Zoosk in the Test of 2019 – rip-off or real Dates

Zoosk in the Test of 2019 - rip-off or real DatesZoosk in the Test of 2019 - rip-off or real Dates

Our Zoosk Test.

rather young members ‘ Behavioral Matchmaking improves your search for matching Singles Zoosk is self-learning what you like (smart date function) innovative learning functions good App for Smartphone and Tablet We were unable to make a Fake profile to find Unfortunately, so many members in Germany, the cost in the reasonable range.

Registration Process: 4,0 /5 Contact: 3,5 /5 Profile Information: 3,0 /5 App: 4,5 /5 Practice Test: 4,0 /5.

Our Zoosk trial rip-off or real Dates?

The innovative Dating site and Dating App Zoosk was founded in 2007 in Silicon Valley, San Francisco,. The Dating Portal, there are around 25 languages, it has been convinced in over 80 countries, 38 million Singles. Of the approximately 600,000 members in Germany, around 225,000 are weekly active.

Zoosk used to learn its own technology of the Behavioral Matchmaking Zoosk, who you like and who reciprocates your interest. The more you use Zoosk, the smarter it gets. In this type of Dating you’re in the center of.

Anyone who is registered here?

Singles looking for Flirts and a long-term relationship with most of the members positive and open frame of mind, a quality check of the Profiles are under the age of 45, so a little Fake Profiles worldwide users.

What are the chances of falling in love on Zoosk ?

The target group of the single market: Singles, Flirts and Dates with the goal of a long-term partnership through mixed audience: from artisans to academics all are looking for here, If you’re rather young, then Zoosk is your thing! Mainly Singles up to 45 years represented to Flirt is limitless, and many Dating opportunities through global distribution of the User bodies no index are here: inactive users will be deleted after 6 months .

Our conclusion: The Zoosk members are open and like to have for a nice Flirt. The mood in the Dating Portal is very positive and our test profile, got some news.

Age distribution.

18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+

The registration process.

Fast login via Facebook possible volunteer profile confirmation through photo, phone number, Facebook or Twitter about 5 photos, possible photo-editing Tool 3 free text fields for individual data length of application: approx. 10 minutes.

The profiles at Zoosk in a matter of minutes and is free of charge. So you can look in peace on the Website, look around before you buy a Premium membership .

Sign in with your E-Mail address (confirm) or via Facebook (don’t worry, Zoosk’s nothing posted on your Facebook page!) General information about the Person photo upload and free image-editing function to optimize for General information about check boxes customize enter your profile by using free text fields.

Our tip: The Account from the Zoosk website create, and also Upgrade to Premium make here .

Our exclusive tips for the perfect Zoosk profile:

A good profile picture.

The most Singles win on the basis of the profile image, a first impression of you. Choose a clear, recent photo that shows your face and reflects your personality. Read on to learn what makes a perfect profile picture !

Additional Images.

If you add to your profile more than just a photo, can other Singles a good picture of you. You show one of your Hobbies. Depending on the image size is approximately 5 images are possible.

Tell you.

In the sections “About me”, “dream partner” and “Perfect Date” can you introduce you and your partner describe. Focus on what is important to you, what makes you happy and why you signed up on Zoosk did.

Your Interests.

If you have a Facebook account, you can import your interests from it. So other Singles on Zoosk, what books, movies, sports and games you like. Otherwise, you choose your interests just by using check boxes. So other Singles can see if you have something in common – so-exciting first talks!

Increased chances of success by smart date.

The smart date function is a Matching technology which learns from your behavior and your preferences on Zoosk. The Behavioral Matchmaking , introduces you to the basis of what you like, other Singles. The user can review all partner proposals directly. The System of Zoosk stores each evaluation, the partner proposals will be adjusted with time to the taste of the user, and thus, always more optimized. The behavior of Singles is analyzed and derived, who could fit to whom .

Zoosk also has a “popularity scale” , which indicates each member how well he or she arrives in the Community. This function is mainly used for the Motivation and helps to significantly increase their own activity on the platform. In this type of Dating you’re in the center of.


Flirt merry-go-round find in the “online Now” users to instantly Flirt “Wink” as a Tip feature send gifts Intrusive block user Live Chat for direct replacement available.

In the heading “search” you can find on Zoosk your partner’s suggestions. The longer and the more intensively you use Zoosk, the better it will be, thanks to the smart date function, and your suggestions. Members to Flirt to meet you on the Dating carousel, this works similar to the Tinder-principle: you say simply “Yes” or “no” to pictures of potential dream partners. Especially in the case of Zoosk is the possibility to click on “Yes and no”, in order to decide whether the presented Single want to get to know. Contact will you members of the section “online Now”, you are likely to soon receive a reply.

How can you record on Zoosk contact ?

Zoosk also offers several creative variants to interact with other members in the contact:

a Wink can send to you as a gift to send small images to send to certain costs, which will bring your appreciation with a personal message .

To be able to read messages and write messages are required in Zoosk’s Premium membership. For Sending gifts, other costs .

Our conclusion: As Zoosk one of the world’s biggest flirt exchanges with millions of users, there is a large selection of Singles, which could not be more different. Well we liked that in the search for interesting Singles, only one profile at a time is displayed. So each of the Singles do not go under like many other vendors in the mass, and it takes a lot more time, a profile is also something to look at. Overall, it is flirting with Zoosk intensive, in our Test, we were within the first 10 minutes three chat requests.

Profile information.

Zoosk users can upload many photos photos are a few Fake Profiles, suspect Profiles tested can be reported to The Profiles in the medium are moderately detailed, The profile can be changed later on .

The focus of the site is clearly on the profile photos of the members. In addition to the profile photo and the details to “age”, “place”, “Name” and “size” as well as the contact options. And still when you Open a profile, immediately visible, is located the preview of the pictures .

For long novels, the Zoosk members are very less. To the signs of the zodiac, in addition to the random point-like base, data, size, marital status, etc. can be found on the majority of the profiles have a very short “About me”area that is usually filled out quite neatly, as well as more free texts to the “dream partner” and the “perfect Date”.

Tag-like information to the interests and Hobbies round out the profile. This information can import Zoosk members easily from Facebook, or via a Checkbox to select. The interests are divided in:

Our conclusion: the focus of The Zoosk Profile is strong on images and Keywords, and less individually-designed profile contributions. Since Zoosk however, a single stock exchange, in the case of the Flirts and Dates in the center, provide scarce information is enough points of contact to someone, to write and to learn in the exchange of messages more .

free around messages to read and write (from 29,99 EUR per month) Zoosk is a photo of the confirmation function to verify the authenticity of the images, use the advanced search, or a Flirt-Carousel match good reviews in the App Stores.

The Zoosk App is managed well in every respect. In the Google Play Store, many Users have rated the Zoosk App with 5 stars and also the Apple App-Store to be added to the features of the App are very positive. The various models of the Premium membership are available as In-App purchases available. In the App, the main features of Zoosk site, so that you is also convenient on-the-go flirt:

advanced search Matching in the Flirt-carousel “Blink” send message .

So you do not need to give the other Single from the same phone number, but can communicate comfortably up to about the first Meeting via the App .

In addition, you can confirm the authenticity of your profile photos using the upload a short Selfie Videos. Other members can be sure that you look actually so good, making your attractiveness increases.

Our tip: Account on the Website to create and also Upgrade to a Premium carry out. On the PC, you engage in, as a rule, more peace of mind, you can better on the new Dating environment .

Practice test.

Student, 27 years old, reported: is Zoosk everything is just Fake or rip off?

Before about 3.5 months ago I moved to Munich and I had separated at the time. First, I wanted to get to know new people, or women. As I had signed up, I wasn’t obsessively looking for a solid relationship. Zoosk was exactly the right choice. The women here are more relaxed and open for a Flirt. In the meantime, I met on Zoosk with 4 women. It is very nice experience and the ladies were really including. 😉 In the meantime I stumbled on a Fake profile, however, one recognizes immediately. That did not bother me so much. Especially cool I find, how quickly you can get to know several women. Clearly, it runs just as well with a photo like that, but I’m okay with that. My expectations has been met, the App of Zoosk. I would sign up again .