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What you in september to go girl! run! expected from the e-book about a secret trip to the birthday contest

women seeking men in JeffersonvilleSeptember is my favorite month! i love the transition to autumn, this golden time between the seasons of the year. this year, september has, for me, a lot of things in peto and i am telling you today, what awaits me – and you – in the next 30 days!

Get ready to run online!

women seeking men in JeffersonvilleA year ago today, the first day and i was unemployed! listened for the first time not so great, but to be honest: i was super happy! after two years of advertising agency i had left the life as an art director (a designation with the outside of the branches, no one to do something) behind me. where i wanted to go, was still a little wabbernd. it was clear, for the first time a mini-sabbatical in asia and go girl! run! continue to expand.

Shortly before her departure to south america we met in december 2015 in hamburg

Today, a year later, i publish my first e-book. together with a woman, i can not choose would have been better to me: carina of travel run play, self-run, and travel enthusiastic, and i met last year in october for the first time. we knew each other already through our blogs, but live and in color, it was yet again a completely different number. a grandiose! shortly afterwards the group broke up for their big adventure to south america. since then, she tours with friend and van, the panamericana high, and we communicated exclusively over the internet.

Independently of each other, the idea of e-books was to run the initial a long time in both of our heads. mutual sympathy, and, above all, respect and admiration for the work of others, led to the fact that we were together and since april the script is the get-ready-to-run worked. countless e-mails, design ideas, manuscripts, photos, flying between south america and europe scraps and funny back and forth. and at the end of the idea but more than just “another run-of-was book”.

We wanted to get ready to run will be different than all the run books that you can buy. it should be like us: not well-toned gym rats, but two girls who have discovered running and full of passion and power are in! it should listen to us, to us and we want you to feel what we feel: the pure enthusiasm for running!

Now it’s even more than a e-book become. because our ideas bubbled. today, a light version, in addition to the e-book two workout plans to print, and the waiting on two great packages: the complete package that comes with lots of bonus material, the running for beginners neat motivation, desire, and power is, therefore. what i’m talking about, exactly? just look at our newly launched website over! all the info you need to find!

It is the pure insanity of what we have hooked up with … in the last weeks and months. the idea of sending the script to the finished design for the ipad, kindle and other e-book readers we have made everything ourselves. add to that the great interviews we have conducted, among other things, with the hahner twins, but also fellow bloggers like hendrik from the trail blog, or kate from the wild&fit. (the complete list you’ll find, of course, get ready to run). to do this, the running stories of our blog reader, have you sent so many and introduced. alone, the response when we announced that we are bringing an e-book out of it, hammer!

Add to this the wonderful support from our friends, who acted as photographer behind the camera, last minute correction came to read, or in between one or the other aches and pains listen to and always with great tips around the corner came. a thousand thanks to you, and you, as my reader or my reader! without all the support from you and the fact that you look here regularly were it not for the book at all.

I cannot believe it yet: since today, 8 p.m., the new website is online and you can see yourself in get ready to run you can find the deepest heart’s blood, a whole lot of power, motivation and tips that you kick in the butt! is to run a setting and get ready to run-you will get infected!

Did you seen the new site ? if you e-book up to 7. september get, get you a whopping 15 % discount!

Interview: as a woman alone on new zealand’s long trail te araroa on the go

women seeking men in JeffersonvilleWalking through new zealand and then all alone? no problem, says gina, has conquered the southern part of the new zealand’s long-distance trail, the te araroa, in the last few months. as you embark on your hike has prepared, what were your personal highlights and whether she was also queasy to mute? she reveals in this interview.

Rose saddle between queenstown and wanaka

New zealand’s longest long-distance footpath: the te araroa trail

women seeking men in JeffersonvilleOnce new zealand is completely cross on foot? the in december 2011, as the longest distance was opened trail of the country. the te araroa starts at the northernmost point of the north island, cape reinga, and ends approximately 3030 kilometres at the end of the south island in bluff. in between, the stunning landscapes, travel with and to himself, weeks of effort, and of pure joy are a truly unique experience.

On my new zealand-roadtrip last year we met again and again, te araroa hikers, all of which had their very own intentions to embark on this long walk. especially gina, which ran in the trail unlike most of the hiker, the north bounded –  wowed me;and alone! that’s why i asked you for the interview and i am delighted that she has answered all of my questions in detail.

For more information on the te araroa:
→ the new zealand website of the te araroa
→ german website of the te araroa

Triathletes in the interview: maren schink

women seeking men in JeffersonvilleFor many, triathlon a men’s sport. the participants are considered to be hard-boiled, finally, they go three sports disciplines. however, in recent years, the three-way fight is always more to anyone’s sport. there are good reasons and it is no wonder that more and more women in the waves, then the wheel and finally in the running shoes throw. that you do not need to be always the same top athlete, i would like to you with my new post series. “triathletes in the interview” show.

Start today maren schink, whose magical smile excited me for a long time on instagram. last year i was able to meet you at the itu hamburg triathlon personally and was totally impressed with your run history and how you came to triathlon. just because she is not the typical athletes cliché, i was struck by your passion and your wonderful pragmatism, all the more! “the main thing is i have fun!”

Despite the rain, at the itu hamburg triathlon smiled at maren and i to the bet!

This fun is that you will find your blog ichhasselaufen.de, on you for your run-of-entry accompanied can. in the meantime, she has made it to the finish line of the half marathon, and a triathlon, managed and motivated the reader to be active. she also shares her ruthless, not always positive, but most of the time entertaining thoughts in training and before competitions, which can probably relate to everyone somehow.

But the lady from duesseldorf to get to know yourself!


In the morning, my 9 most effective tips to go for a morning walk [podcast #26]

women seeking men in JeffersonvilleRun: we know it all: the day is full of to dos, and in the evening it is just totally done. as the desire to sport melts to zero. yourself trick is to complete the best and easiest trick in the morning for his workouts. although this means earlier get up than usual, but honestly it is worth it!

Because you much happier in the day because the sporting part of the day, you have already completed. no bad conscience more, if you have to at noon, to consider whether and how you should integrate evening, the running round, if you know of friends come to visit, or the budget calls.

Morning exercise also causes you to swing full in the day star test. your body is already awake, if you’re at work or in the uni. he does not need to be stimulated. you’re walking, so to speak, in full swing, and you’re ready for anything and motivated by what the day will bring!

However, butter on the fish: not so simple it, in the morning, earlier than usual, and, of all things, for the sport to stand up. that’s why i gave you my best strategy and training tips, compiled with the you better get out of bed and in the morning already sporting are.


In the test: with the urban sports club for the first time to climb

women seeking men in JeffersonvilleYou have chosen! last week, i asked both here on on my facebook page, which sports should i test this week with the the urban sports club . the zumba or rock climbing? the decision fell on rock climbing, and with wrapped up i have of;my girlfriend franzi.

Climbing in berlin-neukölln

women seeking men in Jeffersonville

1800 square meters of climbing in the t-hall in neukölln everything that makes the heart beat faster.

Location: t-hall in neukölln

Saturday morning we went to the t-hall to berlin-neukölln. felt somewhere in the middle of nowhere, the hall is located in the industrial area. but you go around the corner in the lively treptower straße. to achieve so, but super. as i climb itself never, or in a climbing center was, i was quite amazed about the size and the diversity of the walls. on 1800 square feet several rocks extend similar structure, climbing walls and traditional climbing the walls, the beginner to advanced to climb up the invite. also to the kids is designed with a small area (super great with handles in dinoform).

Climbing for the first time: for the support i took me franzi!

Introductory climb for novice

Both franzis are also my previous climbing experience is very pronounced, so we visited climb the trial. the held every saturday between 11 and 12 o’clock, without registrations. you get his belt, four tokens, and the fun can begin! at first we thought: okay, with four brands, we are but fix. on several walls with different difficulty levels the trainer willing to explain and back up the rope. say the four brands should be sufficient for four climbing walls .

Well, we jumped on the wall! first franzi, the erklimmte fast as a squirrel and with no  significant problems, the first two walls. then i came in. “um, yes, hello, you’re climbing the wall!”. “don’t think, just high,” said the coach, who was now behind me on the rope. okay. and i climb high, had to press my body against the rock to pay attention and not get lost. “legs by stretching!” also the i got. but in the middle of the view down, and the queasy feeling in my stomach: “oh, god, oh, god!” i climb up here just a seven-meter-high wall! thoughts and gut feeling, displace! continue to climb. three handles and i was done. yay! the coolest thing was abseiling. what jump feel the wall down!

Franzi turned out quickly as a climbing monkey!

Also, the second wall climbed halfway easily. however, the level of difficulty increased and the wall numero three was 12 meters high. a button, which sets off the alarm light on the ceiling waited at the top. motivation to eat. head out and go! the first half worked really well. but from then on, the spacing between the handles were bigger and i realize how high i actually was above the ground. argh! hold on! the next grip to catch a glimpse of. then i had no more strength in the arms and let go. like a sip of water, i hung in tens of meters in height. but coach marcus didn’t care: “try again!” mhm? well. i back to the wall back and with the last bit of strength, i was able to mobilize, i reached the target and hit the button. again it went down. only this time, it became clear to me what she meant when she spoke of her, the blood in the forearms pulsed. age butterfly! when used to please his forearms? coming when climbing really flowing.

A glance at the clock revealed that it was already 20 before 12. so much to: with four brands, we are determined to fix. you do not climb the four-walls of time only so, but also needs his break. especially so that the arms come clear again. while i made it so on a mat cozy, was looking for franzi with the last wall is the ultimate challenge and defeated them! to me, the wall was tricky, and i opted again for the first. and that was really a great idea. without any problems i arrived in zero comma-nothing at the top and super happy that it worked out so well.

Very pleasant, too, that it was full. next to us, got it, another male duo is made of and a lot of children who took the introductory rock climbing true. over and over i had to find amazed how easy it is the small fell, the walls zukraxeln. while we’re busy there’s always time with the anxiety, or brooding over the next grip  were, did not have this thought for you at all. since you came off, but it was with a lightness of touch very quickly above. amazing!

Bottom line: great introductory climb for the sympathetic team

Anyone who has desire to have desire or time to the climb wanted to try, i can recommend the t-hall in berlin neukölln, really. super nice staff and coaches, the answer one of all (so strange) questions. in addition to the walls there is also a gym, a sauna, and a very welcoming bistro. very nice atmosphere and impressive hall. as a member of the the urban sports club is you do not have to climb the only the trial, but also to use other courses for beginners and advanced. just have a look. while i am looking forward to the muscle soreness.

Who is climbing, which may also a nice treat!

Finally, a mega thanks to franzi for the assistance!

In collaboration with the urban sports club.