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Venezuela: manipulation by the media? – important information about backgrounds

venezuelan women looking for foreign husbandsWhere should i start? headline-on headline, photos, the chaos show, and a lot of comments …

In the last few weeks to roll over the news about venezuela and, to be honest, it is very difficult, because even to move to. especially when you know that the press will be affected.

Nevertheless, or just therefore it is so important to report as much as possible, so that everyone can make an image of your own. i will try, here only the facts list are all specified with a safe source of information. i hope that this report (along with the first  why is a country such as venezuela is today in such a complicated economic and social situation?) helping the people of germany to shake up at least something for you to view the messages of the mass media is a bit more critical.

Perhaps the most important information right at the beginning:

venezuelan women looking for foreign husbandsOn 18. february, the english newspaper “the guardian issued” a report by mark weis bread, the deals with the financing of the united states for supporting activities of the opposition, maduro’s year-on-year, several million dollars.

For the current year is the budget of the north american budget of five million dollars. the “and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, if we count the hundreds of millions of dollars to have controls in the last 15 years, beige.”

President maduro denounces, as its predecessor, chavez has done, the financing of fascist groups, which are trained to in his country, unrest and violence.

Almost no one believed them, they were even laughed at! that both presidents were wrong not to prove now revelations of wikileaks.

On the following page of wikileaks we find the following information, applicable for the years 2004 to 2006 and are translated here sums it up:

Support program for country team 5 point strategy (subject: usaid/oti programmatic support for country team 5 point strategy) – usaid/oti is one of the usa powered support programme in latin america, which is 300 civil society organizations with training, technical assistance and $ 15 million in venezuela has supported, and with other international movements in connection set. the five strategic points are:


  • strengthening of democratic institutions,
  • the

  • to Penetrate in the political Base of Chaves,
  • the

  • columns of “Chavism”,
  • the

  • protection of important stores in the U.S.,
  • the

  • Chavez, at the international level to isolate.

With this important background information, it is easier for us to understand some of the drastic decisions of the president maduro, during the last few weeks.

Since the allegations of censorship, as is known was not that different tv channels are working and that even a number of foreign reporters was their work.

To do this, you must know that the majority of radio and tv stations in private (right-wing) are hands, and/or (financial) foreign influence. they showed in the last weeks over and over again an image of venezuela, that’s not true, according to maduro, like this: “stop with the war propaganda. if cnn is not corrected, then get out of venezuela. not trying to, your information on a violent conflict trigger!“

Cnn did a 24-hour “war programme” and the world wanted to show that in venezuela, civil war prevails. the aim was to provoke the intervention of the “gringo army” of the united states in venezuela, said maduro.


It remains to add, that venezuelan television channels such as telesur in the united states may not be held. false reports and especially photos, which reveal themselves on closer inspection, there’s plenty of it.

So the photos appear on the internet-for example, the aim of convincing them of violence and poverty:, a message we found on different sides of the latin american internet whose veracity i could not find and should be a interview of nbc:

It is a “confession” of the us senator john mccain, in which he confesses the attempt of a coup because of the thirst for oil, and recommends that his country must prepare to intervene in venezuela, to guarantee the oil flow.

“we (the usa) should seek the support of us allies in the region, so that the military forces nicolás prevent maduro to destroy the interests of the united states.” thus, he said, countries such as colombia, chile and perú. source:

What we are outsiders, but also in venezuela, living people, through the press, is very confused. it is no wonder to me that maduro’s tough, and channels, individual reporters or diplomats are asked to leave the country, which are suspected to have a student representative recruited to organize protest actions against the government or simply any conspiracy belong to.

Speaking of students …

We know that the demonstrations are given in venezuela by students and then are quickly tempted to sympathize with this. we should ask ourselves but the question is: who are these students really are?

Student organizations can represent any interests that can even protest against any social, cultural or religious values, both within and outside of their country.

The general glorification of student movements gives these groups a free pass and not about how it should be, the support is constructed on the basis of knowledge and arguments.

It is important to identify the reason for the participation of the students in the protests against the government, and to recognize that these are really divided into groups: for and against the government of maduro. the opposition to enemies like to hide behind these student leaders provide you with the greater popularity of the people (and from abroad) to come. i would also like to point out that these student leaders usually come from privileged families that can afford to send their children to private universities.

On the 15. in january there was a press statement by john kerry  the recent violence in venezuela  – press statement john kerry secretary of state washington, d. c. – february 15, 2014 – here is the translation:

The united states is very concerned about the rising tensions and violent protests this week in venezuela. our sympathy goes out to the families of those who were killed as a result of the tragic violence.

We are particularly alarmed by reports that the venezuelan government let the dozens of anti-government demonstrators and arrest and imprison, as well as on the arrest warrant against opposition leader leopoldo lopez. these measures have a chilling effect on the rights of the citizens, their complaints peacefully express themselves.

We support the un high commissioner for human rights, the secretary-general of the organization of american states, the european commission and the high representative for foreign affairs and security policy of the european union and condemn this senseless violence. we call on the venezuelan government to provide the political space for a meaningful dialogue with the venezuelan people and arrested demonstrators to be released. we call on all parties to work to restore calm and the violence to refrain.

Freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly are universal human rights. they are essential for a functioning democracy, and the venezuelan government has the duty to protect these fundamental freedoms and the security of their citizens.

Maduro’s reaction to it: “president obama, on 17. in april 2009, i was there when you said to comandanten chavez: ‘president chavez, i know what happened in the bush era. you can be sure that as long as i’m president of the united states, i’m not going to interfere in the internal affairs of venezuela.‘. what you have said, you have not met.”

And he added: “john kerry threatens venezuela with more violence. with his utterances, he specifies the violent groups the green light to attack our people.“

And who’s behind this “violent” groups?

A name appears always on: leopoldo lópez mendoza. he is the leader of the anti-government protests, a former employee at petróleos de venezuela, s. a. and former mayor of chacao. comes from one of the wealthiest families in venezuela, who is a member of the anti-chavistischen oligarchy.

He studied at kenyon college, usa economics and completed a master of public policy at harvard. he then returned to venezuela and founded the primero justicia party. he took an active part in the movements of the opposition, which led to the coup attempt in 2002. chavez explained to him in 1998 for incapable of a public role after serving as managing director at petróleos de venezuela, his mother’s money had come to his party of reasons. he is said to maintain good relations with the cia.

The same leader of the opposition and their foreign sponsors to take advantage of, in my opinion, the undeniable growing discontent, which is directed by you and desired.

The social and economic concerns a part of the population to be exploited as a pretext to overthrow the current government.

Network ms. birgit stein, meyer chile

Why is a country such as venezuela is today in such a complicated economic and social situation?

Goldman sachs – a bank directs the world, makes mistakes, and lost a billion in the gambling paradise

The business of war is booming. preparing for a war?

“atomic africa”, uranium mining, nuclear industry & resistance in africa – and, if necessary, with violence.

Armor goods against raw materials – backed by taxpayers ‘ money.

Ecuador: closeout of the rain forest – “the world has left us in the lurch”

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