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women seeking men in Priest RiverHow do i register? i can’t log in. what can i do? how do i get my password? how do i register with a friend or a girlfriend? a short-term registration to speed dating is that possible? how do i know my booking has been made and i signed up for a speed dating am?


women seeking men in Priest RiverWhat happens to my data? how can i delete my account? why can’t i find me self in the profile search? why do i see my photos immediately when i upload it?


women seeking men in Priest RiverHow often can i attend a speed dating? can i attend only when i’m looking for a solid partner? in which the age structure of the speed dating participants? how can i get the info? whom do i contact if a speed dating time something has gone wrong? why is not running my city in dates?


women seeking men in Priest RiverWhere can i order a voucher? can i redeem at a reduced speed dating, a 5, – € 10, – € voucher?

Dating card

women seeking men in Priest RiverWhat is the cost of a dating card? how can i order a dating card? how can i pay the ordered by me dating card? how can i get the dating card? how can i redeem the coupon codes? i can give away voucher codes from the dating card? can i order to use my dating card a new one?


women seeking men in Priest RiverWhat is the meaning of “place, time and age group can change”? what is speed dating? how many participants are in an event? what happens if i can’t at short notice to attend? what happens if not enough participants come together?


women seeking men in Priest RiverHow does the evaluation? what data is exchanged? how to get the data of the participants? how to do it after the event? you have not received an e-mail after the event? why will appear in my evaluation, a profile of a subscriber who was not in the evaluation are not present? (or: i not at all

‘ve spoken)

Payment / cancellation

women seeking men in Priest RiverWhat is the cost of the speed dating? how do i pay for the speed dating? how can i cancel an event? why do i have to pay before the event? how can i pay?

Police starts in the fall katrin konert zero

women seeking men in Priest RiverThis subject in the program:

The pitfalls of zero-percent financing

women seeking men in Priest RiverThis subject in the program:

Misleading, for loans with zero percent interest

women seeking men in Priest RiverThis subject in the program:

Braunschweig zero hour on the 12. april 1945

women seeking men in Priest RiverThis subject in the program:

Garden show: satisfied with black zero

women seeking men in Priest RiverThis subject in the program:

Konstanz: konstanz saves the black zero with a computational trick for the time being

women seeking men in Priest RiverAt the end of a numbers game had to help. eight hours, the city councils had struggled, for which the city of konstanz in the next two years, money and what not. large items and small sums they had worked through, the desire for a half-point here and investment. the point of landing was almost done – about 250 000 euros were missing for 2017. as known, the mayor uli burchardt, quite frankly, now we can talk about the “mathematical balancing of the budget”. so the main and financial committee, the expected sum of the tax to a quarter of a million high. it remains at 2.20 euro per night, but there are already enough guests. and the budget was balanced.

Measured to the fears just a few weeks ago, would have thought, hardly anyone. nevertheless, the city is living beyond their means. the reserve of a cautious estimate of 10.5 million euro will be used up by the end of 2017 completely. and even if not a single new investment, and not a single additional point comes to the year 2018 ends with a deficit of four million euros. however, there are also hopes that the revenue is primarily from basic and trades increase tax; an increase in the rates is not provided. conclusion burchardt: “this budget, i would adopt with a pure heart.”

Nevertheless, there are also disappointments. sadly some of the actors of the city theatre, left the audience in the council chamber, because two places, the theatre gets in addition, the culture committee also requested half-time position in the dressing room tipped the hfa, however, again, as a higher subsidy for the payment of better salaries to pay for the theatre from the point of view combing out of his surplus. more staff for the youth center there is also, the dettinger need to wait at least until 2019, the rehabilitation of the zeller street, with the c-concept makes it in some years. also, the jazz and rock school can not be expected with higher grants, the good-time-festival is not promoted despite the failure of the tent festival, the geschwister-scholl-school, at the earliest, renovated from 2018, and extended the elementary school allmannsdorf, despite the long-recognized need for space is not 2019 extended.

winner: The refugee help. Necessary in this area have not been offset against other requests up. The city continues to focus on the integration tasks. Because it gives non-bureaucratic refugees with the right to stay living room, gets the Initiative 83 a full-time job paid. This also saves expenses for follow-up accommodation.

winner: families with children. The new Kikuz on Raiteberg, with over three million euros to the large investments of the city. Also, the Expansion of childcare will continue (for example, Kindergarten St. Martin in Wollmatingen), a quarter of the municipal budget is spent in the area of child, youth and family support, especially for staff.

winner: The museums. Although the construction and another 900 000 euros are expensive and now at 2.75 million euros in costs, is the project art depot in the new budget in here. Museum chief Tobias angels sing renounced the demand for more personnel in the lake Constance nature Museum, although there, in the year guided tours for 7,000 children will bear the brunt.

winner: long – Distance and tourist coach passengers. On Schänzle-Nord, a bus station for around 3.5 million Euro, the transition to other means of transport is possible. The theme has also, therefore, the pressure of time, because without the new system, a development of the Döbele is not possible. Not all of the Station under the schänzle bridge ideal, but elsewhere there is no place for it.

street damage: This picture coined the Rheinsteig for many years.
| picture: Jörg-Peter Rau

Starts without a fifth class in the factory and the real school-branch into the new school year: During the Konstanz-based policy at the Gescwister-Scholl-school wants to make any changes, creates a land authority facts.
| picture: Oliver Hanser

losers: Sport. the city of the giant project to put new Schwaketenbad, but it is about the public service, a subsidiary of baths society. However, the Schänzle sports hall is not expanded prior to 2022, a General renovation of the lake Constance stadium is completely open, a new sports hall in Dettingen and a cooperation project with the University are in 2022 and later moved.

Regional sport black forest: halls-marathon in geisingen: we come out null to zero

women seeking men in Priest RiverIt was very interesting and there was a lot of praise from the athletes. we have captured some of the resonances, in order to get a feedback. it was, in spite of the many ongoing rounds in the oval, never boring, more of all very entertaining.

There are already thoughts for changes in the coming year, when the second hall marathon of the lt of pfohren to follow?

women seeking men in Priest RiverWe may set the time limit for the half marathon in two and a half hours and the marathon in five hours up.

The two offered routes remain the same?

women seeking men in Priest RiverYes, but we are also the half marathon in the coming year, from the outset, mixed men’s and women’s competitions.

<, h2>, Therefore, additional time in the morning?

Right, and as we imagine, and perhaps additional runs of 5000 or 10 000 meters in the running program. that would be a useful addition.


As they were with the public interest satisfied?

women seeking men in Priest RiverThe half-marathon to have a look at some of the visitors to the course. in the marathon there were less. among the audience were many familiar faces from the runner scene, the interested goods. since it was quickly clear that some of them might irritate the run in the future.

How you have done the lapping other cars, without any discrepancies?

women seeking men in Priest RiverThat was not a problem. there was never a crowd. fast and slower runners have complemented each other well.

Almost perfect, with two little problems. this was mainly due to the fact that the chip had failed on the shoe. we have selected the cases, the conservative solution and the dash led lists on the run round.

The lt of pfohren had to put at the premiere of financially plan?

women seeking men in Priest RiverWe got zero to zero out. for the first event is in order. to us, it was clear that a small entrepreneur is part of risk to it. it fit the bottom line.

The pit and the musical entertainment arrived?

women seeking men in Priest RiverThe pit lane with the provision of the drinks was praised by all participants. catering and support for the runners were as we imagined, and the athletes have expected it.

Bottom-line: all of the objectives were met?

women seeking men in Priest RiverFor the premiere of yes – up on the small drawback that we had expected more runners. especially in the area of women, we had hoped for 20 to 25 starters.

Thus increasing the possibilities for 2017 remain.

women seeking men in Priest RiverRight. we will analyze the running of pfohren in the next four to six weeks around the event. of the arena geisingen are there for 2017, the approval as a venue. we have a good partnership. with almost a year of in-flow and the corresponding national advertising, we hope to exceed in the case of the second event is the premiere.