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Hands-on: the most important female erogenous zones

women seeking men in River ForestWe women are not only complex, but also easy introduction. at least if man knows which buttons to press. in this case, it is the erogenous zones, which ensure that we come from zero to 100 tours.

Clearly, every woman has their own personal erogenous zones. but some are the same for all women. what are the zones now lead your partner to an erotic climax, you have to find out on your own. we wish now already a lot of fun trying. 😉

Why can be a dietary supplement harmful

women seeking men in River ForestYou take vitamins, minerals or anything else that you want to make it super healthy? since you’re not the only one!

On the other side of the pond, half of all canadians take on even some supplements on a regular basis. most of these people are healthy, but want to increase your happiness factor, or even prevent disease.

Says the research: stop it, because the benefit goes to zero. with us you what you should do instead to find out.

These emojis destroy every iphone!

women seeking men in River ForestGood news first: this smartphone-string is the iphone not for ever destroy.

Bad news: it’s the kind of trick they love a lot of people to play practical jokes. so if your friends know about it, it could be a time that you’re upset, too.

Basically, if your iphone is on ios version 10.0 to 10.1.1 and someone writes the lyrics you a white flag, null, rainbow emojis, and an invisible character named vs16, your phone crashed. nothing will work, including the home button.

This happens apparently because of the older software of the phone is confused and can not decide what to render to, so it says fuck it  and stops everything. the fact is that these emojis will put the iphone for some time.

Social media dating: the pick-up line works on facebook & co.

women seeking men in River ForestOkay, there are thousands of ways to meet a woman. but easy husband has it, because most women still expect the man to make the first move. in real life, the response can be really unpleasant.

Easier it is in the virtual life. on the internet, you are anonymous and can get the page to show you your best think. in addition, the world wide web is a huge pool of data.

So many women can with a few clicks to access. just on facebook & co. come-on is promising, in principle, a success idea. finally, you can see in the picture, and the profile is similar to what is expected of you. similarities can be assessed. and it’s all a bit more relaxed and less spasmodic than in the case of classical single exchanges.

Honing in on your dream girl successfully on facebook, it only knew how.

The most expensive cars in the world: the pagani to koenigsegg

women seeking men in River ForestToday, we dedicate ourselves to one of the most beautiful men in topics of all: cars.

More precisely: we introduce the ten most expensive cars in the world. including traditional manufacturers, such as lamborghini, bugatti and ferrari to be found, of course. the first place the construction of a completely different brand.

It shows that the price of the cart depends not only on its performance and equipment, but also significantly by the number of existing copies.

But enough with the words – it’s showtime! so sit back and enjoy the sight of the babies. this creates a goose bumps in car lovers.

10th place goes to the pagani huayra

women seeking men in River ForestThe price for the pagani huayra is proud of 1.14 million euro. this piece of jewelry will be built in italy and in hand work. the 612 hp (450 kw) engine comes from mercedes and comes with a displacement of six litres.

Image source: pagani.com

The huayra reaches a top speed of 372 km/h it accelerates in just 3.3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. you wouldn’t sit one of the most easy to clean and the gas pedal once so pressing?!

The mclaren p1: costs in 2.8 seconds, from zero to one hundred

women seeking men in River ForestThe mclaren p1 is “only” 40.000 euro more than the huayra. by this very wind transparent baby-cut, there are just 375 pieces. this rarity is not the only reason, for the proud price of 1.18 million euro.

Image source: mclaren.com

The engine of the p1 comes with all the 916 horsepower. the stark car accelerates in a ridiculous 2.8 seconds from 0 to 100.

Ferrari’s first car with hybrid system

women seeking men in River ForestLaferrari. this name sounds like music to the ears, isn’t it?! the beauty will cost 1.4 million euros and reached a maximum speed of 350 km/h. the special feature of this car: it is the first standard with the hybrid system-equipped ferrari.

Image source: ferrari.com

During the internal combustion engine, over 800 hp, the electric motor 150 hp. the hybrid system of the car comes from formula 1.

James bonds official car

women seeking men in River ForestAlso the price of the aston martin one-77 is 1.4 million euros. of this noble and extremely sporty vehicle, there is only 77 pieces, one of which is probably for 007 reserved.

Image source: astonmartin.com

The top speed is 355 km/h and the one-77, it creates in 3.5 seconds from 0 to 100. this is partly because of the 760 hp engine. a dream of a car!

“happy birthday to you, ferrari!”

women seeking men in River ForestThe 60-year anniversary in the united states has considered ferrari to bring a special model on the market. the f60 america is 2,19 million euro.

Image source: ferrari.com

And this is still relatively cheap, when you consider that there are only ten pieces of this car. “want!”

Cars, cars and more hot cars – the bugatti veyron grand sport vitesse

women seeking men in River ForestThis dream in classic bugatti style, the fastest convertible in the world. the top speed is 375 km/h.

Image source: bugatti.com

If you let down at this rate, really the roof is questionable. what is clear, however, is the proud price of 2.28 million euros. what should be there


For each kg of a hp – the koenigsegg one:1

women seeking men in River ForestFrom the koenigsegg one:1 there are only seven copies. the 2.5 million euro speedster made of carbon brings just 1.360 kg on the scale.

Image source: koenigsegg.com

For every kilogram of weight, the manufacturer provides a horse power: the engine has an output of 1,360 hp. madness!

Batman send their regards!

women seeking men in River ForestMay i present the lykan hypersport, the lebanon based manufacturer w motors. with the 750 hp strong motor up to 400 things in there. the manufacturer is 2.98 million euros and tidy reward. don’t you think that this jewellery would fit the piece perfectly to batman? of course, apart from the fact that you’d look even better.

Image source: wmotors.ae

This seems to have also the abu dhabi police thought. this has such a car. whether this is really useful, plays in the capital of the united arab emirates, and the financial insanity of course, not a role.

Lamborghini veneno roadster…

women seeking men in River Forest… has been built only nine times. no wonder, then, that lamborghini required for this fine piece of a whopping 3.95 million euro.

Image source: lamborghini.com

The engine power is 740 hp and the top speed is 355 km/h.

And place 1 of the most expensive cars to…

women seeking men in River Forest…the ccxr trevita, from koenigsegg. this dream is made of carbon, also under the name of diamond on wheels known. there are only two copies, of which one of us boxer floyd mayweather has hold of.

Image source: koenigsegg.com

The price? proud 4,21 million euros. the top speed? 410 km/h. the ccxr trevita, it creates in 2.9 seconds from 0 to 100. this is partly due to its 1.108-hp engine.

Not only new cars can be expensive dream to be

Like most of us you’re probably a used car and can only of such a cart. also the ferrari 250 gto is a used car, if even one of the extra class. the bolide was built between 1962 and 1964. there are 36 pieces, and the last time one of these cars was sold (2014), the purchase price of 35 million euros.

In the meantime, this amounts to 52 million. the ferrari drives in terms of purchase price, so outside of the competition. and even though, or precisely because he is not a young boy anymore. the top speed of the car is 270 km/h and he can do it in six seconds from 0 to 100.

Effenberg: that must change at the league!

women seeking men in River Forest18 points – so much of a lead between the league leaders of the bundesliga and the tracker. table leader, the fc bayern munich of course. and that’s exactly where the problem is.

What pleased most of the bayern fans and also the club can find a lot of (neutral) football fans get bored. you are longing for a championship fight, like, for example, in the series. ssc napoli is currently the highest italian professional league, but only a point ahead of juventus.

The german bundesliga “really makes no fun anymore,” writes ex-pro stefan effenberg in his column. but as the german league could be more exciting? “the league should think about a new mode,” says effenberg – and makes a concrete proposal:

  • All 18 Bundesliga Teams in two of the nine groups (A and B), drawn. Within the two groups everyone is playing against everyone.
  • through these games, the four best Teams from A and B, and the cross-best group fifth, a new group (group 1). This group plays for the championship as well as the participation in the European competitions – the points for each Team in group 1 will start again at zero. This is also true for group 2, in which the nine worst Teams from A and B land. Group 2 takes to the courts 10 to 18 – and, consequently, the descent below.

The concept would actually provide more voltage. it is completely unpredictable, which teams will land in the a and b groups. and that all of the teams in group 1 and 2 to start again from zero, also has its appeal. an exciting experiment, i would find the mode in any case.

Berghain in berlin: drugs – dress code – sex – techno

women seeking men in River ForestThis article is part of our “alcohol & party” category, and can contain references to alcohol and/or tobacco. these are stimulants, which are intended only for adults. if you read to this advice with this article, you confirm that you are over 18. the age of have ends. thank you!

Berlin and berghain to drugs, dress code, the full program. i’m not a fan of techno. it is difficult for me to understand why someone would expose this dreary, dull and often überlauten genre on a voluntary basis. with security, there are arguments that would throw me friends of the music style, contrary, but, until recently, none had been able to change my mind.

A short trip to berlin last week forced me to rethink now. when i told colleagues and friends in my hometown london, my travel plans, i was faced with the same question: “are you gonna go clubbing at berghain?” at this point, i must confess that i have no idea of techno, but also in the larger club scene zero know.

Therefore, my answer is often, just from an irritated shrug. after i had been informed that berghain “the best club in the world” and “fucking crazy” is was piqued my interest, however, if it is indeed the best club in the world, i should look at it to me maybe once.

Lisbon: sexy toilets and exotic bars

women seeking men in River ForestYou don’t want to bring just the normal tourist stuff lisbon’s behind you? then you are exactly right here! the sunniest capital of europe offers not only beautiful weather, but hot bars, portuguese fish and a few rounds of pool!

The voyage of discovery through lisbon.

women seeking men in River ForestLet’s start exploring: you’re freshly arrived and want to be short over the whole of lisbon look? great, then get to the elevador de santa justa. of course, countless tourists for the elevator not to stand there again, because you all know the following: after only 7 minutes walk you’re feet up and have still saved money! if the panorama is still not enough, then you go on to monsanto. the former restaurant offers a pretty fucked-up building with an absolute amazing view! lost do you feel you still have something and have no idea of lisbon’s history? the lisboa story centre is a tourist hotspot, explains to you, but for humane five euros, discoveries, conquests, and earthquakes (4d-cinema!) on.

And the best of the best is right next door to you: the sexiest toilet on earth. funny idea, but in the end, everyone should decide for himself whether he wants to wipe for a euro with colored toilet paper and all.