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Typical excel breakdown

women seeking men in HazardIf you are a user of excel, are you sure about the “gate”_meldungen as “#value!” stumbled, talk about divisions, number, reference, value, errors and what excel conjures up else out of the hat. actually you should be glad that excel is so fussy – after all, the table maintains spreadsheet program, you may have fatal errors. just as long as you don’t understand what all the fuss is, hardly wants to advent joy.

Hardly anything brings excel users more likely to despair than the error messages. everything begins with a pound sign (#) and an exclamation point ends, means trouble pure. somewhere in the worksheet something is not right. and what is it, you have to find out. we will tell you what is the meaning of the individual error messages, how you handle it, the errors on the bottom of it once and for all eradicate it.

The messages that excel displays, when something in a formula is not true:

  • #name.

  • #div/0!

  • #ref!

  • #null!

  • #na!

  • #value!

  • #num!

  • Zirkelb.

What is the detail behind these messages, we have compiled the following for you.


women seeking men in HazardOne of the most common error messages is “#div/0!”. this message reaches you, and always then, when a cell is dividing, the value “zero” or no value is set. mathematically, a division by zero is not allowed now. because excel keeps accurate and takes no account of the fact that not only do you have typed your data in a table model.

Suppose you want to divide the value of cell b1 by the value of b2. b2 is empty. the error message “#div/0!” result.

The value in b2 is missing.

Especially if you work with tables, you can pass it on to third parties, it makes no great impression when all the #div/0!-error popping up, even when all the computational steps are completely correct and the model for computing layout scores. therefore, you need to remedy the situation. solve the problem with the help of an “if-function”.

Based on our example, the formula then is as follows.


The solution!

This formula model, you can apply as good as always.

The if-function works according to the following principle:

  • Test: in the first part of the formula, the cell will, by dividing, set equal to zero.

  • Dann_wert: here you can enter, for example, a zero. so, if the missing number is by dividing, to read the result is zero.

  • Sonst_wert: if everything is correct, can be divided. here is the actual formula. the

To look at to illustrate our figure. the if function checks whether the value of the cell corresponding to b2 is zero. this is the case, corresponds to the contents of the result cell to the value zero, otherwise the division is performed.

Enter the values in the dialog.


Successful with the tax office

women seeking men in HazardNegotiating for income tax, trade tax and value added tax must make advance payments. this is especially annoying, because even if later something back, missing the advance payment in the cash register. its liquidity is weakened as a result. therefore, you should not pay the advance payment, simply gritting his teeth. checking whether a decrease in advance payment in the case of the income and business tax possible. you should also check you have calculated vat advance payment carefully. any calculation errors can cost you here is liquidity!

Advance payments are for the income tax (or corporation tax), respectively, 10. the months of march, june, september and december collected if the tax liability per year, a minimum of 400 euro per advance payment date a minimum of 100 euro will be charged. of the 10 falls. on a saturday or a sunday or a holiday, the period ends on the date on the next following business day.

Here you already have a way to reduce the costs by costs of child care, investment allowances and other tax reductions claimed. a simple letter to the tax authorities, in which you can make the tax-reducing facts to be asserted and a reduction in the advance payment request.

Trade tax-advance payments are to 15. february, may, august and november due. the advance payment of a quarter of the last fixed annual tax liability, in full euro rounded. the advance payment is under 50 euro, it is not charged. this is only for the sake of completeness, since the trade tax is levied by the municipality.

Payments must calculate the tax advance itself. for this purpose, there is an official form (tax return), which can also be electronically (completed elster-method). when you need to make payments depends on the value added tax payable (vat minus input tax):

Sales tax payable

Advance payments


Up to 1,000 euro.


The 1,000 to 7,500 euros


10.01., 10.04., 10.07., 10.10.

More than 7,500 euro

A month

10.01., 10.02., 10.03. etc.


You have a month more time to submit, if you – informally – a deadline request. monthly payers must pay 1/11 of the previous year, the number of load and settlement will be in december, correct. quarter of the payer to pay in the case of duration extension of the deadline, the self-determined amount.

Please do not make the error, the delay of payments. the dates are not adhered to, can calculate the tax for each month or part of month per cent late payment fee. for the 10. of the month but there is still a period of grace of three days. so if you, for example, on 10. transfer and the money goes to the tax office on 13. a is still in order.

But be careful: who is the transfer medium on the 10. in the evening at the bank in the letter box and throws, playing with fire – then it can be closely. the for cheques the period is not – the will be credited from the tax office in principle, three days after receipt , so that a cheque on 11. arrives, only to 14. will be credited, and therefore comes too late. it just goes to the credit of the tax office – your account can be charged.

The cutter, if you give the tax office a authorization. this is recommended because most financial institutions charge always late with the money, often even after the “grace period”. you do not need to bother, because it is then a matter for the treasury.

Two freelancers, a job, zero cooperation | akademie.de

women seeking men in HazardSometimes you have to do in projects with other self-employed persons to the agreed deadlines, half-finished work delivered or in a similar way, not work with them. “what to do?” said zeus and transformed the nefarious lykaon into a wolf. because this possibility remains, it needs alternatives. lorenz hölscher shows you the way for a fruitful cooperation.

Missed deadlines

women seeking men in HazardIs probably the “most popular” it is, dates are not adhered to. this can be done on a small scale by a freelancer, a colleague of to late to meetings or even to the common project work. it can also be directly linked to the content, if he promises to give them his papers until noon, but only after repeated follow up against 16 clock provides. or he is not ready and then all of a sudden accessible.

All of that ruined not only their own appointments, but especially your nerves. most of the time it is not, however, out of the blue, rather, it fits to an existing personality profile. so you could be forewarned, if you are working together with this colleagues more often.

At best, you can prepare directly on a multi-level escalation plan:

  • You are going to have appointments with him, clearly and unambiguously.

    Dates fix: since appointments are often “on the fly” or on the phone, it helps to send a short call note by e-mail. usually, both partners need to complete tasks, so that it will not be necessarily just a listing of his duties. your own achievements will be outlined with a short, so you must, of course, also deliver on time, if he still needs documents from you.

  • You don’t consider a “plan b”, what to do, if it works again.

    It is always important to have at least a rough idea of some of the potential disasters so you can react quickly when it happens. the post “the unexpected has often: why you should always have a “plan b” in the pocket”.

  • Ask for a reasonable distance before the time limit (for example, after 75% of the elapsed time) friendly, if everything runs smoothly, or whether you can help out with information.

  • Hook when the deadline to submit as soon as possible, where the work did not remain, why they are done in time and how it should proceed.

Depending on the reason for the delay, you have more or less understanding for the problems of the. the one whose basement runs during a storm, full of water, or whose father-in-law is seriously ill, will be less powerful than usually. this is, of course, and could meet you as well. not acceptable, it is not, however, to say at least as soon as possible to know.

  • Discuss how it could work better next time.

Just on that last point, it comes down to your position against the defaulting project partners.

They are both self-employed equal, he will let you, of course, nothing to prescribe. then you need to tell him clearly that you have little desire to be for your resulting own late snubbed, and to cover him on the back.

To offer him, to go together to the project manager/client so that he gets the chance to defend the blunder with your own words. after that, he can expect solidarity from them.

In order for it to not be misunderstood: of course, it is fair and primarily in their interests, small goof with each other to iron out, to hang without the to the large bell. finally, they work together on a project and don’t want to poison the working atmosphere. here, however, it comes to mistakes that cause significant damage and in most cases repeated occurrence.

however, project manager or client

It becomes especially annoying when such an unpunctual self-employed is actually technically very good. if he’s not improving, you are not forced to more or less , him the employee to terminate, so that this way of working engages in the project itself.

So, a colleague will not only delay the company’s internal projects, with its delays, but also other employees allow negligent be. these also have no desire to get constantly the chestnuts out of the fire.

Business english

Resources to check: spellings, punctuation, and numbers

women seeking men in Hazard

In part ii of the annex you will find the most important notations are explained in english (rules, capitalization, punctuation, punctuation) as well as much about numbers / ordinal numbers, and currencies.

Download as a paid member of akademie.de you have full access to all contents and all pdf files, checklists, templates and applications.

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