit boring, the color scheme, but acceptable. When you log in, you immediately see the events based on your interests and place of residence fit. You click on an event, you will receive all further relevant information.

Spontacts in the Test of 2019, The recreational Community in the Test

Clicking on your name brings you to your profile and allows you to make settings. An important area To have your privacy setting and use up or unsubscribe for notifications. In addition, you can associate your Account with Facebook, so that you never have to enter your password. It is evident that the site is not designed for Dating. The profile position limits are set and the communication is on fitness for purpose are limited. Meet to meeting the members here at Live and to organize this is to set up the platform well .

Special Features:

Events browse: If you’re a new member with Spontacts, it is recommended that you browse first in existing activities. You can indicate on your profile your interests and will then be displayed according to the appropriate events. Of course, you always have the opportunity to expand the interests, or to change.

An event of your own creation: If you people are looking for, want to participate in an Event of you, you have to create an event of your own. In the creation menu you can sort your activity according to interests and by Hashtag to specify, to whom it is displayed. As a Plus member the Option to limit the number of participants, there is also. This is useful, for example, if you reserved a table for four people, the Italians, and only three companions are looking for.

You as a Plus member also the possibility of the event only for a sex release. However, this is not used in the rule, that a man goes on the search to 10 women for a common Dating evening. It is, rather, that eg. Women looking for other women for a girls ‘ night out etc can go .

As Spontifex active: A Spontifex is a participant of Spontacts, which is highly active. You must meet the following criteria to you as a Spontifex to apply:

Participation in 10 activities at least 5 self-organized activities at least 1 organized activity with more than 10 participants, a recommendation by the City Manager (not forced)

As Spontifex you are a representative of the Spontifex idea and receive amenities such as the Plus membership for free. Your task as a Spontifex is to support the Community and to help new members get started. To be able to your task in the best possible way to meet, you will be in close contact to the creators of Spontacts .

Spontacts is not only as a web version, but also available as an App for IOS and Android available. So you can search on the go, at any time after a spontaneous event in your area. The App provides you with everything that has to offer you the site also. You can search for events, members exchange messages or requests for an event of your own answer.

For the registration to the Portal, however, we recommend the site because you have better options and a better Overview on your PC. Also the creation of events we found on the PC more comfortable than via the App, however, this is a matter of taste. It is possible that you create your events directly via the App .

Experience report.

The idea behind Spontacts is not new, there were already similar platforms, could not establish itself, however, to the extent. With nearly 550,000 members Spontacts is a giant and there are a lot of events. Who lives in a small village, it has, of course, a bit harder to find a suitable activity in the area, but the radius search proves that there is here from the black forest to Hamburg for a matching activity. In addition, the possibility itself is still to put something on the legs. Newcomers should strive according to our experience to other events and not equal to the 10-person Dinner want to organize. The members from Spontacts take, in principle, prefer for people who already have a contributor-award in profile and not completely new on Spontacts are.