Tinder in the Test of 2019 Only Fakes or real Dates

Tinder in the Test.

Thanks to a “Hot or Not”principle, only users come in contact with each other, on first glance, attractive. The principle of the App is to mark other users as attractive or not attractive (to the left or to the right “wipe”). By the simple principle, Tinder is a lot of fun, but it is also, unfortunately, very superficial and, therefore, not for serious relationships suitable.

Anyone who is in search of a real Partner for a serious relationship, not here rather find. A few Fake Profiles are encountered in the Test .

Experience Report Tamara, 34:

“After 22 Dates, I’ve given up on it, everyone wanted only One thing, I but a relationship. I have not found on Tinder for sure. I had every month 2-3 Tinder Dates, and the now almost for a whole year. I was 22 before the question of what I should wear, how I should do my hair, how I should put makeup on me. And remember, in connection to that, it was just that I should take my clothes off. I wanted to like it, to find a Partner, but now I don’t want to adjust me – it’s too exhausting.”

In the case of Tinder in demand.

Our editor, Chris (R.) Met the co-founder of Tinder, Jonathan Deen (l.), And asked him a few short questions.

Chris : Hello Jonathan, Tinder is very successful worldwide and so arrived here in Germany in the meantime. First of all, congratulations! What’s next, what are you focusing on?

Jonathan : We are still interested in bringing Tinder users who “like” each other into contact. And in a simple and intuitive way.

Chris : You have succeeded visually quite well, but many users find Tinder is very superficial due to the restriction to profile pictures. What can you do about it?

Jonathan : It’s up to the users if they are interested in the profiles. One has the possibility to see further details, like a profile text or likes. But we have observed that especially the image at the beginning is crucial and, so to speak, the initial interest.

Chris : Thank you for your time, then I wish you continued success and many matches!

How does Tinder?

Profile position.

The profile goes on Tinder very quickly and easily. There is no tedious Filling in of plug-in letters or the like. As a User, you must grant the App access to his Facebook profile or cell phone number. Choose Facebook to confirm his identity, get the App all the necessary information, including photos. It is interesting: choosing the verification via mobile phone number is not linked to the Facebook profile with Tinder, but because this Tool also belongs to Facebook, this data on the device, etc. Something of concern, we found that this step is mandatory – refuses to make the App its own personal data, you can’t use them unfortunately. With regard to the protection of privacy and personal data of the Users, this approach is rather questionable. After all, not everyone wants his personal Facebook data of the Alien are visible – not a cool Dating App.

You can also link your Instagram profile to Tinder. If 5 photos are not enough to show the super cool holiday photos, the breakfast, his six pack or the most beautiful mirrored mean, you only have to connect your accounts once and for all Tinderellas and Tinder-Prince wants to see all photos shared via Instagram on the profiles.

If you also want to share his exquisite musical key, you can also connect your Spotify account with Tinder. You can then select and display your personal anthem as well as your favorite artists from the most-listened songs.

Design and operability.

In terms of Design and ease of use Tinder sets new standards.

Yet none of the so far, we have tested Apps was so easy and pleasant to use. The Design of the App ensures that it is intuitive to use and is not overloaded with any unnecessary function.

“Hot or Not”principle.

Saves you the tedious cover Letter fun factor Alone accounts for the appearance to decide on a “Match”

If you use Tinder, you get first photos of other Singles are shown, which are located in the vicinity. The search radius can be set in the settings, but even between 2 and 160 kilometers. Thus, the village children from rural areas can tindern diligently. Then you can select whether the shown Single-like it or not. Swipe to the left or “X” press = “Like” button, swipe right, or the green heart = press “Like”. According to the same scheme, the page displays the profile image of other users, the decide also whether you find attractive or not. Two users find each other pretty, be informed, share the two (” It’s a match! ” and you can directly in the App start messages .

Especially for men this feature is interesting, saves you the tedious cover Letters from Single women that have no interest in. In addition, the use of the App makes this Feature really fun. Easy to tell whether a a different a Single like it or not – as simple as can Online Dating. No eternal Search for the right words, no Pondering whether one of the other finds at all attractive. Instead, just relax and enjoy the select and see what might be .

Our Test.

In our Test has shown that the men’s record is usually little to nothing about your Person and personality in your profile description: In General, the honest information is usually limited on size and country of origin or visited holiday destinations. Some to take Hobbies and sports, but only if they are exotic and extravagant: Instead of chess and football, we read a rather kite surfing, sailing or bouldering.

Also, it seems that you as a Person that has not seen too much of the world, equal to a Tinder-minority: Who has not yet attended a different continent is not the same at the bottom, but at least it’s apparently not so open to the world and love to travel as compared To.

Professionally, most of them are between the ages of 18 and 26 students: few have a solid career and if so, then this is usually in the area of media or engineering.

As one reads also only the first name, it is not surprising that most of the Profiles merge at some point with so many similarities to a mass. Whether Max, Jan, Daniel and Sebastian: in a way they are the same, do the Same, want the Same thing.

Because the following profile is a real exceptions, but which is, nevertheless, not necessarily on the personality of the Tinder-users include:

Tinder Super Likes.

Singles miss you particularly liked the “Super Like” Swipe photo of the super Singles up or press the star Button in the middle You can see by whom a “Super Like” has received the “Super Like” can only be used once a day for free chances of success through the award of the “Super Like” hardly bigger.

To use this feature of Tinder-Users can swipe the photo of the super Singles to the top or the star Button in the middle press. Members know you have received and from whom a “Super Like”, since these Profiles are available in the Feed, a blue frame with a star .

The “Super Like” however, can only be awarded once a day, unless you have the paid membership paid for more “Super Likes” to access. It is conceivable that Tinder more number of the end User is hoping the additional function .

Personally, we find the “Super Like” is somewhere a “great compliment” that you can save but also. It is a flattery, but also unnecessary. In practice, Super rated-Liker as well as Standard-Liker.

The Game “Super Likable”

“Super Likable”, it was added some time ago as a feature. Here you get four Profiles are proposed, which would have earned in accordance with the Tinder algorithm, all a “super like”. In fact, the four-profile-pictures looked, at first glance, all very appealing, but we opted for one and it typed in, came the Surprise: We were not directed about the profile, but the Super-Like, it was promptly awarded, and we could watch the Rest of the profile. It is not optimal. Example: Melissa, 27, looking on Tinder in fact, after Dating with the prospect of a consultation. She plays for the first Time, “Superlikable” and finds the image of “Marc, 28”, very attractive, and chooses him. Marc writes in his profile that he is Sex, a dominant man in search of Sub women for SM.

The has not seen Melissa, of course. As Marc writes her, she falls from the clouds. To avoid such a thing, here’s a tip : Skip the game to begin with, but you have to remember that the photos and the name. With high probability, these Profiles are among your Top Picks of the day. And here you can view the Profiles in full and then, if needed, your super like awarded.

Special Features.

Tinder tries to update the Features always and on the behavior of the users ‘ needs. So there are often new Features that are set but also under circumstances (such as the “Tinder moments”).

Although the Import of Facebook data is doubtful, he brings some advantages: you can see whether the Opposite, and have even happen to the same pages on Facebook liked on Facebook or where and about whom you know. Common Connections, interests and friends in common are displayed directly and can provide a good basis for an initial conversation.

Apart from the usual swipe gestures, you can also create with his friends groups, and enter when and where you go out in the evening. Other Matches can then be followed by double and triple dates have never been so easy! And serious candidates can be checked from the best buddies .

“Really cute, but not my case. However, exactly the dream man, raves about the Sarah always.” Or So it can Tinder users go inside and Tinder has wisely recommend the with their function. Who wants to run a/n tinder hottie the same, you can do that now. Simply click on the “XY recommend” go and media to share, select: whether via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or E-Mail.

Tinder Select.

With Tinder, you see a lot of people – the most beautiful and influential one sees on Tinder Select . Never heard of it? In fact, this secret Community is within Tinder really very exclusive. Access will only be granted to those who have a corresponding “Elo Score”. This Elo Score is calculated by an algorithm that includes various aspects of the user. It is not yet known which variables the algorithm uses, however, it is believed that, according to attractiveness, level of education and employment (CEOs, preferably), the Matching ratio (how many liked each other versus how many Likes you get) in the calculation flows.

At times it was some of these more elite Tinder-users allowed other Users to invite to this secret Club they could join, but not nominate. So the exclusivity is maintained. Now you can give a friend a Pass for the secret Tinder Version, which supposedly has a different Design, .

In is not but also of who is in it! Who’s not a celebrity, CEO, tips, Blogger, YouTube Star or top model is, you need not be disappointed to tindern with the “normal” users there is also many beauties, smart and successful people that are still on the ground .

Tinder Picks.

New to Tinder, the Tinder Picks are. They work similar to The “you might also like. “Features when Shopping: Tinder meets a pre-selection of partners, which you may like. This function is especially Top to get Profiles of Doctors, artists, and similar faster to Match. This special function is however only with the Tinder Gold. Every day you are proposed so 10 Picks, possibly with the highlight annotation. This run but after 24 hours, and new proposals to be loaded. If you are not 10 Picks enough, you can also buy additional.

Geswipet, matched and now?

Tinder Ella and Tinder-Prince to find, so be >

The Problem with Tinder.

Today, Sex is at the beginning and not the culmination of a relationship, but almost a prerequisite to be able to ever have a relationship. Depending on how well it works on the physical level, is more invested in the other Person, or not. The Online Dating everyday life with Dating Apps is often exhausting. The Flirting is almost like work and often with pressure and Stress is connected to many candidates there are out there, like on the first glance, and must be viewed. Often the relations, but also as quickly as you have begun: Ghosting, on-the breadcrum Bing (short, disinterested news) and Mosting (initially exuberant interest, nothing more) are among the neologisms of the Tinder-ABC. Women use Tinder to find a relationship, men to have fun – it is not obvious that the fit together. And yet it comes to Sex, since the women hope that can be something more. But a woman who is easy to have, is out of the question for men in turn. Nevertheless, it is mainly the women who look at Online Dating, according to self-affirmation. Dating Apps increase the competition between the Singles and exacerbate the distrust. You are trying to protect themselves from too many disappointments and too slow. A relationship on Tinder, many do not find it because you tell it to refuses to to have the Dating App met .

Rip-off of men?

It is striking, that as a man, after logging in to Tinder first of all, a lot of visibility and very many Matches receives, this is the positive phenomenon, however, after 1-2 weeks of slimming. This is because the personal Ranking of the Tinder algorithm is reset after this time. To be visible, you must purchase the very expensive Boosts or memberships, otherwise you will probably hardly Matches .

Tinder and love.

Tinder and love, or even shoots and heart thieves. In our experience, it is Tinder more spontaneity and adventure to the great feelings. Tinder is, and remains, simply very superficial: It is a hip App for the predominantly young people who want to have their fun. The principle of learning is of course unbeatable, but the experience showed that the App is hardly used to Chat to rather phone are replaced numbers .

Who is not on Tinder to find, so definitely no head. Anyone who is in search of a non-binding, erotic contacts, the age may be from the Student out, the should in the case of Casual Dating try his luck .

Who has the superficiality sick of it and prefer a Partner addiction, you really should look at the matchmaking .

For all of you who are still not quite so sure what and who you are looking for single exchanges is ideal. Here you can look around, chat, flirt and just all to.

Too thick for Tinder-Date woman from England dumped.

In the “Hot or Not”principle, the assessment of other Singles is made mainly according to the assessment of the first photos. Within seconds, the user is evaluated on Tinder the other Profiles. Quickly is accidentally chosen, sometimes Not, although the profile appeared to be sympathetic and Vice versa. Thus, there are disappointments to come from Michelle Thomas. Tinder in the Test of 2019 Only Fakes or real Dates She was funny and
On Tinder she had met him. Then, a nice Date, a kiss goodbye and the next day, the bitter rebuff. For a second Date, the woman (30 years old) was her Date too thick. He wrote that he had enjoyed their company and she would adore. She was funny and am the type of women he would like to go out. If his body and mind would let him just. He is standing on thinner women. The was Michelle Thomas did not like and published your bitter collection with great resonance in the Internet.

In addition, many users a very advantageous images as the first profile image to a high positive response (to get more Matches). Before an appointment is agreed, it is recommended, therefore, a quick accurate Check of all the images and the mutual Profiles. This example from England is confirmed, unfortunately, of how superficial the search for a partner on Tinder is. This result we were able to also provide as the main problem fixed.

Tinder tips and Tricks.

1. Tinder users identify: Find out who is behind a profile .

“So you can find out who is behind a profile,” says Online Dating expert Chris Pleines of :

Take a Screenshot on your Smartphone from the profile picture of the Person you identify want. On the iPhone you need to get Out of this is, for example, the “Home” and “On / off” button briefly press at the same time. Edit the image, for example, with the Online photo Editor Pixlr, and remove everything that is not part of the profile image. Now you can see the image in the reverse search for images tineye.com upload and go to the Facebook profile URL. Tinder in the Test of 2019 Only Fakes or real Dates in front
Alternatively, you can also try searching Google images. Just click on the camera icon in the input field and load the edited profile image of the Tinder user that you locate want to do. Now you can find in the ideal case, Facebook profile url or Twitter or Instagram Accounts.

2. Tinder in the Test of 2019 Only Fakes or real Dates children from rural
The best Tinder tips for the editorial team.

We have tested Tinder in detail and know exactly how to flirt with the App on the most successful. Our best tips you can find here:

Your main photo must be absolutely top. Tinder has to be the reputation to be the most superficial Dating App on the market. If your main photo you are not showing your best side, you wipe out the other users mercilessly. To the best of our experience to photos that show you in the open air in an interesting activity (e.g. act on the beach, in the mountains, etc.). Your face should be, but often it is not good when you look at your main photo directly into the camera. The effect is less trying and more interesting. P. s. If you don’t know which photo is best, you can also enable “Top photo” in the editing of the profile. Your display picture is always updated and the best photo will be selected: So, you can show yourself from the best side .

Avoid the worst photo mistake. Among the absolute No-Gos on Tinder boring job in the men in the photos as the main image, Poser photos with bare-chested in front of the bathroom mirror, photos with unfriendly and dismissive facial expressions, and images with faces. Women should prefer to use a main photo where you are together with your best friend (Who she is now?), in any case, at least one full body photo to upload (everything else makes men suspicious), and it with Instagram and Photoshop Filters do not overdo it.

And the right pictures to upload. In addition to your main photo, you can upload them to Tinder, still many more photos to convey to potential flirt partners an impression of your personality. Make sure your photos are varied and you from your best side show. Tinder in the Test of 2019 Only Fakes or real Dates and about whom
Photos of you in sports or in the holidays are usually a good choice. Men should also have ideally at least one photo that shows you with several of your friends (ideally women) to demonstrate their social skills .

Sharp with your cover Letter, you from the crowd. Especially women get on Tinder often a veritable flood of messages, which consist of not much more than a “Hi.” or “Hi, how’s it going?”. It is better to take in the first message on the profile of the conversation partner, or at least to use his or her name. “Hi Christina, how’s it going?” is much better than just “Hi.”.

Place personal questions at the profile of your flirt partner. To start a conversation, it is also recommended to directly to the profile of the virtual opponent to respond. Well, for example, questions on some of the interesting profile pictures are here, (e.g. Where were you on the second photo? The Greece is?) or to make humorous remarks to the profile text.

Converse about many different topics. The Chat is in gear you get should try, if possible, several topics (e.g., sports, travel, Hobbies, family, etc.). The only way you can get to know one Another a bit and start some confidence building.

Change as quickly as possible on WhatsApp or Facebook. As soon as the conversation is good, you should try the conversation on WhatsApp or Facebook to continue. This creates trust and prevents your entertainment disappears under a mountain of new Matches, and out of the field of view of your conversation partner slips.

Try to identify as soon as possible a Date. If you have a conversation with your conversation partner on WhatsApp or Facebook is still good for a while, you should try in the near future on a Date to make out. Flirting on Tinder can be a lot of fun but if the chemistry is right between the two of you really can happen only in real life find out.