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Zero – use of networked learning systems in teacher education

women seeking men in ElyThe sub-project “utilization of networked learning systems in teacher training” is a part of the collaborative project “oills: open infrastructures and teaching/learning systems” which was funded in the framework of the joint project “e-learning initiative, educational portal saxony” by the saxon state ministry for science and art in the years 2015 and 2016.

Project objectives/results

women seeking men in ElyThe acquisition of media competence is essential for a sovereign life, and should therefore be an integral part of school education. therefore, it is important to empower prospective teachers during their university education, to their future task of the mediation of media competence. the central goal of this project is to develop appropriate scenarios of use for the various phases of the teacher education to define the required interfaces and examples of selected links to the in saxony, coming to the use of educational technologies to implement.

Based on the results of a survey among stakeholders in teacher education were derived requirements, digital tools and ultimately, two specific technical starting points for the further processing in the project selected:

1. networking, opal of the saxon universities and opal school

A common of digital access of stakeholders from the school and the university on a learning platform phase allows cross-and interlinked events at the school-university interface, and therefore has particular potential for the education of teachers. from the implementation of such an interface, benefit in addition to the scenarios of teacher education are also numerous other scenarios such as. offers of the children’s universities, and the school laboratories, offers to the study of orientation and preparation, bridging courses, training, etc.

In the course of the project could be a final technical implementation of the networking of schools and universities on the e-learning platforms, the opal of the saxon universities and opal school.

© Dagmar Oertel © Dagmar Oertel

Technology-aided networking of schools and universities in the free state of saxony

Technology-aided networking of schools and universities in the free state of saxony © dagmar oertel

There were issues (whether contractual, data protection, legally, politically, financially, …) are disclosed, as well as a number of different approaches developed, discussed, discarded and/or modified, which can be used to clarify the framework at the country policy level (smk/smwk) for the implementation. all of the defined conceptual aspects of networking as a preliminary work in the individual projects 6.1 “teacher education in school and college” in the package of measures “tud-sylber – synergistic teacher education in the excellent framework” of the quality offensive in teacher training, as well as in the project “school login saxony” of the saxon education server uses.

2. the further development of the lti-interface of the learning platform opal with an exemplary connection of the e-portfolio tools mahara

To the teacher education digital support, should be implemented an appropriate e-portfolio system in opal. preparing the migration of the existing lti was commissioned 1.0 interface in the new user interface of the learning platform opal, by the bps gmbh has implemented, and with a release in november 2016 in opal is provided. in the project was exemplary connected to the e-portfolio tool, mahara, successfully tested, and as an instance on the part of the bps gmbh provided. in the framework of the seminar “digitisation and the school” in addition to teaching the e-portfolio tool, mahara has been used since the winter semester 2016/17 to secure result and reflection of the learning progress of the students. with the lti-interface in the future, other lti can be coupled-enabled applications easier to opal.

All the project results are to be used to network a in the further work of the project 6.1 “teacher education in school and college” in the package of measures “tud-sylber – synergistic teacher education in the excellent framework” of the quality offensive in teacher training, as well as in the project “school login saxony” of the saxon education server, and are secured in the long term.

<, h2>, Silvio has become a new chef in the “one below zero”

What is berlin? this question has been star-restaurateur ivo ebert, 40, has opened in the past few years, since he 2015 the “one below zero”, again and again. with the focus on regional cuisine, he has since been properly. the previous head chef, andreas rieger, 33, with which he opened together, the restaurant, has drawn from the full of the region – the reward was as early as 2016, with a michelin star.

For ebert makes a strict regional philosophy, however, by his own admission, no longer makes sense. “i love wine, i like lemons, chocolate, tomatoes, and also after the meal a coffee. this is pure pleasure for me, and i would like to offer our guests. however, all this has nothing to do with strict regionality and ecological awareness,” he says further. which is why there have been changes in the concept will be, like falstaff exclusively learned. rieger pulls back with a march from the “one zero”, but ebert has already found a high-profile successor to: silvio pfeufer, 29, is how ebert, a true berliner, and brings experience from a number of stars with kitchens. he worked long as a junior-chef jan hartwig in the munich three-sterner “atelier”, was previously also in the case of jens meyer rode in the “kai” on the island of sylt, and comes from michael kempf, in his berlin “facil” right now, two stars.

Cuisine in cosmopolitan berlin-style

So, what is berlin? a question that also has become a dream to you can one day answer. together with ebert, he has nothing less than to give the capital its own culinary identity. ebert is based on the reputation of the city. berlin is, in his eyes, “the world is open for everything new, tolerant, just cosmopolitan, international, and warm.” and says further: “our kitchen is just as inspired as versatile as the berlin, of the multi-cultural influences that characterize us surrounded, and berlin, i.e., in close collaboration with the local producers to ensure the high quality of the product.”

Sustainability and regionality remain a cornerstone in the “one below zero”. the farmers from the surrounding areas and the products from the own garden, as well as the canning continue to play a major role. traditional dishes are re – interpreted in a variety of products to come “from all over the world, with berlin as the center”. two weeks ebert and pfeufer take the time, the team training, as long as the “one below zero” for guests and remains closed. 14. in march it re-opened with the aim to be an “original berliner gourmet restaurant”.


One zerohannoversche str. 1

10115 berlin


The most important rules for sun protection

women seeking men in ElyIt depends on your skin type. darker skin types can choose a lower light-protection factor, mean values are 30 spf and high values at 50 spf. the spf indicates how much longer you can expose to the sun without getting a sunburn than it would be without sun cream possible. the lsf information is valid, however, for the included uvb protection, however, always a sufficient uva should be protection in place. to be sure, one should look at the packaging: is the uva abbreviation in a circle, then the consumer can be sure that it is also guaranteed against radiation, which penetrates deeper into the skin, a protection. since smear it and it’s never thick enough, it is no problem to use a higher spf than you need, actually, to be sure. also with protection from the sun, it tans, although slower, but more sustainable and healthier.

How long can i stay in the sun – without sun-protection?

women seeking men in ElyYou are type 1, so very bright, is your self-protection time of approximately ten minutes. you are a type 2 – like most central europeans – 20 minutes, and so on. on www.uv-check.de you can determine your type and your self-protection time is calculated. when in doubt, but always, sooner from the sun than later.

How long can i stay in the sun – sun-protection?

women seeking men in ElyVery important: never unlimited, no matter how high the sun protection factor (spf) is. guidance: use the light protection factor of ten, tenfold the time you can stay in the sun. for skin type 1, that means about 100 minutes. but: this time information is  the theoretical values and only apply if you have applied the cream to the optimum. in practice, the sun can be protective by factors such as sweating, swimming or abrasion is significantly lower. experts therefore recommend to always take a maximum of 75 percent of the calculated time. please note: your sun protection time is not extended if you reapply. you don’t have to start from zero, but must deduct the time you were in the sun. the solar time will be extended only if you go in between, in the shadows.

How much sunscreen should i use?

women seeking men in ElyPer lotion from top to bottom, you should use 30 to 35 ml. assistance: if you have a 100 ml bottle should be enough the quantity for three times applying . also useful is the two-finger rule: index finger and middle finger out on both fingers each with a strip of cream. and then: two finger for the head and neck, two to chest and abdomen, two for each arm, two for the thighs, two for the lower leg. also important is the when: the agent is always apply a half hour before you go out in the sun. the active ingredients need time to fully penetrate the skin.

The 10 most common mistakes in sun protection

How high should be the spf?

women seeking men in ElyAs high as necessary. because that depends on many factors – whether you are in the mountains or by the sea, whether you swim there is sports or the sun, why not just: as high as possible? if you are already on the lotion, make it with a minimum of spf 30. too thin a protection factor has not been the full force of protection. the higher the spf, the higher your chance to be adequately protected. don’t worry: you are, in spite of a high light protection factor brown. it just takes a little bit longer.

Also interesting: how good is the 10-euro protect me sun glasses?

I need to apply lotion to me also, if i just lie in the shade?

women seeking men in ElyYes. here, 50 per cent of uv still radiation. your self-protection time is doubled, but is still limited. the good news is that you are permanently in the shade brown.

What are the parts of the body are particularly sensitive?

women seeking men in Ely

You don’t believe, where they all sun burn

can get

Milk, gel, oil, spray which consistency is right for me?

women seeking men in ElyMost people with normal skin can cope with a normal sunscreen, or lotion well. who tends to have impurities in the face, you can not use a lighter, non-comedogenic cream, which clogs the pores. dry skin also tolerates sonnenöle that there are now with a very high light-protection factor. important: the less fragrance and additives are included, the general friendly a product is. if you are prone to dry skin, choose more of a cream. if you have oily skin and if you are prone to acne, it is recommended to a light fluid. a spray for the body to be comfortable and practical, for people with respiratory problems, but rather unsuitable. the respiratory tract can be irritated by very fine sprays, namely. when the spray is well tolerated, it contains very little fragrance and preservatives and is thick enough to be applied, it is a good alternative. creams are a little safer because one can better metering and checking that it is sufficiently protected. sprays are a bit inaccurate. you recognize rather poor, if the skin has sufficient protection. nevertheless: better to use a spray than no protection.

Display: here you will find the ideal sun-protective spray!


Will apply in the case of sun creams: expensive equal better?

women seeking men in ElyNo. pharmacy products are often developed specifically for skin problems. “allergy-friendly” means, for example, that in this cream, less ingredients are contained, the allergies and skin irritations can trigger. also, they contain less fat, which can irritate the skin. also, completely fragrance – and dyes omitted. in the pharmacy you receive advice, for example, which is the sun protection really fits the skin type. in general, the controversial chemical light protection factors are not included in the pharmacy products. in the drugstore there are good and well-tested products and who can tolerate this you can use safely. a lot of people react, however, to greasy creams with cosmetic acne. and pharmacy products are of consistency is often more pleasant in comparison to the often sticky drugstore products.

<, h2>such As a cream I correct?

As a guideline, for an adult, you can take the amount of sunscreen that can fit in one and a half to two shot glasses. only in this way the product keeps what it promises, namely, the high light protection factor. if you are wearing the sunscreen for a few hours and sweating, wearing or swimming is, it loses the effect.

More on the subject: therefore, after-sun cream is as important as protection from the sun


Can prevent sunscreen and skin cancer?

women seeking men in ElyNo. but the risk of skin cancer, is significantly reduced. the risk of a disease, may you never underestimate: experts anticipate that this year alone, 250,000 new cases in germany. the black skin cancer (malignant melanoma) has an annual growth rate of six to eight percent in the frequency of cases is doubling every ten years. thus, the skin cancer is the most common type of tumor in germany. can prevent you solely with a sufficient protection against uv radiation. by the way: in the meantime, any good skin doctor practice offers a skin cancer check. from the age of 35 years, the health insurance covers all the two years of investigation, some of the funds even earlier.

What bräunungsöle?these are not recommended because the oils enhance the tanning effect and a tan is always a desperate act of the skin. who would like to faster be brown, should rely on self-tanner that is completely harmless and colors only superficial. however, as a self-tanner is not sufficient as the only sun protection measure!also interesting: “the solarium is a deliberate attack”

How do i protect my children from the sun?

women seeking men in ElyGenerally speaking, you can. in the case of children with a lot of care in contact allergy, the body remembers forever therefore a lot of washing and chemicals should be avoided at all costs. when sun cream it is important that you know the physical light protection factors, that is, the blocker, the screens on the skin like a small sun, are better tolerated, but a white effect – this is what we see as a white film on the skin. these creams are often very thick, but if you are well tolerated, they are super for children.

Should i use in the summer, every day, lsf?

women seeking men in ElyYes. the sun, it doesn’t matter whether you are on the beach or run through the city. experts suggest that to protect face and hands from easter day, with a light protection factor. t-shirt weather all parts of the body, the you show (arms, legs, décolleté) to be creamed.

What is a sun allergy?

women seeking men in ElyMany people are sensitive to creams, and show that either all the genes are on the skin or in the skin, for example in the cosmetics, fragrances contained, which decompose in the sun and react with the skin and a contact allergy trigger. this shows itself in redness, pustules, and itching. but also in the sun contained uva radiation can cause allergic reactions, the so-called mallorca acne.

Just who now sits in the lunch break in the sun, and otherwise only at the office staying, must protect themselves, because after the long sun break, you can burn particularly quickly. those who want to prevent early aging of the skin, a lotion on her body every day from now until the end of september.

Medical advice: dr. yael adler, practicing skin doctor in berlin and author of the book “up close: everything about our largest organ”, and dr. reinhard mrotzek, a dermatologist from dates.

Mhmmm…! snacks, with which we have forbidden us to slim snacking

women seeking men in Ely

snacking? Only if you grab the wrong treats! STYLEBOOK.de don’t know 11 food, the in-between are just ‘bad’, but sometimes a slim line promote. Good Appetite!

A candy bar here, some chips there – of course, if you walk around naked, so, it can make in a jiffy on the scales as well. therefore, it is of the slender line, it is certainly the most appropriate to keep yourself a day to three healthy meals. if the small hunger around the corner, but nevertheless, we can give you some food warmly to the heart. let’s go!

The time of fasting has come to an end: with the right food snacks are allowed, indeed! woman, nibbling on strawberries. photo: getty images

The “jungle camp”hairstyles in style-check!

women seeking men in Ely

Thanks to the new battle hairstyle, the “sidecut with mini-man-bun”, gzsz-star felix van deventer masters the first disgust-examination: in the jungle-canteen there was a green gelatin with cow-urine, peppered with a fish eye.photo: mg rtl d/stefan menne

For the hairstyle he had the entire side of hair shaved-together knuddelte the upper hair into a small bun. as the fight hairstyle a handle to the cockroaches-the bathroom definitely practical and easy to care for, visually, but! felix round face looks even rounder and the mini-bun looks from a distance like a mouse (or other jungle creatures), which has made it on his head comfortably. the twitter users are clear:

To detect also interesting: gzsz-rebel franziska van der heide hardly

“count, you just don’t have the calories”

to believe

Ella woodward – the new star among the food-bloggers

women seeking men in ElyHardly: a few years ago, ate ella, mainly fast food and chocolate, and a banana. nothing else healthy on the table. then she was diagnosed with the nerve disease pots (postural tachycardia syndrome), which led, among other things, that ella was in constant pain, completely powerless was and up to 16 hours a day sleeping. with the change in her diet to vegan and gluten-free food, it managed in 2012 to defeat the nerve disease pot. this experience brought you to write on their food blogs.

This is the dream of women to show your beauty-features and

women seeking men in ElyAre long beauty ideals are obsolete as such. a lasting impression with distinctive types and not pale barbies left rather. so rather perhaps the personally perceived as a flaw specificity of stress to conceal instead.

Here for the stylebook-newsletter sign up!

Sarah jessica parker (52)

women seeking men in ElyThe actress has an unusual face and did not comply with the conventional ideal of beauty in hollywood: only 1,61 meters small curly hair, o-legs and what you call a character’s nose.

Georgia may jagger (25)

women seeking men in ElyThe daughter of rolling stone’s singer mick jagger (74) and thanks to your charming tooth gap is probably the most famous smile in the uk on the catwalks of this world. and, you know, that braces would make the entire spell useless. clever girl!

Also interesting: that’s why supermodels stretch marks