Zoosk Review

Can’t find a soulmate to live out your life with? Zoosk dating platform attempts to rectify all issues with modern dating by providing a new way to meet partners!

Zoosk Review: A Dating Platform Integrated With Social Networking For Seniors!


Pros and cons

  • Available in 80+ countries and 25 languages.
  • Live customer support accessible by phone and email.
  • Large user base with a wide variety of potential matches from all ages (especially older ages), backgrounds and nationalities.
  • Verification system adds a sense of security and legitimacy to users on the platform.
  • You cannot search through matches by keywords or particular interests.
  • Zoosk charges one time cost of $25.00, and a monthly subscription to utilize its services.
  • Auto-reply messages can cause misunderstandings as many users believe that they are real messages from other users interested in them.

Dating not going well? Finding it harder to meet that special one? Well, you are not alone! Dating platforms such as Zoosk are blooming massively in popularity in the past decade. With the increasing speed of modern society and lifestyles, it’s getting tougher to meet and connect with people, especially if people are in their 30s and 40s. Zoosk attempts to rectify this by providing a top of the line platform to meet and connect with other like-minded people.

Main features of Zoosk dating site


Zoosk has a ton of opportunities for senior dating within their services. For one, users can search through profiles filtering by age, height, location (both nationality and residence), educational background, body type and other benchmarks. Zoosk also implements a Behavioral Matchmaking System that calculates the most optimal matches for a user by going through their match questions and user behavior. Zoosk provides a carousel feature which is a scroll feed where users can vote Yes, No, and Maybe on other profiles. Users also get the ability to send a like or smile to people for free, just to let them know you are interested.

Advanced Features of Zoosk


Some other features that are seldom mentioned about Zoosk include: an auto-reply system where users can automatically send messages to any user who sends them likes or smiles. This is free for everyone and useful for anyone who has a ton of matches. Photo verification is a feature available for premium users too.

Zoosk coins is a type of currency that men and women can use to purchase premium features such as boosting profiles and sending virtual gifts. Zoosk has a ‘Connections’ tab where users can see mutual matches and interact with them. Zoosk also has a Dating Insights page, which provides useful feedback and tips for members who are inexperienced with online dating. And finally, all the features above mentioned are available on mobile too with a very intuitive mobile application.

Ease of use


Senior dating has never been easier than with Zoosk! After loading the webpage, the sign-up process is quick and easy. Ladies and gents are given the option to sign in with their Facebook account or Google account. Utilizing a Facebook account means that Zoosk doesn’t require more data to complete their dating profile as all pertinent information can be parsed from the Facebook API. However, completing the profile is recommended as it can help boost account and increase your visibility, leading to more matches!

Users can automate an auto-greeting, which displays a pre-recorded message to anyone who shows interest in the user’s profile. For example, “Hello, looking for someone to talk/bond with about TV shows and movies!” is a great opener and gives both participants a starting point to connect with.

Zoosk profiles are constructed with personality in mind, and as such it displays a variety of information that is important to potential dates. Interests, nationality and marital preferences are some of the information displayed on a Zoosk profile. Users can also increase the credibility of their profile by utilising the Verification tools provided. These tools verify photos, social details, phone numbers and other aspects by looking through government verification.



If you want to make real connections to others in Zoosk, it’s highly recommended subscribing. Subscription has the benefit of enabling one on one message with other users without limits (other than auto-message, which is free for all users). For other features, users have to spend Zoosk coins, which can either be earned or bought by users. Note that both free and paid members can use Zoosk coins.



As mentioned before, users can purchase membership for Zoosk dating website to utilize messaging and other features on the platform. Once a subscription is bought, it cannot be cancelled or deactivated until the subscription period is over, which can be from one month to six months long. You can disable automatic renewal from settings however. Also, users who are subscribed cannot hide their accounts from the activity feed as the algorithm prioritizes showing the accounts of subscribed users to other potential matches. The cost of subscription is as follows:

1 months
3 months
6 month


What is ‘Zoosk’ dating site for?

Zoosk is an online dating platform, which is available in over 80 countries and in more than 25 languages! The service was founded in California in 2007, and is now one of the biggest dating networks among all of Europe. Zoosk has a reputation for being one of the easier senior dating apps for new users to get into and supports a multitude of features that keep even veterans of the scene on their platform.

Is Zoosk dating platform safe for members?

Zoosk keeps its esteemed members safe using AES encryption on all data stored and sent from and to Zoosk servers. However, the weakest link in computer security is the human element, and therefore it’s recommended that users keep their guard and instinct up while browsing online. The Online Dating Guide provided on Zoosk is a great way to start learning about the best practices creating a profile and meeting other users in real life. Zoosk doesn’t have the manpower to constantly monitor every user on its platform, so users are encouraged to report profiles that seem suspicious or malicious.

What is the customer support of Zoosk website?

oosk provides a Help Centre active 24/7 to assist any users encountering troubles and issues with the website. The customer care is available through both phone and email. Phone Number: (888) 939-6675. Email: support@zoosk.com. Other than this, there’s a contact button at the bottom of the webpage which can be used to access customer support.

Are there quality photos on Zoosk site?

Quality photos are the norm in Zoosk! Due to the photo verification procedure and large number of users, there’s a never-ending flow of users with gorgeous photos uploaded on Zoosk. Users need a subscription to the Zoosk platform to view all photos uploaded by users, however the display picture should be more than enough to get an idea of what the user looks like.

How can you earn credits to use on Zoosk website?

Credits are a form of currency available exclusively on Zoosk. They can be used to utilize certain premium features not available with subscription to the platform. Features such as Boost, Premium messaging, virtual gifting, Super send are only available by using coins. Users can earn coins using promotional offers on Zoosk or by getting a membership, which offers a limited number of coins occasionally. Users can also buy coins in bulk, and this doesn’t require the purchase of a subscription beforehand!

What are the different communication modes on Zoosk?

The main method of communication used in Zoosk is text messaging. Other than sending an introductory text or using auto-reply, one on one text messaging requires subscription to the platform. Once a user is in a chat with another member, it is possible to send anything through text chat, even hearts to show your affection! Super send is also a form of communication available at the cost of Zoosk coins, which allows users to broadcast a message to many members at once. This is useful for attracting numerous potential matches at the same time, keeping users busy in the game of love!