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Costa rica: travel – and safety instructions

Country-specific safety instructions

tamaringo costa rica datingCrimethe crime in costa rica is increasing, travelers must, in particular, expect a higher propensity for violence.particular caution is in the capital city of san josé and, in particular, in the vicinity of the stations and the calles 14 y 6, av. central y 7, as well as on the beaches recommended. on the caribbean coast, the area of the port cities of moin and limon, a particularly high level of violent crime in the popular tourist centres of cahuita and puerto viejo armed robbery occur.sexual offences, in particular against women across the country, so that particularly for women traveling alone are advised to increased sensitivity and a culture-conscious behavior.in the lines and overland transport of luggage should be always in the passenger part of the bus and not from the eyes left to be transported. especially the theft of the luggage rack stowed days of backpacks through diversion is widely used. passports, credit cards and other important documents should be worn necessarily on the body, valuables should only be to the extent strictly necessary and entirely omitted jewelry carried, also visible on worn belts bags. bags should be stowed in bus fares in the footwell. luggage you should never, not even in locked vehicles – unattended. this is also true for private tourist buses with tour guide. special risks when driving at night and things in the dark.on the route to the river port embarquadero la pavona, with the aim of tortuguero preferred tourist trip are ambushed buses under application of force of arms. tourist buses are generally in the convoy.to comes car starts, it is propagated, especially at the bridge at the tarcoles river and on the beaches, also on the guarded parking places. also non-visible, electronic devices are discovered by the thieves using a scanner and stolen.

Travellers should not stop for example, in the case of tire punctures, and feigned a breakdown in offered help because of the danger of the robbery immediately, but until the next shop or gas station to continue on or call for professional help and the windows and doors keep closed.

Political positionthe situation in the country is total calm. demonstrations, protest actions and strikes can still taking place, in particular in the capital san josé at any time, which can lead to traffic obstructions.demonstrations and large gatherings of people should widely be avoided.

Natural disastersin mexico, in central america, the caribbean and the southern states of the usa is from may to november hurricane season.travelers to costa rica must contend with tropical storms and intense rainfall and asked the references to cyclones to be observed abroad.heavy rains can cause dangerous floods in rivers and streams both in the mountains and on the coast.

Costa rica is located in a seismically active zone, which is why it comes to eruptions, earthquakes, and volcano. of the 16 volcanoes in costa rica, the volcanoes turrialba, rincon de la vieja, poás and irazú are currently active. the eruption of a volcano can cause the closure of the international airport juan santamaria in san josé/alajuela. the costa rican civil protection commission (comisión nacional de emergencias, cne) informed of areas of possible disaster.

Crisis prevention listgerman nationals, it is recommended that in the crisis prevention list, to allow, in an emergency, a quick contact. travelers, the travel package, are usually supplied on the tour operator information.

Security noteit is requested, also to note the global security note.

General travel information

tamaringo costa rica datingLanguagesbasic knowledge in spanish are recommended in costa rica, or for individual travelers is necessary.

Infrastructure/roadtaxis, rental cars, intercity buses, and for remote areas flight connections are available. even if the distances in costa rica appear to be short, take overland travel is often a lot of time. the roads are generally in very poor condition (potholes). night driving should be avoided.the latest information on road conditions can be made by phone 800-87267486 (costa rica) requested (knowledge of spanish required).

In the event of an accident may be moved to the vehicles involved usually only available after a call to the police, as this will otherwise be interpreted as an admission of guilt. in this case, you should wait for the arrival of an expert from the insurance company (ins). the procedure in case of accidents, the insurance company grupo inform the ins and the german embassy in san josé.

Licensethe german driver’s license is a passport in connection with a valid travel with stays of up to three months is sufficient, the additional entrainment of an international driving licence is recommended to avoid problems with police checks, however.

Baden, special caution is required when swimming both in the pacific, as well as on the caribbean coast. strong currents and sudden, strong wave action can also bring good swimmers in danger and lead annually to death of many tourists and locals. only a few beaches are guarded by lifeguards or rescue boats.in particular, during the rainy season from approximately may to november, take special care when bathing is cases of water and in rivers.

Adventure tourism/visits of volcanoessafety precautions for adventure tourism (white-water rafting, canopy, etc.) often do not correspond to the german standard, it always comes back to accidents. adventure tours should be booked only when established, the instituto costarricense de turismo (ict) registered tourism company and, if applicable, with english-speaking guides and safety measures to be queried.a visit to the volcano poas are only with online registration through the sistema nacional de àreas de conservación sinac possible.

Money/credit cardscountry’s currency is the colon (crc). the withdrawal of cash at an atm with a credit card is usually up to a height of about 200 000,-colones per day (about 300,- €) or the house bank the agreed framework possible. most of the banks have terminated contracts with the maestro, so that with a maestro bank card in the rule, no cash may be withdrawn.when you withdraw money directly on the switch, which is only possible with a credit card, use caution, since this causes often a spontaneous blocking of the card, which can only be by telephone lifted.travelers should not rely solely thereto, but alternative means of payment (cash in euros and us dollars) to carry.

Urgent caretravelers should ensure that adequate travel insurance that covers in case of emergency, a rescue flight to germany, please also refer to medical care.outside of san josé is often only a basic medical care possible (see medical care). for participation in adventure and risk sports such as rafting ought to be travel insurance resolved, whether treatment costs are covered after an accident.there are regularly cases in which emergency patients because of unavailable reimbursement will be denied treatment. the same applies to the numerous private ambulance services (for example, for helicopter transport from the scene of the accident in a hospital in san josé). here, the patient must contact in advance.

Entry requirements for german nationals

tamaringo costa rica datingTravel documentsthe entry for german nationals with following documents:

Passport: yes

Temporary passport: yes (in transit over the usa visa is compulsory!)

Id: no

Temporary identity card: no

Child passport: yes

Notes:all travel documents must be in good condition. according to costa rican law, the documents must be only for the day of the entry itself, and the next day are valid. as for the return trip (also a transit), or the onward journey through other countries, but usually a longer period of validity must cover at least the entire travel period, or beyond the validity presupposes is required, it is generally recommended to carry travel documents with a validity of half a year.in the case of a passport loss is not granted to date of departure, also with a german identity card.

Visa, german nationals can enter to pass to costa rica for the purpose of tourism for up to 90 days with a tourist visa. a claim for the maximum period of stay is not is, often, a shorter residence permit is granted. the decision will be issued by the officials at the port of entry on the basis of the return flight tickets, residence, financial capacity, etc. guests are required to present a return ticket/onward ticket/bus ticket and proof of financial means for the stay in the country. requests for extension of the duration of the stay can be made at the foreigners ‘ police (migración) for a fee.

If you are planning a longer stay or the entry for any other purpose (e.g., internship, volunteer service, study), should be applied for before entering the country a residence permit at the competent embassy of costa rica in berlin.

At the port of entry of nicaragua and panama to costa rica by land, you should make sure that both the costa rican entry stamp, as well as the panamanian or nicaraguan exit stamp to be attached to the passport. in the case of the panamanian-costa rican border crossing, sixaola bridge feet must be crossed. travelers must make sure to obtain from the two border control stamp and not to cross the bridge without visiting the respective (adjacent) border stations. the same applies for the return journey.without this stamp in the passport, there can be considerable difficulty in the journey, as the aliens police checks in these cases, the possibility of illegal stay in costa rica and retains this purpose, the passes up to a month. it can be done for this reason, detentions and deportations.

Instructions for minorsminors can, in principle, to enter without the accompaniment of guardians and need to costa rican law, not the formal declaration of consent. the practice has shown, however, that it cannot be excluded that the costa rican authorities insist on the submission of a notarial declaration of consent of the legal representatives, in spanish with apostille (legalisation) to the hague convention on the exemption for foreign public documents from legalisation,.at the time of departure from costa rica, of minors, the costa rican nationals or in possession of a residence permit (residencia) for costa rica, even if this residence title has expired already, and alone or accompanied by only one parent or a third person to make a declaration to the request of the costa rican border authorities, a so-called “permiso de salida” (exit permit), the application can be made to the migración in san josé (during a stay in costa rica) or at the costa rican embassy in berlin. without this document, a departure from costa rica is not permitted, even if the mitausreisende parent can prove sole custody. what documents, in individual cases, for the entry and exit is necessary, it should be clarified before the trip with the costa rican embassy in berlin.

Charges at the time of departurefor june 2015 include the departure tax in the case of most airlines in the airline tickets. the border is crossed on the land, is to pay the tax (usually 7,- usd, payable in colones).since april of 2018, penalties for illegal residence in the amount of 100 must be,- us $ per month or part thereof without a valid residence permit paid. this can be paid on the homepage of migración, across the country in the branches of banco de costa rica or via tucan and in post offices of correos de costa rica in paso canoas, la cruz, liberia and alajuela. in the case of non-payment will be imposed an entry ban, which will apply for three times the period of illegal stay. this regulation applies both for tourists, as well as for persons with temporary residence permits.

Entry requirements for german citizens can change at short notice, without the foreign office shall be informed in advance. legally binding information and/or exceeding this information about entry requirements you only get directly to the embassy or the general consulates of your destination country.


Best time to travel costa rica – info, climate, dry and rainy season

tamaringo costa rica datingThe climate in costa rica is due to the location between the atlantic and the pacific ocean tropical. it can be divided into two periods divided in a dry season (verano) and rainy season (invierno). during the dry december to april , it is mainly dry and warm. however, there is a difference between the temperatures in the lowlands, the altitudes and along the coasts. on average, the temperatures during the dry season in costa rica at 25 to 30 degrees celsius. on the coasts of it can be even hotter. in the rain may to november you can expect, on average, more showers and cooler temperatures. in addition, the humidity is high. despite the proximity to the caribbean islands, and the abutment of the caribbean sea, not  is costa rica;from hurricane plagued. it is raging in the caribbean, the impact on costa rica up to the that there will be more rains and fresh.

Costa rica is located in central america between the atlantic and the pacific. it borders in the north of nicaragua, in the east on the caribbean sea, to the south by panama and to the west by the pacific. the name of costa rica is spanish and translated means “rich coast”. empire, the latin-american country especially of natural diversity. it is one of the most species-rich countries in the world. from lush rain forests and active volcanoes to stunning beaches of the caribbean sea and on the pacific coast, everything is here.

Topographically can be costa rica five rooms limbs. the central valley with the capital city of san josé makes one of these large rooms. the landscape of the province of san josé is the volcanic mountain chains of the cordilleras, which is dominated by the cordillera central to the cordillera de talamanca range,. the cordilleras self-forming due to the altitude, the variety of still active volcanoes and other climate conditions one of the five major. in the east of costa rica, the caribbean coast and in the west, the pacific coast is located. the latter is separated topographically between north-west and west. in the north-west, the  is;dry peninsula, guanacaste, which can be considered as a separate metropolitan area. a major city in the northwest of costa rica, the port city of puntarenas. on google maps you can see the position of the five major areas of costa rica, precisely.

The rainy season in costa rica from may to november. in this season there are almost daily rain showers. this should not deter you but. the rains generally begin at noon and go back after a couple of hours. particularly in the highlands is observable. the mornings are usually sunny and warm. against 14 clock, gray clouds forming in the sky and heavy rains down. after about two to three hours, precipitation, the sun comes out again. on the atlantic coast, more rain than other places in the country falls during the rainy season. relatively dry months during the rainy season the months of august,  on the atlantic coast;in september and october. on the whole of the country, the months of september and october, on average, the highest rainfall during the rainy season. therefore, the travel in this period are cheaper and resorts are less filled. in spite of the rains, could disrupt one or the other in holiday, has this season a very special incentive. you brings forth lush vegetation. therefore, many speak of the green of the rainy season in costa rica. you want to the species of rain forest to explore, the rainy season is the best time to visit costa rica.

Mixing practical tips for your costa rica trip to the dry or rainy season

Due to climate change are the rainy and the dry season in costa rica, more and more. so sunny days are more and more frequently without rain during the rainy season and during the dry period rain days. thus, i highly recommend you to any season of the year to be with rain jacket, and bathing suits equipped. in addition, both footwear ought to as well as sandals/flip-flops take. the weather can flip at any time of year from sunny to rainy or vice versa. to many rain fall and not can drain away the water completely in the ground, turning some streets in the mud areas. part of smaller or larger streams do not arise, so that some of the towns during the days of rain without a suv not reachable. before completing your journey, you should inform yourself in the internet, such as the weather forecasts are during your travel time. the forecast calls for rain, you should have a rubber boots, or other water-resistant shoes and a rain jacket and warm clothes for the night. furthermore, it is particularly in the case of a holiday in san josé and the surrounding area is advisable, its outdoor activities for the morning schedule. the shower of rain at lunchtime did not embellish in parts of the city wet and muddy roads, which certain activities.

Safety in costa rica

tamaringo costa rica datingJust as important as what you can see in country, is the question of security. it is even more important. because who wants to risk his belongings or even his life?

General safety in costa rica

tamaringo costa rica datingGenerally speaking, you can look at costa rica for you as a traveler as a safe.

In germany there are no speed call-problems such as in guatemala or el salvador, where you could be out on the open road during a shootout between rival gangs, to be taken.

The police presence is quite high, in the cities, such as san jose or cartago you will see in regular intervals police patrols. in addition, the government invested a lot of money in the “fuerza publica” – as the police here is also called.

You have to but be aware that petty crime in costa rica is widespread. for what it is, but also in the metropolises of this world…