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Everything is zero in the case of sarah lombardi: you get your own tv show

women seeking men in MeridianSarah lombardi, 25, has reshuffled the cards. the singer has undergone a total renovation and changed not only her look including a new hairstyle, but also your style of music. her first song was “right here” and her album “back to me” – you know it – in german.

Sarah lombardi sings in english

women seeking men in MeridianQuite a change for sarah, which it stores as an artist, her last name. “i sing it is also in english, because all my feelings, everything i think and what i tell people about me would like to, are in german better. ‘right here’ describes how good it feels to do what you love. i’m an artist and love to,” she says in an interview with “image”. her great idol sarah connor, who has also switched some time ago on english.

Steffen henssler: the quota of women in “blow the henssler” to zero

women seeking men in MeridianSteffen henssler, 45, entered in action show the legacy of stefan raab, 51,. with one difference: so far, the tv chef was no challenger.

Steffen henssler continues winning streak

women seeking men in MeridianIn the case of “schlag den henssler” is not the 45-year-old only his athletic skills, but also his logic skills and his general education. and the very successful: in five completed shows, the chef was able to reap four wins. in addition to his victory of the series, the show has gained a more tradition for this – the only candidate to resign. of female game partners, each track was missing so far . a fact that strikes even the spectators of the show is negative: on twitter comments that criticize the selection of candidates.

Font size – bgw young

women seeking men in MeridianPress the “ctrl” (or “ctrl”) and press the “+” (plus) pressed together.

Bgw messages

women seeking men in MeridianWhat you can do to protect workers from aggressive attacks? the focal point of the risk assessment. is

“the goal of all measures is, of course, ‘zero incidents’ – the risk assessment must, however, provide a breakdown of the risk more precisely.”

women seeking men in MeridianWerner poods as the supervisor of the bgw in many of them. his impression is that attacks have increased on the staff – whether in emergency rooms, for care, support and treatment of people or lone workers. the number of unreported cases is high. in an interview with prevention expert, why the risk assessment can not only create security for employees, but the company describes and protects the line legally.

The mr poods, violence is usually unpredictable. can be a “human risk” at all, and minimizes collected?

“it can and it must. risk assessment is the key to this. according to the accident prevention-rule dguv regulation 1 contractor are obliged, and entrepreneur, to protect its personnel against all risks associated with work. to do this, you must capture it first and then appropriate prevention measures. here, the risk assessment comes into play, which is required by clause 5 of the employment protection act. who uses it systematically, can analyze seemingly unpredictable risks such as those by aggression and violence step-by-step and act accordingly.”

“many companies are not aware that attacks on the staff a insured accident at work; the possible psychological consequences of incidents involving aggression and violence are to be taken into account. the companies fear damage to the image, if you open the topic. but that goes to the rear, at the latest, when it comes to frequent and prolonged failure of the workers, the victims of the attacks were.”

The risk assessment but it is considered sometimes only as a chore …

“i can only warn: it comes to serious incidents that involve the prosecutors in their investigations, the risk assessments. who takes the instrument seriously, refuted the allegation of gross negligence or inaction. the risk assessment therefore provides legal security for entrepreneurs and entrepreneur.”

And how to determine businesses, whether high risk or if the risks are rather low?

“the number, type and severity of the incidents are sure to be important points of reference. in emergency rooms, in the night – time and on-call service, or in areas for the disabled, such data may indicate that a high hazard is present. but it still no action in the control options can be derived. other factors must be taken into account, in particular, how quickly help is available. thus, the rescue chain works, should be within 15 minutes sufficient help. and that means not just any colleague, any colleague, which may not be even in the tense situation adequate to absorb and prevent situations from escalating to the participants to interact with. the goal of all measures is, of course, ‘zero incidents‘ – the risk assessment must break down the risk in more detail.”

What do you mean specifically?

“a check list of ‘hazard yes’ or ‘ no‘ can certainly not make. the respective activities are to be determined and assessed individually. it could, for example, the supply of bed-ridden patient, in principle, to aggression, which may be caused by confusion or shame? how high is the risk for the charged with this task of the nurses is? that is, how likely is it that, in fact, an assault takes place? how often such cases are? what can happen in the worst case? how you can get help and how quickly you are available? who can answer these questions, it can act accordingly.”

On this basis are then taken protective measures.

Businesses know the principle: first, technical solutions are to be found, then organizational, and if that’s not enough, it is a matter of personal protection measures. how is the theme of violence?

“this applies also, of course, in this context, wherein the toothing of the three areas of the t-o-p, i.e., technology, organization, person, is particularly narrow and the measures are complementary, in part, stronger and interlocking, as in other areas. the ultimate goal, however, is to let the hazards do not occur, then the t-o attack-p-procedure.”

The possible technical solutions are personal alarm systems topic.

“in the case of technical solutions, it is fundamentally about the means of escape, retreat, rooms, lighting, security glass panes, and other aspects of the structural and technical equipment, the safety can create.”

“personal emergency call systems are dangerous to work alone a theme. so you can be depending on the risk situation in psychiatry, geriatrics or disabled in need of assistance. employees can’t possibly get self-help. in this case, to provide independent systems with position or movement sensor for the alarm is hit. telephone and mobile phone are not recognized as alarm systems, because they are not use in case of emergency, for sure. incidentally, there are areas outside the health sector and the topic of violence, in which personal alarm systems are already good practice. for example, in the case of wood work in the woods, in the inland or in large machine halls, when people work alone, and in the event of accidents, no one on site would be to provide help quickly.”

And then quickly deploy organizational issues, or?

“right. we stay with the example of ‘sound the alarm‘, whether through technical solutions or other means. who is alerted in case of an emergency how and how fast are skilled, capable helpers on site? there is a contingency plan? how are employees treated after an incident? these are important fields of action for companies.”

“to be problematic, i think it is to put in protection measures to prevent attacks alone on organisational arrangements, such as ‘there is always at least two employees must be on site‘. in theory, the problem of working alone is avoided. in practice, it is then called away but a person, or is busy with other activities. it companies should also think long and hard. the same is true for the first point of contact in case of an alarm: it must be reliably accessible and constantly busy.”

What are some other organizational questions still need to be tackled?

“starts with the systematic evaluation of incidents – how is it ensured that conclusions are drawn? how do i know, for example, the night shift, that a supervised person showed during the day, conspicuous behavior, and more precisely should be observed? the reliable flow of information is so important. organisational measures should include, for example, professional concepts, such as in the care of dementia patients.”

And what is the level the person achieve?

“is hardly applicable in health care, a conventional personal protective equipment, i.e. helmet, vest, shin-guards or similar. an important point may be that appropriate clothing and footwear, at the least risks of injury are minimized. we are talking about in the case of the bgw insured operated however, about the measures for information and training of employees. a central role on a regular plays to hazards instruction, and to behavior in violent incidents.”

“in addition, it comes to the teaching of strategies for de-escalation and, where appropriate, to suitable physical defense and liberation techniques. these are all areas in which organisational and personal protection measures are closely intertwined, since they only work if they are also anchored in operational processes. by the way, shows again and again that de-escalation contribute to training in principle, the personnel on critical situations to prepare – regardless of the level of risk.”

You’re self-training to “physical intervention” by. what is meant by that?

“, these techniques specially designed for care areas not be aware of called self-defence‘ or ‘defensive measures‘, because that would speak to the care order. the goal is to avoid injury to both staff and the supervised, while maintaining the dignity of the cared for. if the conditions of the human anatomy; it is, for example, a shift of weight to use. to do this, employees must be trained well and regularly practicing.”

Author(s): interview: anja hanssen

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The perfect kiss is: 20 secrets of the good lover

women seeking men in MeridianKnow like so clichéd it might sound, a kiss can feel like an explosion, or he can make you absolutely empty, zero, nothing to feel. there is more nuance to a simple kiss as only an equation of lips and tongues, and there are simple ways to determine the pace, even if it is not a kisser just the most experienced. in this article, we will share 20 tips from good küssern with you. a practical guide on how you have the rudder when you make out can take over, as if you were a seasoned pro.

So that your partner just as happy with you kissing you with her or him.

Basically a result of the body language of the other person, to know when it is the right time for a kiss. non-verbal communication is if you want to spare you the questions. however, the consent is the key, so it never hurts to ask before you lean up for a kiss, if you are not sure. was not easy to force a kiss when it feels right, or let the other person wait so long to ask that you begin, whether you’re interested in her.

20 tips for a good kiss to kiss

1. good kisser kissing authentic

The no. 1 for a halfway decent kiss: you really want to. if you kiss someone only because it feels as if you should do it at the moment, or because you feel a strange pressure, then let it be!

2. good kisser respect of consent

A well-timed “can i kiss you?” sounds amazing. limits are important – you have to make sure that you and your kiss are partners on the same wave length. note: kissing is a team effort. not destroy the will of someone, you control in the offensive to go  or try the situation or to point the way.

3. good kisser, have an understanding of the importance of the settings

As in the english lessons: setting = time + place. is the right place for a first kiss during a family dispute in the living room of the grandparents of your flight, or if you have the flu? probably not.

A new environment whether it is candle light, a tent under the stars, in the sea, or in the case of a sudden rain storm, the a kiss interesting. because your eyes are closed most of the time during a kiss, you will get to hear the things happening around you more clearly, and even feel.

In our article, you like then you’ll love this one:

Getting laid! faster sex made easy: one night stand

women seeking men in MeridianDating does not have to go necessarily to something “serious”, in addition to: most singles are not averse to their looking for a one night stand (ons). we have for you the 10 most important rules to the ons (tryst) are summarized.

Definition and meaning of one night stand (ons)

women seeking men in MeridianReplaces the formerly used rendezvous of the german language is increasingly by the word “one night stand” (abbreviation: “ons). the english word means as much as a one-off and has established itself internationally. popularity of ons won with the liberalisation of sexuality and nowadays, one-time gender matters is no longer taboo like it was in grandma’s times.

What is the meaning of ons / one night stand?


This happens to know mostly volatile, for example  in clubs, on holiday  parties. the goal is only to have sexual intercourse. a reunion is ruled out to the satisfaction of often or is not provided, can occur in the exception to the rule, however, and lead to a lasting, intimate relationships.

As you can see in the word one night easily, the joy on a night out, or a sexual union is limited and usually ends the next morning or immediately after the gratification of instinct. not to be confused with the one night stand with a quicky. the quicky only describes a short, intense sex. a ons can include quickies.

Speed tantra concept

women seeking men in Meridian“speed tantra” refers to the intense and pet walking to get to know many people in a short period of time, under the use of tantra techniques. the participants follow the game of the interaction requirements of the host and will rotate between groups and partner play. initially, the focus is on eye contact, building trust and the perception of the inner world of feeling. finally, the visual communication is suppressed.

Speed tantra – forget games of seduction and discover the power of intimacy

women seeking men in MeridianA program that not only leads to healthy relationships, but also leads us to our own potential greatness.

Speed tantra is a fresh, new approach to speed dating, the connection practices from different disciplines (such as tantra, meditation, partner yoga, actor-improvisation, eyes watching, dance) brings.

Make up the participants in two opposing circles and share some moments of connection, before they rotate to the next partner. the event ends when the circle has closed.

The exercises are not only fun, but also a positive relationship skills to encourage. and as a result, the people find it quite healing. it exceeds the traditional small talk of “what are you doing, where do you live?”.

Our moderators are trained to create a safe and fun atmosphere, the participants supported the end of it, in your best, authentic self to enter. and what better way than to meet a new friend? therefore, we believe that the participants can’t stop raving about it!

“undoubtedly, the best dating event i’ve ever participated in. the process supports everyone to open his heart and connect on a unique and profound way. it’s transformative.“

“i have not only met amazing people with an open heart, but also real healing exercises through the connection. i feel more with my femininity and my sense of masculinity and my relationship to both healed.“

“this kind of experience should be offered country-wide in order to reduce the feeling of isolation and loneliness. if people had weekly access to such an experience, the world would be a friendlier and happier place.“

“a heart-centered event and beautifully organized to open both in the giving and in the receiving of love.”

“incredible opportunity to fall into my feminine energy, in a way that i can’t normally experience!”

“unlike other dating events you will get to the event with the feeling that you have received a large number of gifts. this will change the way you think about relationships.  “

“great way to meet people that are in contact with yourself and deeper connections with others may be looking for.”

“a beautifully-held evening full of fun and connectedness. the hosts took the fear and panic from the encounter with new potential partners, and all were just having fun when you connect and heal.“

“it is a beautiful healing experience of love.”

to feel

“wonderful, a room full of strangers together and a safe space in which people share their vulnerabilities, and each other comfort and security.”

“a great way to meet new people in an awakened environment.”

“come for a compound full of spirituality and sensuality.”